Son of a… damnit, I KNEW it!


Oh, you bastards.

I knew they were going to do it as soon as I did it, but this is just too damn mean.

I mean, I just… I JUST… threw them out.

Those damn-blasted idjits.

Do you have any idea?

Oh, those rotten bastards.

Cassie and I, for 8 characters now, have leveled through and stuffed odds and ends in our guild bank in the Cata stuff. We’ve got an entire tab just for food crap.

We had stack after stack after stack of Murglesnouts in there.

After leveling Cooking to max, Fishing to way up there, and getting tired of a full bank, I decided to search Wowhead to see just what those Murglesnouts were good for. Because in game, hey… I sure as hell hadn’t found any use for it. It’s the trash fish of Cataclysm.

It’s so worthless I’m surprised there isn’t an Anthony Bourdain special on TV showing him eating Murglesnout offal prepared 10 different ways. That man is absolutely fearless about food. I’m sure you could get him to eat some Murglesnout. Talk up the cultural history of the Naga, spin some bullshit about their exotic cuisine, toss some Murglesnout heads in a bowl and put it in front of him… he’d eat it. 

I mean, you can’t even use it easily to feed your hunter pet! You can’t stick it on your tool bar, God knows I tried, so unless you make a specific macro to feed your pet the fish, it’s just chum. No, it’s worse than chum, at least properly applied chum gets you some fish you want!

So I search Wowhead, and the consensus is… Blizzard screwed us. High drop rate for a useless fish.

So, yeah, I threw all the Murglesnouts out, and I was damn happy to do so. I didn’t even sell the damn things. 75 silver a stack? Yeah, save it, you big spender, you. I guess vendors realized it was a worthless damn fish too, huh? And here I figured anyone stupid enough to pay me 10 gold for some dissolved crap I found in a shark’s stomach was stupid enough to buy anything.

Then, today… TODAY!!! The announcement comes out… “Oh, yeah, that new recipe on the PTR? Scalding Murglesnout? Yeah, let’s make that use x3 Murglesnout. It won’t give you any buffs, but, y’know, at least you’ll have some food you can PUT ON YOUR BAR TO FEED YOUR PET.”

Oh, kiss my big bear butt, you wankers. I know you were watching my bank, just waiting for those hundreds of fish to go bye-bye. I know it. You’re spying on me, and this is proof!

What? Oh, this hat? Yeah, tinfoil really helps reflect the beams nicely. You’ve got to get the angles of reflection just right, though. If you don’t, the beams only refract through the tinfoil at an angle and spear you in the brain anyway. It’s not like tinfoil is ablative, you know. That’s where those other nutjobs went wrong. They put on the tinfoil hats to protect themselves, but they didn’t get the angles right, so all they did was call attention to themselves, and sure enough, they got beams targeted at them that made them go nuts. 


12 thoughts on “Son of a… damnit, I KNEW it!

  1. I swear there is some way that Bliz tracks that moment in game when we go ‘bugger it, I want my bank back’ and we vendor all our accumulated stuff. At that point, just after it is too late to use the buy back function, they release something useful.

    conspiracy I’m sure of it


  2. I found a use for them. I realized they weren’t used in cooking and that they barely vendored for anything and so they are perfect for griefing. And so in between two long bouts of fishing I sent 60 of them via the in-game mail, each one in their own mail, to my GM. Worked Perfectly.


  3. I always figured murglesnout was meant as a raw meat pet snack, and with no recipie for it it’d be almost vendor-cheap.
    Still probably will be, if the recipie means more people stop throwing it out and start auctioning it.


  4. Your tinfoil hat comments reminded me of this I read this morning:

    “Now, story time about officers!:

    My mother was in the Army as a microwave radio station relay operator, whatever MOS that was in the ’70’s. Her job was to drive big trucks with larger trailers on them out to a site, set up giant antennae, and beam signals hither and thither. One of the components they needed to replace once in a great while was a klystron. A klystron is a very expensive signal modulator, bouncing energy off its interior gold-plated walls. It is important to know that it only does this in one direction.

    So, one day, the system was set up, but it was not running. Something was amiss. The Lieutenant went to the back of the trailer to see if it was a connection issue. It seems the klystron was leaking a lustrous, yellow fluid. Naturally, the young officer ran his fingers through it to see what could cause a klystron to leak. The mystery was immediately solved. The klystron, of course, had been inserted backwards. The microwave energy had not been running through the klystron, but stored up inside of it enough to melt the gold lining.

    Do not run your fingers through molten gold, kids.”

    The thread is general is about the… inadequacy of new LTs – pretty much regardless of branch. Quite funny.


  5. I feel your pain. I had just spent a weekend doing some digging. I did it a little to much and basically filled my bags with gray items. That is a lot of junk items but at least some are worth something right?

    I sold them all, then checked mmo-champion shortly after to see that the prices on all those junk items have just went up, some by a huge margin. Sure, I do not really need the 500 or so extra gold it would have earned me but it sure sucks.

    Have to hate when you throw something away or sell it only to find that you need it the next day.


  6. Heh, I have a few on every alt. Somehow the name makes me laugh everytime I see it 🙂

    I mean… Murglesnout? I get the snout part, but what’s a murgle? You must admit though, the sound of the name is good 🙂

    Sorry to hear you trashed of all m BBB…


  7. Hey, at least they didnt make the new recipe the “omgthemostawesomefoodevah!” recipe …. you had already maxxed cooking so at most you’ve lost some gold coins, it could have been worse 😛


  8. I wasn’t aware of this change, but last night I was thinking to myself “I think I’ll just bank all the murglesnout that I catch, because I bet sometime in the future they introduce some recipes for it, considering how common it is.”

    I’m still going to hang onto them, hoping they actually make some buff food someday. Can’t hurt.


  9. Of course in my experience of leveling my fishing/cooking to 525 I only ever caught a single Murglesnout and almost didn’t want to throw it away because of the cutesy name. Goldenscale Vendorfish it is not.


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