Isn’t it time we just took over?

Ah, another wonderful day, another series of disasters.

As I drove home from work today, scrolling through the stations because I had Cassie’s van, my car having decided this morning was a fine time to, like, die… so no CDs…

I had to wonder.

Station after station of, well, crap.

Processed crap.

Where are MY peeps?

Where is the geek station?

Which number on the dial is the station that plays a mix of video game music, sci-fi and fantasy TV and film soundtrack cuts and remixes, and has multiple talk radio shows featuring discussions about the latest video games, awesome sci-fi or fantasy films or TV series, comic books, role playing games and the latest anime releases out of Japan?

It would be profitable… come on. We get told by all the news jackasses how our entire generation does nothing but slack off, smoke pot and play video games all the time. Well… tap our demographic, damnit!

You could pursue the ad revenue from big media companies, gaming companies, Red Bull and Mountain Dew and Guinness, that lucrative bubble tea crowd, Best Buy and Gamestop and Frys, all those products targeted at, well… me.

And damn it, don’t feed me some talking heads that don’t care about the subjects and are just talking to hear themselves be on the radio as famous celebrities. Don’t get more wanna-be movie stars or actors that are taking a gig on a gaming show because it’s a stepping stone to something better. What they’re doing should already BE their dream gig.

Get me some real damn geeks and hardcorps gamers and music lovers and enthusiastic people. They’ve gotta be real. Don’t get more processed, spam-in-a-can velveeta morons to cram down our throats as our designated spokesmen or women. It’s geek or nothing.

I want a talk show about collecting geek items, both in game and out. How to maximize your chances of getting rares out of your trading card game decks, catch the shipments of action figures on the right days, and farm those hard to get pets and mounts from your favorite game.

I want a talk show where they’ll gladly spend an hour discussing their proven techniques for working the various dice to get just the right high rolls for making a character. Not just the triple sixes for 18s… I’m talking about that double ought for Strength, kicking it old school.

And I want that, not on some satellite radio, not on some obscure podcast I seek out… I want this prime time, in your face, 24/7 in my town.

Doctor Demento taught me that there IS an audience hungry for this. No matter where I went in the service, in country or out, there were jarheads hungry for getting demented.

Let’s blow up the tow truck, fish heads fish heads, existential blues boot to the head demented.

So, somebody, get out there and do a start up, take over a radio station and put me out a channel worth listening to before I blow my stereo out the dash.


I’ve got money, damnit, I spend it on stuffs, don’t people out there want to cater to MY interests for a change?

Just saying, a little pandering wouldn’t be any problem.

24 thoughts on “Isn’t it time we just took over?

  1. G4 used to be ok.. xplay was an interesting show.. morgan webb and that guy talked about new games coming out. and did really cheesy skits. as in they would have to improve their acting to make b grade monster flicks. but it was all cool..


  2. I listened to Doctor Demento all through college. Great memories.

    I once had the same thoughts about TV (since I don’t listen to the radio much). I had high hopes for the G4 network as a haven for geeky television. Every time I turn it on, though, they are showing an episode of Cops. Bleh.


  3. ahh, the glorious days of ti-kwan-leap, cows with guns, anything montypythonish, the scottsman song, star trekkin and many other great tunes. gonna have to dust off my mp3 collection and see if any of my old tunes are still buried in there that 3 doors down, and metallica didn’t push out.


  4. Lol… I typed a long diatribe and think I accidentally closed the window instead of hitting ‘Submit Comment’. Oh well.

    I remember listening to Dr. Demento in the 70’s. It was a lot of fun. I periodically hear him here in Los Angeles on The Sound (100.3 FM)… they do a re-union type of thing with DJ’s that were on the original 94.7 KMET (The Mighty Met). If you want to read some interesting radio stuff for the era, Wikipedia has some very interesting write-ups on KNAC (explains ‘freeform radio’ etc) KMET, etc. The Wikipedia articles detail an interesting life and sad death of stations. Just go to their website and enter the appropriate call letters.

    Thanks for the article.



    Closest thing I got. It’s an online station, but apparently if you have the phone capability you can listen to it elsewhere.

    “Nerdy Show present 8BitFM! A streaming radio station devoted to an 8Bit Generation! 8BitFM is dedicated to bringing you the best and newest nerd music available, be it chiptunes, circuit bending, classic gaming music, video game inspired music, nerdcore hip-hop, Dementia comedy, parody, filk, or any form of fan music!”

    Don’t be put off by the description. These guys love comics (and run a comic shop), role playing games, classic TV shows, etc. With recent changes to the station, they have added talk show podcasts about a number of subjects, including their role playing forays.

    May not be for everyone, but there you go.


  6. Wow, Dr. Demento was a great show. I listened to him growing up in the 70’s… want to say the show was on Sunday night. I hear him periodically on 100.3 The Sound here in Los Angeles… they sometimes do a reunion show of DJ’s that were on the original station 94.7 KMET ‘The Mighty Met’. Wikipedia has some interesting stuff with a great history:

    Like near anywhere in America, we “had” great radio stations in the past but now they are mostly gone. If you are really interested in history of radio in the era… check out Wikipedia’s info on KNAC – Tells you about “freeform radio” etc.


  7. Here in South Africa I have given up trying to find a radio station that suits me. Incidentally I bought myself a smartphone (Android ofc, I AM a geek after all) and I now use it to store a large portion of my music (not all of it, the space on it is just not enough) and I also have subscriptions to Podcasts in topics that interest me. Now when I am driving, in queues, sitting around twiddling my thumbs and even working at my PC I have material I can enjoy and can tune out the crap that gets played over radios, in elevators, at the office, etc.

    Perhaps you should consider getting teched out with something like a smartphone (even a regular MP3 player would do the trick) and then you can subscribe to Internet “radio” shows (podcasts) that discuss all your favourite topics as well as being able to listen to YOUR music you enjoy … and it will (generally) be ad free 😉


  8. I use my “smart” phone plugged into my radio like an eyePod……I can play the music i have on my SD card in the phone ….OR……stream music from, Pandora or any other online source….just have to increase the volume a lil bit…..but its the only way I can get my techno-house music fix (random songs played rather than from my play list)….here in the ultra chic metropolis of Reno,NV………we have a college here….and even their station steenks!!! ……so…..look for a web station that is geeked out and stream it in the car that-a-way!!!


  9. “double ought for Strength”

    Geeky high five;)

    Where the hell was my exceptional agi…ah, sorry dexterity for for my rog…er, sorry again…thief. Bloody D&D…and people think WoW is unbalanced!

    Anyway, back to your actual point, geeky music; check out ‘Fantomenk’, you may like:


    • I still remember the thrill I felt when Manny clued me in to a streaming fantasy music channel that ran things like the music from Conan the Barbarian. Brilliant!


      • Ah, Conan. Damn, that was some epic stuff!

        And on that note:

        (Witcher 2 music)

        God, I am so looking forward to this game…it can play like shit if it sounds like this!


  10. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten two defining characteristics of geeks. They don’t like to pay for stuff that they don’t have to. And they don’t like advertising, and take pride in being “immune” to it.

    All in all, that’s why there’s no geek radio, and why geek television shows get cancelled, unless they can be produced very cheaply.

    We reap what we sow.


  11. Unfortunately, the Dr. Demento Show’s recent change of distribution model shows the big radio corporations aren’t interested and there aren’t enough independant stations to make it viable. I think geek interests will continue to flourish in podcast format, but not in broadcast. On the other hand, I heard The Game Has Changed from the Tron soundtrack on The Current just yesterday.

    I have to dig up my copy of Let’s Blow Up The Tow Truck again, it really pwned my trash can last night.


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