DCUO: It Coulda Been a Contender

So, I’ve got some time in DC Universe Online now. You know, that game I bought last week with such high hopes.


First off, if you are thinking of playing it, do yourself a favor and try it with a controller. They make some very good USB controllers for the PC, assuming you’re not going to play it on a PS3, where I hear it’s very smooth.

Here’s my deal with the game.

The super powers are a deal breaker for me.

There are lots of little things, but in the end, the choices of super powers, compared to other super hero games I’ve tried like Champions or City of Heroes, simply blows.

I mentioned in a previous post how much I liked the concept of the power system, and that remains true.

In fact, let that be the driving theme of my feelings for the game; I love the concept of nearly everything they’ve done.

It’s the choices they made in execution of those concepts that have made it a game I simply can’t stomach. I’d rather sit and stare at the wall than play DCUO. Or, do what I’ve done the last few days, and enjoy reading some nice books, try and watch a movie or two, that sort of thing. I even logged into WoW for a little bit, and after the misery that is DCUO, wasn’t THAT a shock to the system!

I’m not going to talk about the things I liked, because I’ve done some of that before. Well, maybe I will a little, for some perspective. This is a “why I am not going to play out my free time on a game I spent $40 on” post. Or $50, I can’t remember. A whole lot of money when the only other non-WoW game I bought in the last year was Starcraft 2. (Portal doesn’t count, I got that for free on Steam).

First off, again, the power choices.

Yes, the concept is great. Instead of choosing a couple of power sets, and having all of your in-game abilities be tied up into them, DCUO breaks it down into three areas; combat skills, movement skills, and power sets.

So you get to choose your main combat style  and movement skills independantly of the power set you choose. This could potentially give far more combinations, right? Well, it does.

Even better, you can learn more than one combat style. You can start with Brawling, be a strong two fisted puncher of doom, and when you hit level ten place points into a whole new second style, like Martial Arts or Bows or Dual Pistols.

And investing points in your abilities, why, that feels very smart too. Each point invested in a combat skill unlocks new fighting combos. On the Mouse control, this can be left click/left click, or left click+right click, or left click/left hold, or left-click X5/left hold. That kind of thing.

Spending points on the powers in your trees also gives you more abilities, but those aren’t activated by combos. Those are on your number bar, and you can have up to 6 active to use at any one time. Plus, of course, a soda pop.

And let’s not forget the extra shared “Iconic” power tree, where all the awesome super powers of the DC Heroes can be chosen by you, once you’re high enough level. Like Heat Vision, or Super Strength, or Wonder Woman’s Lasso 9for a ranged pull to get airborne targets down to you) and many others.

So many options!

But then again… not.

See, again, that thing about six slots for active super powers? Yep, that’s it. No matter how many points you put into new powers, you can only have six of those abilities on your bar to use.

Sure, some of the powers, and all of the Iconic powers chooseable after level 22, are Passive. You don’t need them on your bar to get benefits. And that’s good, since there are so many powers in your own darn trees you’d like to have available, but… you can only have six. So choose wisely.

But even that’s not a deal breaker. It’s annoying, sure. You’ve unlocked all these super powers, you’ve grown more powerful, you’ve gained levels… but you can’t use most of them, because you can only have six on your bar at a time.  

You know, if I’ve been using an exploding wall of fire to push enemies back for 15 levels, I don’t really see where, by getting more powerful, I suddenly can’t use it anymore because there are other things more useful to my role in raids, and I can only bring six powers to the party. What, I’m a first edition Mage now, and I can only memorize six spell slots a day? Really?

But not a deal breaker. No.

No, the deal breaker on powers for me is the six categories you get.

I’m playing DC Universe Online. The tacit implication in their tagline, the next hero is me, is that I get to be a hero in the DC Universe, similar in theme to the heroes I’ve grown familiar with from the comics.

Not exact, but similar.

Some categories seem like no brainers. The Green Lantern Corps. The Sinestro Corps. Any of the new colors of power rings, in fact. There is a built-in possibility of new characters being entrusted with a power ring.

Is that realized? Nope. The players in chat in the game all ask if you can be a Green Lantern, and the answer is generally, “I’ve heard that may be coming in a future content patch.”

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

‘Hang in there baby, the next content patch is coming. It’ll all be roses and lavender on that hallowed day.’

For anyone familiar with the heroes and mythos of DC comics over the years, I’d like you to really think about the six super power themes you get to choose from.

Fire (tanking). Ice (tanking). Mental (Mob Control with illusions). Gadgets (explosives and cloaks). Nature (attacking with plants and shapeshifting into Wolves or Pteradactyls). Sorcery.

Those are your six available power sets. .

Think about those six… and tell me how prevalent those themes really are in the DC Universe. Aside from Beast Boy, are there really that many flying Pterodactyls running around? Err, flying around?

What it ends up feeling like, is that they looked at existing super hero games, and said to themselves, “We can’t use any of that; come up with something different. Something we own, or something the others haven’t grabbed yet.”

Sure, you can think of individual heroes and villains that have one of those power sets. But the way the combinations are set up actually makes it very, very hard to have a hero that feels… cohesive.


Simple. Combat and movement powers use SKILL points, and super powers and Iconic powers use POWER points.

Power points come from leveling. Period. SKILL points, used to improve your combat styles and buy more powers from your movement tree, come from both leveling AND you get new skill points by completing achievements.

Oh yeah, that’s a fact. If you like to pursue Achievements, you’ll gain skill points to buy extra combat and movement powers early. There are many, many achievements, including exploration of the zones.

But what does this mean? It means that super powers and iconic powers are either passive or have to share those six power slots on your number bar… but your combat styles AND movement abilities ALL use combos.

Yes, you can buy more combat styles… but this just adds lots and lots of combos that you have to memorize to do things.

Still only six active powers to use in combat, though.

What you end up with is a hero, patterned after the Flash, that theoretically has super speed running, lots of speed related combat attacks like tornadoes and running around enemies, brawling to beat ’em up fast, and so forth. But in reality, as you level, you MUST use your super powers as well if you hope to survive the brutal grind of combat.

And the more combat abiltiies you learn, the more combos you must master, some of which are silly long chains, but still… only six powers on your number bar.

So, your dream of playing as the Flash? Yeah, unless your vision of the Flash uses gadgets, flame blasts, ice lances, turns into a nightmare monster that looks exactly like EVERY other nightmare monster hero, or blasts with sorcery, you’re not going to last long enough to get those movement skill attack combos to memorize… which don’t unlock until level 9.

Speaking of the combat…

You remember those jokes about “kill 10 rats” from Everquest?

Umm, yeah.

The quests feel as thought they tried to be fun and imaginative… but the streets are so choked with bad guys that respawn instantly that you literally could not walk a block in the game without fighting something… something exactly the same as the other 20 somethings you already fought.

If you really, really, really want to revisit the days of endless exhausting grinding on mobs to get 10 kills, 10 drops, 10 pieces of info, 10 interrupted power converter machine activations, 10 samples of drug, 10 victims rescued, 10 structures smashed, 10 gadgets deactivated…

…well, this is the game for you.

I have found that this game, for me, is at it’s best when I simply go out for a run, or to fly. Or to use acrobatics to hop. The movement is a lot of fun. As long as I don’t involve myself in more mindless combat, it’s cool.

I understand that if you really love PvP on PvP servers, this game rocks, big time. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re not looking for any kind of DC Universe themed character, if you just want to get some visceral action in with a fighting style game on a PvP server, seriously, this thing is supposed to be the shit, and I can certainly see that.

I don’t PvP, so I think I might be the wrong dude for this game. 🙂

So, I addressed the deal breaking crappy core power sets, the monotonous combat against PvE…

Ah! The costumes!

It’s another great concept.

You are a new hero or villain. There is no Billy Bobs’ Tri-County Costume Shop operating in the Gotham City limits. You put together something silly or kinda limited when you just start out, right?

Well, that’s the way it works in game, too. Your starting costume choices are horribly limited. It seems very strange.

But then, as soon as you start playing in your first starter mission, you learn why.

There are loot drops of equippable costume pieces in the game.

Let me repeat that, because I think it bears repeating.

Enemies you vanquish have costume pieces you can loot.

There are many, many costume ‘sets’ you can collect, one random piece at a time.

Guess where the cool looking costume pieces come from?

I know I talked about this before, but in reality it’s amazing. I mean, sure, you can sort of rationalize killing a demon prince and getting a honking big flaming sword, right? And World of Warcraft has done a nice job of having weapons and armor that bosses in raids carry as being available as loot… the appearance of the item anyway.

But how do you rationalize an enemy Brainiac robot having a really sweet looking pair of running boots with the Flash wing symbol? A pair of boots that, when equipped, activates a ‘Flash style’ movement speed glow on your character?

I’ve mentioned before that one of the truly great new ideas that DCUO implements is being able to activate the appearance of any item you have picked up, independantly of what the stats of an actual equipped item may be.

That is very, very awesome. It is truly the single biggest success in the game. If you are lucky enough to get the costume pieces you truly love, that makes the perfect “you”, you can go through your entire game life looking like that, no matter what loot you ever get dropped. Not only that… but when you set your character’s color palette, the new loot costume pieces you pick up, when equipped, are set to match your chosen palette! Everything you ever equip will match in color… but be different styles. And yes… you can change your color palette at almost any time you’d like if you’re not quite happy with it. And you can change an individual item to have a custom color profile. It’s a quite powerful tool, and a friendly design to have your hero look just the way you’d like.

So long as you were lucky on costume drops, that is.

But… you’re still a DC comics super hero chasing loot drops from enemies like trinkets, rings, weapons, cloaks and stuff. No, I swear to you, I am not making this up.

It just all keeps mounting up.

I am intentionally NOT talking about the constant errors, disconnects and bugs. Or the almost completely unusable chat system. The reason being, they will fix them in patches. They MUST fix them in patches soon. The chat system in particular is horrendous. Just, wow… talk about testing a vocabulary. Abominable? Atrocious? Unconscionable? Malicious?

I keep coming back, like a tongue on a loose tooth, to that costume loot thing. Even now, as I openly deride it’s cynical draw on the collector in us, I still feel it’s allure.

I made a Speedster/Fire/Brawler I was having lots of fun with. Liked my costume, modeled it after the character my son made and enjoyed. My regret was that bits of the costume, like the cowl and boots and gloves, didn’t have little Flash style wing thingies.

I actually got a Purple epic drop, out of nowhere, those aforementioned Flash style winged-boots. I was able to get a little closer to the perfect costume I originally envisioned.

I felt the pull then. Chasing the loot drops. Hoping for that next one that’ll be even cooler.

Oh yes, I can certainly feel the pull of a game that encourages you to complete collections… and gives you character improving skill points when you complete exploration or collection achievements.

In my more cynical moments, I wonder if someone took a cold, hard look at how to attract and retain those addicted to collecting stuff.

I tried so hard to like it. I kept sticking my head in the sand, saying, “Well, maybe this next hero. Well, no, try this one. Okay, this one. YES! This is the one!”

But the further I get, the more I just feel like a big old sucker for spending the money.

It finally came to a head when I logged into WoW for a moment just to remind myself what the heck I’d been doing there, anyway…

And the WoW game colors and style and beauty, after staring at the drabness of the DCUO world for a week, almost mugged my eyes with their awesomeness. It was like, “Oh wow, so THAT’S what vivid colors and beautiful art design looks like. I’d forgotten. Thank you for reminding me, Samwise.”

It’s true. I feel like a sucker for having bought DCUO.

Not because it’s not a good game, because I’m sure that, after a while and some content patches, it WILL be an awesome game. Plus, it seems like it’s really built for kickass high speed low drag PvP, and it does have some great concepts that just need to be tweaked up some more.

Some folks in the general chat clearly were in cloud nine playing it… mostly on their controllers, I’ll admit. 🙂 Lots of folks deliriously happy with it, and more power to them.

No, I feel like a sucker because the only reason I bought it was to try and find something new and different for a little while… and I just walked away from it feeling tired and irritated by the overall experience.

24 thoughts on “DCUO: It Coulda Been a Contender

  1. man you nailed a lot of the problems with this game. i feel the same way, i have been attepmting to play it with passion but after maybe an hour im bored. the whole go to this area that look like the area you were just in and kill 10 slightly different guys or kill the same guys but they added one new enemy to the mix that does one of those special unblockable attacks just got monotonous. i played CoH and CoV and CO. tons of power…dcuo 6?…sure you could break it down and say there are 12 because each has 2 trees but they dont feel to different from each other. plus even starting some of the trees can through your character off. like if you want to use the bow as a your wep and you went with ice powers you got to choices to start with either A you go with storms and the first move you get pulls enemies to you…..which is exactly what you want when you make a ranged based character or B a armor ability. sure later on in that either tree you get ranged moves but you dont exactly get the play style you want off the bat speaking of powers to me they look really nice but its hard to say why one power is better then another. today on a immolation character i got 2 moves enflame and flashpoint i think was the other…both fire aoe…both do the same dmg…the difference one knocked them into the air the other knocks them down. i think the main problem with the power in the trees are they suffer from what i call DK syndrome. since you said you played WoW you’ll probably remember how not to long ago every tree for the DK was a tank and a dps tree. it just doesnt work out to well. the last thing im with you on the limited starting character customization. there was time i would look for a specific look and i couldnt get it to work out cause i was missing peices…for instance i believe there is a chest piece called shield robot or something along those lines…. but guess what no pant to match it. so i could either at a metal pair of pants that didnt match or wear tights which makes me feel like, “damn i spent all my time on make this armor but we ran out of funding for the pants”. o and the skins are so so….but seriously what the hell is up with the “animal” skins. no matter which one you put on you look like one of those ppl that have that fetish for dressing up or painting themselves up animal…when i saw those im like man i cant wait to see how they handles killer crock….but then i did a mission and he looks bad ass and latter on a diff char i did the magic character quest line and say circes(however its spelled) beastimorphs…..why cant i have best like character look like that. this game just could have been so great but i think they promised things they couldnt deliver on. i have more complaints but ive already made a wall of txt.


  2. Just WOW! This post is exactly how I feel ‘cept that I didn’t have to come up with all the, you know . . . words.
    I, too, went back to WoW and lvl’ed my hunter from 74-81 over the last few days just to try to rid my mind of all things DCUO. Then I found out that I kinda like playing my hunter again so I’ll just keep going with him.
    My 8-year old has been giving DCUO the “eye” for a while and hinting around to me with stuff like, “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to play that game. It looks sooooooo cool.”
    I figure that I’ll make him wait it out for a while and then come up with some sort of deal that includes him taking the trash out for a month or loading the dishwasher after dinner or something so that he thinks that he has earned some great honor when I relent. Meh, at least it’s not a COMPLETELY useless game, right?


    • I am feeling exactly the same. My 7 year old (8 in a few months!) loves the game looks and the light in his eyes when I suggested he make his very own character design and play him… wow. And boy, did he have some exact ideas of what he wanted to make. Don’t ever think that young children do not have strong imaginations or ideas of what they do or do not want, when they’re actually engaged. The times they go ‘meh’ are when they really couldn’t care less, and don’t want to bother spending the energy to think up a choice.

      I’m leaning towards letting him play the game as a reward, with coaching from me on how to deal with the hard times of being swamped by waves of fast spawning mobs. At least until the free time runs out.


  3. There is one important thing to remember here if you went back and played WoW 1.0, would not similar complaints pop up? Now WoW has had 6 years to refine and fix all the issues its been lucky to have a dedicated player base, an even more dedicated dev group, and a company willing to keep investing in a game that could fall apart at any moment.

    Does DCUO have any of those things? maybe I don’t know if Sony will be willing to put the money into really listening to their player base and really develop the game. If you are one of the people who really want it to succeed you are going to have to stick it out.

    I think that the real downfall of DCUO will be Sony trying to not only keep the PC mmoers AND the console players happy. The mindset for these 2 groups are pretty different.


    • I do think about that a lot. I used that same analogy when trying to describe it to Cassie the other night. It’s another valid point.

      I logged in again tonight, and ran around, marveling at how cool my character looked, as the golden and blue lightning crackled around his speeding form.

      But… then I turned it off to read another chapter of Troy by David Gemmell.


      • I’ve been finding the same thing: conceptually I love the concept of building an interesting hero character. I like the 6 power limitation (12 if you switch roles, 18 if you also can stealth or apply an illusion like the Controller toons); I feel it does force you to focus your mindset. Even when I play in Wow, I do all my main attacks or heals in the 1-5 range (can’t reach 6 with my left hand on the keyboard) and then focus the remainder in 5 other keystrokes that reach easily with the left hand. I use my right for mousing. That was hard for me to get used to with DCUO; moving with the keyboard, which I hate.

        I feel that for a first release out of the gate with an obviously rushed production deadline; they did well. The voice acting is excellent, the Batman missions are fun and engaging (and the Joker’s as well), and the environments to me are gorgeously realized. It does have a plethora of bugs that they need to iron out. I’m going to keep playing through my initial free 30 days to see how their first content patch goes. If they do one, I’ll reevaluate. If they dont’, I’ll also be done.


      • the funny thing is when they said there was going to be tons of voice attacking in the game i thought they would have went the extra step and at least try to make the mouth movement close to what they were saying. when i first char got to the end of braniacs ship and super man poped in i heard the voice and look at his mouth….it was just flapping up and down….maybe i set my expectations to high


  4. Well, I will play devil’s advocate for this one. Let me preface this with the fact that I am playing and enjoying it, but I somehow don’t see it lasting long either! LOL It is just a feeling I get based off my time in WoW and my current time in LotRO. Or maybe it is because the level cap is so low. Not sure… anyway…

    The reason I will question some things is because these are questions I sometimes ask myself. So, with that in mind, how do you/we know that 6 slots are a noob mistake or limitation. I honestly don’t know how you would select 1-8 on a controller. Maybe this was intelligent design created to make us focus and make hard choices. Instead of having every ability available and at the touch of our hands (like other MMO’s), we would have to think about the role we will play and make a hard choice among our abilities. I have had to ask myself “does this have any use in a controller/tank role or only dps” when fixing my loadouts. I would think those shouting for a more challenging gaming experience (and I’m not saying you in particular do) would like this aspect.

    As for your other assessments, oddly I don’t notice a drab environment. I notice a comic book environment. I guess I assumed that is what they were going for in the art direction based on the content.

    I know from what i read, they didn’t want you to make the next Flash or Wonder Woman. They wanted you to make your own genetically modified “hero” or “villian”. But just as you don’t understand why you would need to quest for goodies as a hero/villian with super powers, I don’t understand why someone who has defeated the Lich King or any other “boss” needs to constantly prove themselves to the people of Azeroth to receive armor or weapons. I mean, these people saved your civilization and you still want them to go out and kill some mobs before you will give them this cheap, green piece of armor? Or this mediocre sword that won’t stay with you to 80? What I’m trying to say is that suspension of belief is what all of these games work on.

    As for whether the game is based on chasing items? I just do the quests. If I get some? That’s nice. I think that is more a personal play style. But even WoW has the same thing. People have leveled alts based on which quests or instances give them the next blue or purple item they desire. I guess I don’t see a difference myself.


    • All very valid points.

      I agree that looked at a different way, the 6 super power slots may be a brilliant innovation to focus gameplay. So can the power sets, for that matter. My point on that was to simply say, whatever the reason may be that they did it, it doesn’t work for my (perhaps completely inappropriate) preconceived ideas, based on the DC comics IP.

      These really are meant to be reasons why the game isn’t clicking for me, not as a indictment of the game for anyone else.

      If I were to write some kind of review of WoW, it would also necessarily be skewed because I don’t PVP at all, so my opinion is completely useless to anyone that does like it, which, at last count, was something like 90% of the population.

      All I can do is write how I feel, not what I think folks might want to hear, and constantly examine what I feel to see if it’s for the cause I think, or if I’ve got some bad wiring in my head influencing me for some reason. If I don’t like something, i don’t want it to be because I walked into it with a bad mood, or was grumpy, or wanted to be issy about something. I want to give things my best shot, and an open mind… but, at some point, sometimes I’ve got to say… “You know, really… I don’t like it. Damn, I want to like it sooooo bad. But I don’t.”


      • I do understand that sometimes things just don’t click. The new talent tree’s in WoW didn’t click for me and were part of my reason for leaving.

        My husband is the comic book fan in the house (mainly Marvel) and likes it, but even he said going into that he would either like it or feel they did a horrible job with the IP. I’ve heard the same critique of LotRO from Tolkien fans and you will find a subset of players that hate runekeepers and wardens because they feel they do not fit in with the Tolkien lore. Some have left the game over it. On some level, I think games like these are better for people who aren’t hardcore fans of the IP because we can forgive the blips and bloops.


  5. The implementation seems rife with noob designer mistakes. I always wonder how those get through to the final product. The disconnect between concept and implementation seems like a production problem.


  6. I’ve not been tempted to try another MMO since playing WoW but Rift is really starting to look interesting and many bloggers that I read are giving it some seriously good once-overs. I’m probably going to try it out, if only to see what the gameplay and dungeon system is like. The customization seems very flexible and the world shows definitely promise as far as how dynamic and evolving it is.


    • From what friend say they took alot of the good in WoW {Interface/AH/simple storage systems/some profession ideas} and then added dynamic PvE and some awesome Pvp ideas to directly attempt to steal WoW players. Thus the whole ‘not in azeroth anymore tag’

      Unfortunately for my bank account they may have gotten one….. ><


  7. The console market….

    Egads how I hate that concept. Blizzard is one of two companies that made stand alone PC games (Diablo/KOTOR). I think this background helped Bliz avoid the “lets make a game playable on PC AND Console platforms. Frankly you can’t have Wow on consoles and thank God Bliz killed their experimental project to try it.

    The console market is a different demographic and plunking it with PC gamers leads to madness (Final Fantasy anyone?).

    Every other main MMO attempt lately has tried to bridge the console/pc markets with it’s game. DCUO is the latest less than stellar offering. I don’t think that companies are trying to get an audience that is non-Wow. What I think is that companies went through a cycle where they tried to morph pc/console development and it has not worked out. Remember dev cycles being what they are… DCUO was kicked off about 3 years ago so pc and console was probably the vogue dev strategy then.

    Interestingly enough the upcoming SWTOR from Bioware actually attempted to make it PC/Console early on. They shelved the idea 1 year in development. So there is hope for someone non-Blizz to actually make a decent MMO.

    I am hoping anyway. I would prefer to have a non-wow alternative right now. I really would, this new crappy quality wow is not working for me.


    • TOR, from what I’ve heard, is: if you’re not a real Star Wars nerd, you won’t like it. At least that’s the current sentiment. Personally I don’t care about SW anymore and will make a pass in this case.

      I’m waiting for DMO. Hopefully it’ll be better than WAR.


  8. I’m always fascinated by WoW bloggers forays into other games. From that, I’m beginning to reach a conclusion that most MMOs are not after WoW’s audience; they are after some other set of people who would like to play an MMO but haven’t played WoW. How could someone who has played for years with a game that lets you have more control of your UI than any other game I’ve heard of, switch to one that only lets you keybind 6 abilities?

    And that while IP is incredibly important, IP alone does not make a good game. Probably the best not-WoW MMO out there seems to be LOTRO, and it certainly has IP going for it, but it leverages that world in ways that it sounds like DCUO doesn’t. While Star Trek Online has an equally famous and detailed IP, but doesn’t really use it right.

    Anyway, thanks for the review. Certainly won’t be checking this game out.


    • That’s a very smart point to make. I’d imagine designers are trying really hard to come up with something that does things in a completely new way, to entice the players that just don’t feel WoW is a good fit for them.

      The ability to use a controller effectively in playing an MMO really is a strong selling point for console players who might want the fun of the massive experience, but don’t want to be locked into a computer upgrade cycle. And again, I keep hearing about how much fun the PvP experience is.


      • A friend of mine who was in beta, and hates all things PvP, said he did play on the PvP server (he’s one of the srs bsns beta testers) and LOVED it. He’s playing on PvE with friends, but found the PvP experience so much better.

        If I knew you better, BBB, I’d be bugging you for my $47 back. I bought the game on your initial reaction. I’ve gotten to level 7 on a flight/mental/hands Hero – but the lack of a cursor really bugs. The constant mouse look, really bugs. I haven’t even gotten to the choke point of 6 powers, and I don’t think I’ll make it through my free month.

        I did the same thing though – played most of Sunday, making various characters, finally settling on hands (had a fire/hands – hated fire, loved hands) and mental due to TK – I’ve forever been a nut for electricity (came to the fore with Big Trouble in Little China) and TK – Star Wars, primarily. No electricity in the game, so mental is it. But after about 7 hours of play, I was fed up with the game play. I logged into WoW to do some dailies and /flash of light from heaven. “Oh yeah, THIS is the game that I love”.

        I promised my buddies I’d at least play a couple times a week until my sub ran out. Maybe it’ll grow on me… if not, I still have my wonderful bear/tree waiting patiently in Orgrimmar.


    • STO has the big issue that it’s HORRIBLY bland after a very short time. No matter how famous the IP is in this case, I stopped playing after a month. It’s the same over and over and over again. Plus -not sure how it is now- but in the beginning the only real way to level as klingon was through PvP. That and no Romulans? No thanks.

      I still run through LOTRO and WoW. All the other MMORPGs I’ve had a look at are gone from my list by now. So, until DMO comes out I’ll be rotating through LOTRO and WoW.


  9. The six power restriction is probably because it can be played on a console, so nobody whines they’re limited because they’re not on a computer… but my beloved Cataclysm wow mouse would just sit down and cry at that. I saw a little bit of it over a friend’s shoulder. It seems ok, but not something that grabbed me. The ‘based on’ costumes were only barely there… Based on superman, you got some Spiderman looking mook in a full body leotard in red, yellow and blue. Batman, same thing in black and grey. Aside from the colors, nothing really said ‘Superman’. And that may be intentional, but if it’s just ‘add in the colors’, why bother with the based on thing at all? The costumes weren’t even similar.

    Unrelatedly, Curse has beta keys available for the game RIFT. Go to the site and at the top click ‘beta keys’. A friend was gushing about it some, so I nabbed one. Haven’t yet installed it.


  10. I went into DCUO with the midset of “This is going to be a change of pace and I’ll probably not play it past the free month” and it’s given me exactly that – My flying ice brawler has been fun enough swooping through the skies above Metropolis and Gotham, but at level 28, I’m getting tired of the game.

    I’ve still had more play time and fun from DCUO than I normally get from most full price games these days (6 hour campaign for £40? wtf??) so that’s one positive anyway.


  11. “I keep coming back, like a tongue on a loose tooth” – You reminded me of a Bill Hicks routine there and for that I thank you the most.


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