Happy Girl Genius Day!

It’s January 12th, and that makes it the official Girl Genius Day!

I hope you’re wearing your goggles, because this could end up being a most dangerous day… for science!

Didja see that they’ve got a new book out? Like, a book book, not a picture book? Cool, huh?

But more importantly… Happy Birthday, Kaja Foglio! Thank you for the many, many hours of delight.

Ever since the first time I saw their work in Dragon Magazine, (and if you never got a chance to read Dragon Magazine during the height of TSR’s glory days, I’m sorry), and then after that the illustrated MythAdventures books, I loved the Foglios.

Such joy! Such fun! Such naughty mad science!

Just knowing it’s Girl Genius Day today is going to put a spring in my step.

Hmm… spring assisted shoes to put a bounce in my step. That’s a good start, but if I added air cylinders with a 35mm stroke to each one for some assisted pushing, then I’ll need an air compressor and a manifold to power and distribute air to the cylinders, gotta get the framework on the shoes, I’ll need some rebar and C strut for that, where’s my welder, gotta get some bigger boots for this, ones with straps to handle the thrust, ooh, and I’ll need power for the compressor, better add a motor, I’ll put that on a backpack frame to distribute the weight…

Minion! My tools! Where’s the spanner?

6 thoughts on “Happy Girl Genius Day!

  1. Thanks for that link; What an awesome comic! I loved the What’s New — With Phil & Dixie comics back in the 80s — Dragon rocked then — and this is both a great nostalgia kick and a dynamite new thing to read. And I’ve got SEVEN YEARS of comics to catch up on? Hooray, my weekend’s full!


  2. never got into steampunk, but it does look interesting. Are they artists or writers or both? What is their first book in the series (I never like to start to the latest, always the first), for their blog doesn’t really say.

    And food for thought – anyone else notice that Worgen are steampunk?


      • Thanks BB. Seems to be a lot of Japanese anime (sic) influence. 😀 Sent this link home and I will start tonight. I remember there was an early Microsoft air combat game that was pulp 9or can now be consider steam punk) back in the late 80’s that I remember. But I have always enjoyed swords, steam engines and flying rockets aka Flash Gorden.


  3. I love Girl Genius. I first saw the Foglios art on Magic cards and in the Duelist magazine. I thought it was OK but sloppy. Once I found the fun that is GG, though, I didn’t worry about the quirks of their art that bugged me earlier, I just went along for the inventive ride and fun characters.

    It has influenced my own love of Steampunk. I find myself sketching weird little gizmobots often enough that I really want to make a bigger IP out of it. Someday. When I have all that time, y’know?


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