You have my heartfelt apology

If you are a reader who visits through a cell phone, truly…

You have my most sincere apology for the heck I put you through on a regular basis.

Yes, I installed a smartphone-friendly plugin for the blog that was supposed to improve the appearance of the blog when viewed from a smartphone.

That doesn’t mean I’d ever actually visited the blog that way.

Tonight, we went ahead and both bought LG Optimus-V phones on the Virgin Mobile network. These are Android 2.2 phones, and our monthly plan has unlimited internet and text.

Obviously, the second thing I did was visit the blog. (First was to check my email).

The blog loaded up looking… interesting. No banner picture, just post titles.

I made the mistake of visiting my most recent Bearwall diatribe.

The page opened easily enough, and I scrolled down the text.

And scrolled. And scrolled.

And scrolled.

I’m serious. I’m really sorry. When I check my Bearwalls on a widescreen monitor at my desk, they seem annoyingly long but reasonable.

Trying to read them on a smartphone, they are an offense committed against both nature and God, and should be struck down with heavenly fire.

I promise, I will try… TRY to rein myself in henceforth, and drive myself to greater heights of brevity.

Good lord, after reading that massive textbomb, I’m lucky nobody ever visited one of my “Greet the Bear” events and just walked right up and punched meΒ square in the mouth without saying a word.

35 thoughts on “You have my heartfelt apology

  1. I recently requisitioned our sons iPod Touch and one of the very first things I did was check my company’s website, and the newsletters we send out… and install the Google App so I can read my favorite blogs. After some time with the iPod, I think I’m beginning to prefer reading blog posts on the device. And your bear walls are nothing to worry about. πŸ™‚


  2. Oh please, keep the bear walls… I read off my google reader (via a mobile rss feeder on my itouch) and don’t mind the scrolling since I enjoy reading your blog so much. πŸ™‚


  3. Long time reader, first time poster. I’ve never visited your blog from anything but my
    iPhone…no complaints here. If anything, I find the mobile version easier to load.

    Keep doing what you’re doing.


  4. I really enjoyed reading it all. I think the quality is as high as it is because both you and the players seem to be having a lot of fun with the game. The only time I wavered while reading was during the first transition between characters; I was enthralled by Jess’s plot line and didn’t want to abandon it for what at the time seemed like an entierly different stort.

    That hesitation lasted all of a paragraph before I was just drawn into the story once more. You have a twisted mind sir. I applaud it.

    No real continuity issues I saw from a casual read through, but I didn’t really have my editor hat on while reading. If you think its neccesary I can reread it whith a more technical eye for detail and composition.

    Oh! I blame you for my recent mad gyros cravings. My diet had been going so well too.


  5. This is the second time I’ve posted (first being on unholy trinity) and I must urge you to keep the posts honest, which means long. I’ve been reading the blog ever since I switched to dru mid LK abd have always used a smartphone to read it.

    Not only have I read every post since ToC on my smartphone I also recently read the enierty of converging forces that is posted on my trust blackberry. Love it.

    Also if curious I don’t use a feedreader, just go to the url, old school.


    • What did you think of the Converging Forces? Have you noticed any glaring mistakes in continuity? I’m so deep in the middle of it, it’s hard for me to see the forest for all the individual trees.

      Plus… damnit James, I need your next turn! I’m dying to write, here!


  6. aww dont say that i love your bear walls i always read your blog on my htc touch pro 2 on my way to work i dont bother me your bear walls normally really intresting the only thing i dont like is when you say still like “am not going to spoil it for you your just going to have to download it and listen” and then the rest of the post is about whjat you just mention just i cant watch vids or pod cst on this so always feel like am missing out


    • For that, I do apologise. It’s easy to forget, while i do all my writing at home, that a lot of readers don’t have the luxury of following links in the middle of reading. Or the inclination. πŸ™‚

      I’m totally shocked that so many phone readers are saying to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’ll try, but I’m going to be a lot more self-conscious of how ridiculously long winded I get now.


  7. Dear BBB,

    I love reading your blog on my phone. Who cares about scrolling down a long way? Not I, that’s for certain!

    Your blog, when I navigate to it in Safari, shows me a clear list of posts, with titles and categories, so I know which to read first. It marks the posts I have read as read, so I don’t double up.

    I prefer reading you on my phone to on my computer, as a matter of fact.

    I’ll be very sad if you change it too much…

    But not sad enough to keep reading, both because you are delightfully entertaining and because I have not given up hope that you’ll find the temptation to strong and get back to helping me make my bear better one of these fine days.

    Many cheers,



  8. This is my first reply to any blog, ever. I read you on my iPhone. I love the bearwalls. Keep doing what you do best,


  9. Practically all my blog reading is done on a smartphone through Google Reader. Bear-walls are no big deal really. No need to trim em down.


  10. Oh, so you think bear walls are bad with the mobile theme? You should turn the mobile theme off. Its like a direct line to Cthulu – something of immense and unimaginable proportions. MADNESS!


  11. First post by myself ever. Only time I have felt strong enough about a post that it required a response so here it goes. Keep the bearwalls!!!! The provide for great stories and a lot of entertainment. Thank you for the enjoyment through your writing and please don’t stop.


  12. Motorola droid with the android marketplace google reader app and no problems with the bear-walls. Even if I visit the site to comment I have no problems scrolling on to do so.

    I read through the reader app cause I tend to read on my work breaks and the regular web browser tries to refresh the page or something (brings down the addy bar and loading bar) but I think that is a problem with only wowinsider’s website.


  13. No! Bear, don’t shorten the Bearwalls! If I ever find that you’ve written one, I just hold off and wait until I can read it at my computer! I *like* Bearwalls!


  14. I love your Bearwalls! If you are worried that we won;t want to read them right from your site on our phone, maybe you could mark your bearwalls so we know to look at them when we get home, or in our feed readers πŸ™‚

    I read all your stuff in my Google Reader, so no problems here. I wouldn’t worry too much over this.


  15. Yes, Google Reader is awesome on the Android-phones. makes even a bear-wall readable. Though my tip is Always putting “Bear-wall:” in the title of a bear-wall. though I usually just mark it as unread and wait till I get home.


  16. hehe… I use the reader app as well. I just keep long items unread so they’re still in my reader queue when I get back to my PC.

    keep the bearwalls coming, please… We can deal.


  17. Please no!

    I love the bearwalls, they’re the reason I still love reading your posts two years after first subscribing.

    What you could do is truncuated posts (the first 200 words) on the main page of your blog, and have the full text once they click on the post and visit it’s own page.


    • I’d rather not go that route after seeing how many folks subscribe through readers. Maybe things have changed, but the old way they worked was to make people on feedreaders not be able to see the whole post without coming to the site.

      For folks trying to make money from ads or pagehits, forcing readers to come to the site is fine, but I’m not worried about that kind of stuff, and I don’t want to block readers from seeing an entire post.


  18. Last time I remember reading your blog on my phone, I thought it was quite usable. That may have been many months ago, though.


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