Say hello to Nightbear!

I know, I know, it’s cheesy, but I had a much easier time of coming up with a villain name than a hero.

I really wanted a Batman styled character for the hero side, and thus Nightbear was born. Take a look!

I love the fact that he’s got the Bear claws for his martial arts weapon right now.

The way it looks, there is a panel called ‘style’. And in this panel, every time you pick up loot, or buy a new weapon upgrade like I did, it adds that to the style list for each slot… and no matter what you have physically equipped, or even whether or not it’s in your inventory, you can choose whether or not to display that item.

So if you really, really loved those bear claws from level 3, but you got an upgrade with better stats… equip the upgrade, and set your style to still show the claws.


Oh…. and my evil character’s name?

Why, he’s simply Unbearable.

I promise, last post about this tonight, double promise, pinky swear!

7 thoughts on “Say hello to Nightbear!

  1. Too late . . .*sigh*

    However, I have an 8 year old also. We made him quit playing WOW cause of all the asshats so maybe it will work out after all.


    • Don’t worry, it IS a lot of fun, and it’s totally different in playstyle from WoW. I haven’t played fighting games in a long time, and the racing challenges are one heck of a massive change of pace, going back to the very best of platformer feel.

      Heck, the second rookie level racing challenge for Acrobatics in Gotham kept me coming back time after time to get platinum, and I stayed with it because I could feel myself getting just… that… much… better each time. And it was fun!


  2. Super Bear
    Beartastic Four
    Captain Bearica
    Bear Lantern

    Ok, I’ll stop… well… how about Wonder Bear?
    Wonder Bear powers —- Activate!

    Stop it BBB or you will make me buy this!



    • I’d seriously hold off on buying DC Universe Online unless you can find someone with a buddy pass first, or check out some gameplay videos. Yes, it’s fun in the initial buzz, but let me put it this way….

      I think it will be the perfect MMO for my 8 year old son to get into and beat around with for a litte while, but it’s strength is it’s novelty value and the name dropping from comics.


  3. Only time will bear out whether Unbearable will be able to bear up under the bearden of evil. so make sure you post all the grizzly details.

    hehe GOod night


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