Ultimate Guild Website Plan + 25 man mumble voice server for a year, giveaway courtesy of Enjin.com


Yes, my friends, I am still the Bear. Don’t let the concept of a prize giveaway scare you. I haven’t changed anything, still no paid ads, nothing like that.

What has happened is that Maxim of Enjin.com contacted me, and let me know he’d be willing to giveaway a prize pack of the services they offer to one of my readers… no strings attached. Gratis. Just, hey, check out these cool folks and see what they do, and somebody gets a hellaciously sweet prize of guild website design and hosting, and a 25 person Mumble voice server for a year… free.

Pretty sweet offer, right?

Now, we’re all fellow travellers on what the ancients still persist in calling the information superhighway.

I personally like to call it “this new thing of ours”, and I say it in a suitably Machiavellian, Godfather type of voice. I think it deserves that level of implied menace, considering the all-pervading evil that is spam that spreads wherever the internet reaches.

Back on point, we’re all experienced purveyors of internet culture here. We know the drill. Person has popular website and craves pagehits, company has product they’d like to get in front of desired demographic reader eyeballs, so company offers prize giveaway. Website is giving away free loots, people are drawn to website through word of mouth, company gets eyeballs on datas, website gets pagehits, somebody gets loots, everybody wins.


That plan kinda falls apart when I consider that I don’t really want more strange people reading the blog. I like YOU folks who read now, you’re all really cool. Yes, even you. Your comments are fun and make me think or teach me new things, or point out new music, books or movies for me to check out. Heck, without you, I never would have developed my obsession for Top Gear. And some of your emails of encouragement, you know, it really gets to me sometimes. I certainly feel I get a lot more out of our relationship than you do.

But these giveaway things… you offer free stuffs, and next thing you know you start attracting strangers into the mix, it all becomes serious business, and people start expecting you to, like, perform or something.

For the record, if you’re a new reader, we don’t play that silly ‘content’ game around these parts. Way i see it, if you want some actual content worth reading, hey… that’s what the other bloggers are for. I’m just here for… you know, why am I here? I never stopped to think about that before… hmm. You know, now that I think about it, I have no idea what I’m doing here.

Oh wait… to give Cassie documented evidence for any future court procedings.

Like I said, Maxim offered a really sweet prize pack for one of my readers, out of the blue.

I thought that was really damn nice of him, I may not want stuff myself, but I’m ALL for giving stuff to readers.

So, I told him to fire up a solid, professional, “all in” presentation explaining the services they offer. The way I figure it, if he’s going to give someone a nice prize package, the least I can do is give him a strong opportunity to say everything that he’d like to say to potential new customers.

So here’s Maxim, to tell you all about Enjin.com and the services they can provide for your guild website and Mumble voice server needs.

At the end, Maxim will explain what you have to do in order to be entered and eligible to win the prize. Don’t fret none; all it really consists of is leaving an appropriate comment to this post, explaining why you think your guild should win the prize. That’s not all that hard to do, right?

Having once set up a guild website and voice server before, I certainly know how expensive it can be, but how critical it is to fostering that feeling of teamwork and togetherness you want in a strong, happy guild that raids. So, thank you very much to Maxim for his generosity, and good luck to all readers that leave comments to enter!


Hey everyone!

My name is Maxim, I’m the lead designer and co-founder of www.enjin.com. Firstly I’d like to say a big thanks to John for letting me talk about Enjin. At the end of this post we are giving away a prize of 1 year hosting on our Ultimate plan + a 25 slot voice Mumble server.

So what is Enjin? Enjin was built with one goal in mind, to be the most flexible and feature rich guild hosting platform on the web, especially for World of Warcraft.

What makes Enjin better than the other services, or rolling your own site? We are obsessed about quality, that’s why we have spent years perfecting the ultimate guild platform with high-end tools and continual integration with the latest WoW features. We do our best to give guild masters the power to create the most unique community website possible with absolute ease. Here are some of our feature highlights:

Total creative control. Customize everything.
Get the deepest level of control over any pages on your website.
Drag-and-Drop any content you want anywhere on your pages with our easy-to-use page editor.

Blazing Fast & Full Featured Forums
Your community will love it. Top-of-the-line, feature rich, robust and fast. It’s
fully integrated with your website for easy management and customization.

Stunning Customizable Themes
Select from a huge variety of stunning World of Warcraft themes.
Create your own WoW themes with our in-depth easy to use Theme Editor.

DKP & Raid Management
Top-of-the-line Raid & Loot management system. Includes support for EPGP, Zero Sum, Loot-council, Simple DKP, Suicide Kings, Head Count. Including XML imports and WoW item support.

Raid & Event manager
Featuring the most advanced raid planner online. Sync directly with the WoW armory calendar.

WoW specific Widgets
Track your Boss Progressions, display your guild level and wow progress rankings and much more.

Advanced Gallery
Create albums, quickly add captions, order albums and images with drag and drop controls. Tag images with your game characters and much more.

Mumble voice hosting with premium plans
Crystal clear voice hosting + automatic integration with your site users.

Here’s a few featured guilds on Enjin already:

Winds of Creation (http://windsofcreation.enjin.com)
Escendia (http://www.escendia.com)
Imperium Guild (http://www.imperiumhq.com)

And now for the prize details;

We are giving away an Ultimate Plan + 25 man mumble voice server for 1 year (valued at $350).

It’s easy to win! All you need to do is leave a comment to this post giving your reason why your guild should win the prize. 

At the end of one week from when this post goes live, we will randomly select a winner.

If you miss out on the prize, no worries, just email us at info at enjin.com and mention Big Bear Butt and I’d be happy to give anyone 1 free month of premium hosting.

Hope to see you on www.enjin.com soon!

41 thoughts on “Ultimate Guild Website Plan + 25 man mumble voice server for a year, giveaway courtesy of Enjin.com

  1. Seriously. Best guild platform I’ve ever used. I’m not replying to win since I already use their service. I’ve regained so many hours of my time that were lost to develoent, site upgrades, maintenance, and stuff.

    Also sup bear, hope life is treating you awesomely!


    • ‘Sup right back actha. And life is treating me as roughly as I deserve!

      Love ya, Matticus. I’ve been following your continuous improving, growing and creation with glee. You are amazing, sir.


  2. First off, thank you Maxim and BB for putting this info up. Unlike a lot of folks, I believe BB that you have enough at stake to trust Maxim and that is good enough for me (after all, you got me into steampunk!). The guild I am in is so small, that something like this is over kill, however, but I
    would love to have a place to put up addresses of blogs that our guildmates need to go read, such as this one (plug plug) and hunters union, have questions and answer (forums) and add our guild firsts and accomplishments. Yup, would be a hoot.

    Mumble must be a vent type voice chat and that would be nice. I’m not too tech literate, so hopefully it is pretty easy to figure out.

    Ok, thanks again BB and Maxim and NO, I am not arse kissing to get it. Caryo doesn’t kiss arse, Caryo makes new arseholes. I will checnk them out tonight at home. Ciao.


  3. I don’t need to enter the contest, but for what its worth I can highly recommend the Enjin hosting.

    I moved our guild web site to Enjin when I saw it advertised on Elitist Jerks. The site is easy to manage and has lots of great features. There has been much, much more interaction on my site since we made the switch that there was with our previous hosting.

    Also, their customer service is outstanding. Every time a member has had an issue with the site, their ticket was addressed within only a few hours.


  4. Infinite Destruction (Mug’thol) has been looking for a way to streamline our online presence as well as kep track of 3 separate 10-man raiding groups. We do currently have Vent, which has served its purpose well, but it does get expensive at times for our GM and his spouse, who both maintain and pay for everything up on our current website (http://www.infinitedestruction.com) and I think something like this would be a wonderful aid in tracking Guild progress and getting more of our 200 member Guild online and looking to our website for more information and details on Raids and other fun in-Guild and in-Game activities. Kudos! Love The Bug Bear Butt. It’s been a source of valuable and awesome information for me as a Bear tank and is also a hoot to read! Many in Guild have blogs, and I think it’d also be a wonderful tool to get them consolidated in one place and good luck picking a winner!


  5. So, been thinking about this one…

    I’ve been playing WoW with my husband for four years now, and though we were guilded much of that time it wasn’t “real”. We were in a vanity guild; in a bad guild that did nothing; in a super raiding guild as non-raiding friends. Always on the outskirts, doing our thing. But as Cataclysm approached we knew it was time for a change. We asked through our blog for suggestions and one of the people offering us a home was Troutwort, GM of Crits and Giggles on Winterhoof. We checked them out, checked out the server, and started our move.

    Wow. What a change. I play WoW with friends now. We raid two nights a week with a dedicated group of people that we found there. We got our Kingslayer titles with them. We have guild fishing contests with prizes. People are friendly, helpful, and talented. You log on, and they say Hi.

    What we DON’T have is a guild website. They have a facebook page but due to the same things that made us nervous about RealID – a unique last name and sensitive career fields – we can’t use that. I’m not sure how much it’s used anyway. I’m technical enough that I could put us together a website if we had a good hosting solution. I feel like the guild has done so much for us, we’d like to do something back for them.


  6. I first heard of Enjin late one night, and quite out of the blue. 🙂 Our guild (HellsVanguard on Sisters of Elune) has a site on Guildlaunch.com, and one day, the Guildlaunch site went down…for hours. Hours turned into a day and a half, if I remember correctly, and in frustration (I’m the Public Relations Officer for the guild, and most of my job involves our web presence), I tweeted about it….and someone from Enjin tweeted me back. So, at 2 a.m., I’m cruising through their site, having a look around…and it rocked. I immediately tweeted it to my guild leader, who also thought it rocked. But…cash strapped…there was no real way for us to get in and bounce the springs for a while to see if it would work for us at the time.

    Recently, we moved our guild from a Ventrilo server to a Mumble server, and our situation has improved so that we can entertain the prospect of a premium site. Our only remaining problem has been finding ways to trial a site before spending a lot of money and finding out that it was not the best fit for us. We are still looking hard at Enjin (with lust in our hearts, actually), and having a year’s worth of hosting with all the bells and whistles would go a LOOOONG way to allow us to get in and give those tires a proper kick…and our guild a solid presence to be proud of!

    Please consider us, and thank you, BBB!


  7. First of all, I want to let BBB know that I think this is totally cool. Nothing to apologize for, dude. Give him a break guys.

    My guild (Silent Ascendants- Lightninghoof US) could SO use this right now! Through Wrath we were a tiny little social guild. Now we are transitioning into a bigger social guild, and are starting to run into growing pains, like maxxing out our 10-man Vent server on a regular basis. Something like this could really help us keep our growing group engaged and excited.

    Pick me! Pick me!


  8. I’m a long time reader of BBB but rarely comment. That said, I appreciate the serious thought given to whether or not to do something like this and appreciate him gving his readers a chance to win (and to bring a few others out from our lurker holes). 🙂

    I’m a member of guild named Esquire on Mannoroth. While the guild name hasn’t always been the same, the group has played together in Everquest, Dark Ages of Camelot, and WoW throughout it’s lifespan with occasional dalliances in Star Wars Galaxies, Age of Conan, etc. This is a group of people committed to playing together and tackling content in everything we play as a guild and has cameraderie that simply can’t be beat. We have a website right now that no one uses because it’s a pain to manage and therefore gets updated rarely with our officers’ busy lives. Our Vent server is paid for out of the kindness of one officer’s heart, despite there being plenty around who would help.

    I would love to be able to go to my guild’s leadership with this as a present to thank them for the literal years of work that have gone into keeping the group active through multiple games and the comings and goings that will occur as real life intervenes in our gaming time together.


  9. Will certainly have a look at this as I saw it in other places and it looked interesting. Especially that Mumble is getting more and more popular.


  10. I think our guild would be a great fit for this package. We currently use Mumble and prefer it since it’s open source. Right now we’re strictly a 10-man raiding guild, though we often have between 20 to 25 people online each night, some using Mumble just to chat with one another.

    Right now our guild uses guildomatic, which has worked fine, but we’re not tied to it. I think if we had a bit more of the advanced WoW integration that was detailed by Maxim in this post, we’d be able to feel like more of a tightly knit group of players, even when we’re interacting with each other outside of the game.


  11. This seems like a fine opportunity for a new and upcoming guild like ourselves. We are a smaller, but very active guild on Moonguard that is getting ready to raid. We’ve tried all sorts of voip providers, ventrilo being the latest, but we haven’t found our perfect fit quit yet. Perhaps enjin would be it?


  12. Very nice package. Out guild site is currently being revamped so this would come in very handy. Thanks BBB for bringing this opportunity to our attention.


  13. Id love to win this, our guild has been with wowstead up until now, but the website software there is dreadful, our new members cannot see the forums, current members end up with the wrong access levels and all sorts of crazy things go wrong with it!
    We have been using Ventrilo up until now, however the vent server switches itself off randomly halfway through our raids, not good for a small guild trying to break into big bad cataclysm!


    • Yeah .. we moved from Wowstead to Guildlaunch. We were very happy with Wowstead until they combined with Curse, and its been rubbish ever since. The potential for a great site and cool Armory/Curse integration is there – they have just been unable to deliver it. I do check back occasionally to see if they have fixed everything, but we moved back in mid-November and many of the problems we had then and, indeed, since the move to Curse, were still evident.

      I also found that wowstead is very much part of a “big brother” system … the amount of posts of mine that got removed or locked, simply because they challenged what admins said (not in a nasty way either), was just silly – I even got PM’s from them telling me to STFU, claiming that my posts were poisonous and inflammatory – the only time that was likely to have happened was if I had copied one of their PM’s to their forums. That would have caused a fuss! They also often ignored or closed my tickets for no other reason other than they didn’t like me or the way I operated.

      I did get a message from one admin just before we upped sticks, asking us to stay and apologising, but to be frank, it was too late by then. Guild leadership and website admin is stressful enough, without getting an earbashing off the hosts as well.


  14. Hey BBB, long time reader via google reader so I can get around the pesky blocked pages at work.

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring as well. I am a long time gamer, played many games and have built many sites, on my own and via other hosts like guildlaunch as well (http://theparanoia.guildlaunch.com/ for example).

    I am currently researching hosting options for our planned guild in SWTOR. I haven’t decided to use a service like guildlaunch or take on the stress of trying to build it myself. I’d like to be able to start blogging again, and I’d like to incorporate this somehow into the guild site.

    One question, this may or may not pose an issue in the future, but I currently provide my guild with a 35 man vent service. 25 man mumble seems low, can that be expanded if needed or can I incorporate vent into the site instead of mumble?

    I see enjin currently has themes for SWTOR. Hopefullyill see some nice integration widgets as that game releases and grows.


    • The one thing I’m seeing that Rowtan mentioned, was it’s nice that Maxim added that if you email him you can request a 1 month trial. If one of the biggest issues people have before upgrading is not knowing what the quality is of what it’s like, having a 1 month trial would help a lot.

      Like I said in the post, Cassie and I did this ourselves, (okay, Cassie did all the actual work), and I remember that for those kind of features, she really, really wanted to know exactly what level of quality you were getting for the money before committing.


      • Whoops… forgot to suggest, why not email Maxim at that contact address and ask about the 35 person upgrade?

        That’s been my policy.. speculating is all well and good, but isn’t it more effective to get out there and take action to find out?

        Or, in the spirit of rpg gamers everywhere… “I wonder what this big glowing red button does? I press the button to find out.” “Wait, you what? Did you, like, mention you intended to do this to anyone else in your party first?” “Oh, well, no. Should I have?”


      • There is a free trial available on the enjin site already (http://www.enjin.com/movetoenjin) although it has some fairly big restrictions – mainly that you are creating a new account there (I’ve got accounts dotted all over the place on different hosting sites, dating back years, following various research periods); and that you have to prove you are actually MOVING your guild website to enjin – you give them your old website address and they have to verify you have actually moved. There is also a time limit involved between signing up, moving hosts, and notifying Enjin to claim the free month.

        Perhaps Maxim is offering something a bit more flexible, in order to trial their site BEFORE you make that decision to move (otherwise its like signing up to buy a car before you’ve driven it).


  15. I’d like to throw in a bid for my guild. We are currently using Mumble, and it’s been working out well for us. It’s funny to watch the evolution of “Industry standard” voip software over the years… Roger Wilco, Team speak, Ventrilo, and now Mumble.

    As far as why we should win… You never know who has connections in the bacon industry… The right choice just might get you in touch with that bacon paycheck you’re praying for. o.0

    Honestly, we’re just a tight guild of about 25 or so, we’re raiding 3 nights a week, and we just started seeing some good progress. There’s a good number of people logged into the mumble server every day, at just about any time of the day.

    It seems to me that our guild would be the “perfect fit” for this package. We’re not too big for it, we’re not small enough that it would be under utilized, etc.


  16. Oh .. I was supposed to leave a reason as to why we should win (must learn to read ALL of a post before replying 😛 ) – um .. I dunno really … because if we do I might actually get more than 4 or 5 people visiting the site regularly? At the very least, might be cool to try out mumble, as our vent has been doing some weird stuff recently. I have tried Enjin before but found it rather confusing … looking at the screenshots above, perhaps it has improved 😉

    I’d be interested to know if the claim of being able to synch with the Armory calendar was currently true, as the various hosting websites I’m keeping an eye on at the moment have been unable to do that since the Armory shift.


    • …. I’ve just had another play with Enjin and I remember why I didn’t go with them in the end. Every half decent option is disabled unless you pay, so you have no way of checking it out. It just doesn’t seem that flexible, certainly not for those of us who are just trying to build a user-base and are therefore reluctant to fork out a fortune just to try the features.

      After checking out lots of sites, we plumped for Guildlaunch:

      * Has unlimited widgets, including HTML ones, boss progression, guild level, etc
      * a link to the Armory Roster that you can update once a day
      * their own raid tracking system, including WoW addon
      * completely customisable web pages including the ability to change the icons on forums, the look of the widgets, background pictures, header … all of which you can upload as well
      * a guild wiki that you can fill with as many pages and as much information as you want
      * unlimited web pages
      * Easy to use recruitment form

      And no doubt plenty more that I’ve not even found yet …. and this is all on the FREE package. Paying for it removes the one advert (Firefox Adblock does the same 😛 ) and increases your storage capacity – so the downside of the free version is we have no guild “gallery” of screenshots.

      The upshot of that is … I think I’ll stick with Guildlaunch cos I’m a cheapscate and they’re really cool!

      PS … I’m not an employee of Guildlaunch, or affiliated in any way, I just thought the “advert” should be compared to the competition 😛

      If anyone wants to look at our site click on my name above or … http://www.darkwolves.eu


  17. It’s also pretty cool for anyone who has just started trying out Enjin or, hell, who uses them already. I suppose it depends on how you look at these things.

    The cynical side will say that they’ll get you so used to using the premium service that you’ll end up paying for it, and once you have started using it, it is less hassle to continue, than to go elsewhere. Win for Enjin.

    The less cynical side says that most of us have more intelligence and willpower than that – I know that I have shopped around for YEARS trying to find a decent balance between what is offered by a guild website host, and the cost of that (primarily because I’m the only one stumping up the money for the guild website and voice server). Therefore if Enjin offers something for free, for a year (or, heck, even for a month is cool too, just to try it out), I say “thank you very much, lets see if its as good as you say!”. Win for the user.

    But of course .. the above is assuming you are interested in guild website hosts – I’m very much into it, but if you’re not, then you may view this post as a nicely put together advert. But then … if BBB starts talking about bacon again, and linking bacony sites … you could say that was advertising too 😛


    • Rowtan, I dream of the day… literally dream of the day that the Bacon industry asks me to be their paid spokesbear.

      They can pay me in bacon, that’ll be perfectly fine with me.


  18. Hehe 🙂 nothing is free but sunlight, and even that…

    That being said, the winnings are not always in monetary substance. in this case the winnings for BBB probably are in the feeling of being able to do something for his readers, and the winnings for Enjin are in the fact that getting their name on one of the most famous blogs in the wow known universe is priceless advertisement without coming across tacky.

    And the winnings for the guild that wins this? a free year of hosting, wich is alot of money for an organization like a guild that doesnt work on memberfees, and supports these things trough the good heart of their members and /or officercorpus.

    Tbh this looks like a pretty sweet deal for a newly starting guild that doesnt have a setup yet 🙂


  19. This would be just the thing to give my guild a jump start towards rebuilding. Once it was a lively place full of RL friends working towards downing bosses and having fun, but attrition crit us and we’ve nearly wiped. The remaining members all want to get back to raiding, and having a 25 man mumble account and an awesome website would make it far more attractive to new members. Oh please, BBB and enjin.com, save me from being the lowly n00b begging for new members in trade chat, and grant me the powers of Super GM!!! I would be eternally grateful!


  20. I wouldn’t mind trying out someone else managing our site. I’ve been running our vbulletin guild site for a couple months I’d like to see what a full paid host somewhere else can offer over what I can do. Never used mumble, just heard about it earlier this week actually related to Magicka.


  21. Count me in for the contest! My guild just started using Enjin and we’re finding it really handy. It’s much nicer than having to run our own site. If we win, we will make good use of the ultimate plan and extra Mumble slots. 🙂


  22. Since no one else has commented for you contest, I would like to put forward my guild The North on Velen. I give full credit to BBB for my wife and my love of George RR Martin’s Ice and Fire series to your recommendation ages ago and we are now complete ASoIaF geeks. We have all the books, follow the up and coming HBO series religiously and our name is a reference to the main protagonist family of the story. Winter is Coming


  23. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my 10-man raiding guild to try out Mumble. This would go a long way towards that!


  24. I think this is a great opportunity, like BigBearButt said, everyone wins. I pay for our guild’s voice server, which is a couple hundred dollars a month. I would much rather have Enjin give away this package, than to throw $250 at banner ads or Google ads!

    I’m one of the GMs of Team Robot, and for years we’ve just run on a forum because it isn’t worth out time to build and maintain a site. We have a developer as another GM, who built Mr. Robot’s gear optimization tool, so it’s obvious we could have built a guild website… we just never thought it was worth our time. A package like this might be pretty damn handy!

    If we won it, we’d use it on http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear


  25. Lemme get this straight, you’re upset because someone wants to give you the opportunity to get something for free, Kel? That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but hey! Great thing about reading blogs and the internet in general, if you don’t like it, you can walk away. No harm, no foul, feel free to shut the door behind you.


  26. I feel violated… Don’t know who these people are but I certainly don’t want to know now.. what a shameless plug… meh, oh well, was fun while it lasted. Hope you get something free out of it.. I guess.


      • Maybe I wasn’t clear about this… I’m not getting a damn thing. Nothing. This isn’t about me, it was about someone offering to give a reader something.

        Kel, I know you’ve been around here for a couple years now, so maybe I’m confused… what about this makes you feel violated?


      • BBB I’m probably just having a bad day.. please remove my comment. Sorry to cause a ruckus. (I think it just hits me as another commercialization of something I enjoyed on the net that was void of it) Again, just remove my comment, its not serving anything useful and I should not have posted it to your blog.


      • When I say void of it I mean void of commercialization and advertisements… I know this was not the intent because I feel I know at least a little of how you think, but it just slapped me in the face as a sort of pop-up ad (just a comparison of the feeling, not the content) in one of the few places I come to regularly for humor, information, and relaxation.. a sort of safe harbor in my mind if you will on the net. But that’s just in my mind and thus does not warrant my comment splayed over your blog. I am sorry for that.


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