The BBB Girl Genius Contest!

To celebrate the release of Agatha H and the Airship City by Kaja and Phil Foglio, I’m going to have a little contest.

You can’t have a contest without some kind of prize, so here’s what the lucky winner will receive;

Girl Genius Volume 1: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank, in softcover!

The first volume of the awesome Girl Genius webcomic; the perfect synthesis of Johannes Gutenberg’s mad science creation and the Foglios’ mad science imaginings, brought directly into your home!

Why, the very act should feel slightly edgy!

But enough about the prize, how do you, the reader, go about obtaining this classic of modern iMADgination?

It’s quite simple… deceptively so.

You have to bring your own mad genius into play!

Using your imagination, and whatever artistic talents you may have, bring your favorite character creation and the concept of mad science together… and then send your juxtaposition of imagination to me here at the Big Bear Butt. (email to tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com)

It’s not about World of Warcraft, although you can use your favorite character from WoW if you’d like. It’s not about screenshots, although you can choose to submit one if that’s what the mad little neurons drove you to do when they got all excited up in your cranial housing.

What it takes is a character, an avatar, an alter ego of yours from a game or story of some kind, and your placing that character into a context highlighting and celebrating the whimsical genius and enthusiastic inventiveness that is mad science.

You can send in screenshots, short stories, movies (or links to movies posted by you on YouTube), songs, pictures of sculpture or knitted scenes, or anything your mind can imagine and that you would love to show off. The main thing is, it has to have been created by YOU.

Heck, create a cake sculpture and send in a picture, whatever you’d like. It’s not meant to be work, it’s meant to be fun! How your creativity is expressed is up to you!

I will gladly accept screenshots or pastiches of your character in-game amidst the panoply of rendered mad science… bless those gnomes and goblins for their hard work.

I will accept all submissions , beginning today and lasting throughout the week, ending on Friday, January 21st.

The weekend of January 22nd – 23rd, Cassie and I will review all submissions, and pick our favorites to go up on the blog for YOUR votes!

That’s right, the final winner will be determined by you! Well, the collective ‘you’ of readers that choose to vote.

So put your best set of thinking goggles on, and get hopping! Time is running out!

Again, email your submission (or a link to your submission) to tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com!

The BBB would like to inform all potential contestants that this contest is being held completely under the direction and control of the BBB. Prizes are submitted by the BBB, shipped by the BBB, and any issues are wholly the fault OF the BBB. Phil and Kaja Foglio are completely unaware of this contest, and should not be bothered with any questions or concerns ABOUT this contest. Failure to understand this may result in being blasted by a death ray. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “The BBB Girl Genius Contest!

  1. Heya BBB, im the one that sent you the “bearachute” entry. Currently I’m trying to convince my wife to help me make a good entry. Just letting you know that some of us are definitely interested.

    On a side note, I’m a big tanking fan, have always been, and am currently trying to get all five of my tanks (1 of each alliance side, and one troll bear druid horde side) to level 85…on Kael’thas. I am the consummate Altaholic so its taking some time but I am leveling the new quest designed, when the characters are hitting outland/cataclysm its still fun but only for nostalgia sake.


  2. Hrm… any stipulations that I can’t use the piece I’m working on for my company’s January art contest? It’s conveniently steampunky…


    • No stipulations at all on prior use… only that it be something YOU did, not something that came from someone else. If you happened to have already been heterodyning on the same brain wave… by all means!


  3. Actually, there are two prizes available. I’ve got two of Volume 1 to give away… one copy of which, for the second pr1ze winner, has a cover in slightly used condition (has a ripple,wrinkle on the cover).

    Of course, if there is no interest in the contest, or any submissions, then at least that tells me not to do these anymore.


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