Looking for your Android App recommendations

Cassie and I both purchased new cellphones last night.

We both got the LG Optimus-V, an Android 2.2 enabled phone with internet plans.

I’ve got the Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube and Gmail apps, and an app killer called Advanced Task Killer Free for shutting down processes running in the background.

I have never had a smartphone before.

I’ve gone from an old two way pager (which I loved), to a cellphone that could make and receive calls, to a cellphone that could make calls AND texts… that I never used to make texts.

It’s only in the last two weeks that I’ve ever even GOT text messages on my cell phone, and that’s only because I started using Twitter and started seeing replies on it.

So, this is a massive leap forward in technology for me, and I would appreciate your suggestions on what Apps you think would be useful, and why.

I’ve got a Google account now (my new email address is thebigbearbutt@gmail.com), and based on the comments from my last post I’ll be getting the Google Reader App later and getting it set up. I haven’t used Google Reader before… we use a dedicated computer application called Feedreader. So that’ll be wierd, carrying my favorite blogs around with me.

It’s clearly a massively functional device, with mobile calendar, mail, internet, Twitter, and possibly even IM?

Lord help me, I’m becoming a mobile Bear.

Does a Bear tweet in the woods? Apparently, yes, yes he does.

So, I’m putting my incredible ignorance in your hands. Help guide me through the wilderness of stuffs to the useful things… or at least warn me about the pitfalls before I turn my phone into an expensive and shiny paperweight.

39 thoughts on “Looking for your Android App recommendations

  1. A few that I find useful:

    Dimmer (night mode)
    Makes your screen as dim as hardware will allow to save battery.

    Color Flashlight
    Lets you use your phone as a flashlight or a strobe light or a rainbow epilepsy machine or a red light or a green light…

    IP Messenger
    Allows any phone or computer on a wi-fi network with IP Messenger running to send messages or files to each other (using the wi-fi).


  2. Battle.net Mobile Authenticator (free 😉 )
    Google Sky Map
    My Tracks (in addition to all the other google map apps if you do anything outdoors)
    ColorNote (post it notes for android)
    Toddler Lock (I actually find myself playing with this as much as my 3yr old does)
    Flashlight (incredibly useful, uses the flash on the camera as a flashlight rather than the screen)
    Aura (for eve-online addicts)
    Games – everyone will have personal preferences here, mine are currently Tank Hero, Gem Miner and Enjoy Sudoku
    A decent calculator (personal preference is RealCalc at the moment)

    These are the ones that have persisted on my HTC.

    Jheherrin / Kasreyn – Aggramar EU


  3. Agenda Widget – If seeing your calendar entries are important to you
    Amazon Kindle – eReader
    Antivirus (or something similar) for checking any addons you install
    Battl.net Mobile Authenticator – Duh! 😉
    Craigslist Notifier – Will send you notifications when keywords you enter pop up under new listings
    eBay – If you’re an eBayer
    eBuddy – All in one for chat (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AIM, etc)
    Gauge Battery Widget – The battery indicator LIES – this, helps you see the troof
    gReader – RSS Feeds
    Handcent SMS – Makes text messages purdy
    Launcher Pro – Allows you to customize your home screen. And, while you’re at it, there’s an app called “Home Switcher Free” that allows you to switch between Launcher Pro & your original one that came with the phone (or any other home screen app you’ve installed) Allows you to set default.
    Photoshop Express – Free, allows you to crop, modify photos from your gallery
    Ringdroid – Allows you to take any MP3 and cut out the part you want to use, to create custom ringtones
    ShopSavvy – Used for barcode scanner – In practical use for shopping, allows you to scan a barcode, to see how the price compares to other stores. If you don’t care about using it for comparing prices, then at least download the app called “Barcode Scanner”.
    Swype – Sign up for the beta on Swype’s website – it’s a keyboard app (your phone may have come with it)
    Twidroyd/Twidroyd Pro – My preferred Twitter app
    Vlingo – Highly recommended and works very well for verbally telling the phone what you want it to do “i.e. “Text Meg: I’m running late”

    Also, set everything so it saves to Google (contacts, calendar entries, etc) so it call all be recovered if you do a factory reset or anything.

    IMPORTANT: If you ever ever EVER do a factory reset, switch to another phone, etc, make SURE you remove the authenticator from your battle.net account first. The authenticator app that you install on your new cell phone has a unique ID. Once it’s lost, it’s as though you lost a physical authenticator, and you would have to go through account identification all over again, etc. Just…don’t do what I did. LOL

    Before the recent change where Android apps became available online, and you could synch that with your phone, I used a program called AppBrain, and synched all my apps between my cell phone and the website. When I got a replacement phone, I just downloaded the AppBrain program on my cell phone, entered my credentials, and all of my “add ons” were instantly available to synch up with what had been saved to the website. The Android Marketplace just allowed something similar to start happening in the last week or so, which may make the AppBrain program obsolete.

    Subscribe to RSS feeds from sites like “Android and Me”, “Android Central”, “Android News”, “Hello Android”, “Phandroid”, and if you’re interested in taking it as far as rooting the phone, etc., I recommend you become familiar with the forums on XDADevelopers.

    Enjoy! You’re going to become addicted quick!


  4. most of what everybody else said. but astro file manager lets you back up your apps to your sd card very handy for when u do a software update to your handset.


  5. Google Listen,
    Battle.net Authenticator,
    Tweetdeck(For all your Social Media needs(I only use Twitter/Facebook), also on the PC as a standalone app or as a Chrome-extension so you can use what ever device is closest),
    if you have an old xbox with xbmc on it, get the xbmc-app,
    Audiobook player Free,
    Dropbox(for moving files easily between your computers and your phone),
    Mumble(if your guild uses a mumble server instead of Ventrilo),
    Smooth Calendar and/or Pure Grid Calendar,
    Games: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, SliceIt, Squibble(or Squibble Lite until you’ve finished that, then you will get the real deal.)

    I also use Zeam as launcher, I do not know if the Optimus has a good version of android on it, but my SE phone uses a tweaked version of android that doesn’t allow more than one widget on each homescreen, so I use Zeam instead.


  6. I’ll echo the recommendations for Google Sky Map and Tricorder. Carrr Matey lets you “drop anchor” in a big parking lot and then uses the GPS to guide you back to your vessel. Bubble, Compass, and Metal Detector are another few useful ways to use the sensors. Digital Recipe Sidekick is a great recipe book, and it’ll even read the recipe out loud so you don’t have to get cookie dough all over your phone.


  7. Everyone has awesome app suggestions so I won’t repeat *grins*; the one thing I will add to the discussion is to think of your phone as yet another computer and that it can become infected. Only download applications you trust! While it may be difficult to figure out if anything is truly trustworthy, it’s like anything else, a lot of common sense.

    There was an app a few months back that made people’s cell phones call Antarctica, that costs about $7 a min; I’ve no idea how the writers got the money they charged up on the phone but either way people didn’t realize their phones were making the calls until they got the bill.

    One can definitely go overboard on the apps so only download what you use all the time. I have friends who can’t put their phones down for half a second without checking up on Facebook or whatever *laughs*. Your phone is what you make of it, good or bad; enjoy!


  8. My husband and I both have droids. Apps we use:

    Advanced Task Killer
    Lookout (a security system, find a lost phone, watch out for malware, etc)
    Enjoy Sudoku Daily ( I love this)
    Tricorder 5.11 (A real working tricorder. You know you want it)
    Google Sky Map (shows you the night sky map based on where you are. Really cool.)
    Magic 8 Ball (Cause how the hell are you gonna make a big decision with out it?)
    Urbanspoon (For when you just don’t know where you want to go for dinner)

    These are just some of them, all are free.


  9. I use Seesmic for Twitter – the layout is nice on it. Weatherbug for weather updates, and I picked up AK Notepad to jot down notes to myself while I’m out and about, it’s come in entirely too handy. Going from a normal flip phone to a full on smartphone, keyboard and all, was a little daunting at first but man I would not trade the little bugger for anything. …except maybe an upgraded model. XD


  10. Are, I think that there is a setting when you log into Google voice on the web to set GV to NOT use your carrier for texts. You have to unchecked the box iirc.


  11. The first thing I do with a new Android phone nowadays is set all my contacts to be ‘Google’ contacts – that way they get synched to your google account automatically.
    I can’t describe how it ws when I had to re-load the software for my phone the first time and finding all my contacts had gone *poof*


  12. It’s been said already, but dump the task killer. On Android 2.1+ they just aren’t needed. Most of the time they make things worse. the only value is when you may want to hard kill an app that doesn’t have an exit method… to restart and pick up WiFi or something… but you can do this through settings-> applications.

    Swype – as others have said great keyboard. You might like it, it’s a love or hate deal with it. Alternatively the Swiftkey keyboard is very nice as well.
    Red Laser – Scan UPC’s and store them for later research.
    Tweetdeck – Twitter + Facebook + Buzz * Awesome.
    Handcent SMS – highly superior SMS/MMS client. At least with 2.1 the stock apps didn’t do simple things like resize images for sending well. (don’t know with 2.2 as I’ve never looked back).
    Dolphin Browser – Faster, works better and has more features than the built in browser.
    Google Listen – Podcasts! It’s got some issues, but is the best app i’ve found for managing podcast subscriptions. Ties right into Google Reader too.
    Score Mobile – The best sports app. Scores, schedules, standings, etc for about a gazillion sports leagues.
    Astro File manager – lets’ you easily browse your phone and SD
    Google Sky Map – if you like to look at stars, this is a cool app.
    Nook App – An alternative to Kindle. I have a Nook, so am partial to this one since it syncs up my spots in whatever I’m reading across each device… well and that I don’t have to buy books twice.

    Oh, and Angry Birds… of course.

    xda-developers.com is a great spot to learn more about what you can do and see what others are doing.


  13. So many great recommendations, so little time to play so far while I’m working.

    I will say one thing, one reader emailed me a list that included an app called Tricorder… that thing is just fun!

    I can’t wait to try the rest of these out, I also got Google Goggles over lunch, and that thing is just amazing. This is feeling less like a purchase and more like a lifestyle changer.

    I’m too old to become effective at technology, damnit!


  14. Smooth Calendar – to display your appointments as a widget on the home screen. Oh, and then there’s a google-calendar <- Armory Calendar sync so you don't miss game events (raids, world events, whatever is on the wow calendar)

    Skype Mobile, because I make calls to overseas locations
    Wify Analyzer – to find hotspots and to also find free channels for your own at home.
    SoundHound – for when you don't know what that song is that the radio plays
    Droidlight LED flashlight
    Setting Profiles Lite – quickly adjust volume settings between "work" and "home", for instance
    Compass (catch.com) – I never know where "north" is…
    Bubble (Ben Zibble) – use the phone as a level
    10001 Cocktails Plus – Just in case you don't want your usual 🙂

    Astro File Manager – if you want to be a tad geeky with the files that accumulate on your phone.

    And possibly a replacement web browser: Dolphin or Skyfire – Skyfire's good for watching flash-based videos, they cache/reformat for your phone.

    Good luck and have fun!


  15. So… I don’t know if there is an app in Android for this, or if there is a Chipotle near you and you eat there with any regularity, but assuming the answer is yes to both, get the Chipotle App. I can’t tell you how nice it is to just order your food from a previously saved order and pay, all in about 30 seconds, and then about 15-20 minutes later, walk into chipotle, by pass the line and go right to the checkout, and pick up your sack-o-burrito-goodness and leave.

    You get both feelings of superiority and efficiency to warm your heart to it’s very bottom. And the sack-o-burrito-goodness doesn’t hurt either.

    I hate to go all Scarlet O’Hara but, “As God as my witness!!” I’ll never eat Chipotle by standing in line again!!


  16. My suggestions for fun and useful apps. I don’t use my phone for everything but I do use it for fun stuff a lot and I’ve accumulated a non-healthy store of apps that I enjoy 🙂

    Also, Google just launched the online Android Market so you can check it and all its apps out online at market.android.com . If you sign in with your google account, you can install apps from the browser and it’ll send them right to your phone (similar method to the Chrome to Phone extension)!

    Chrome to Phone or Fox to Phone (for Chrome or Firefox): indispensable
    Google Reader (some prefer to pay for Newsrob, I don’t)
    Pandora/Slacker (used over WiFi only but that’s for convenience based on where I am when I want to listen)
    Twidroyd Pro (not a fan of the official Twitter app)
    Barcode Scanner (Google Goggles also works) for scanning things like QR codes for quick links
    Shazam/Soundhound for identifying music
    Springpad for notes (but there’s a ton so try a few. I like Springpad’s syncing)
    Math Workout (to keep the mind sharp… and its fun!)
    Titanium Backup (tons of functionality, can be confusing, but its a good backup/restore app to have around if you mess with your phone a lot)
    Inrix Traffic (for when you want more detail than Google Maps provides)
    Alchemy (Classic, by niasoft)
    Swype (keyboard replacement-it has and will revolutionize your use of a non-physical keyboard)

    Best of luck! Enjoy!


  17. I agree on Google Voice (come, join me, you can sell your soul to the Dev…erm, I mean, to Google, too!), but texts aren’t free on it. I only use Google Voice on my new phone (Verizon and Google are the only entities that know my phone’s true number), and I just checked and I’ve got 69 texts against my Verizon account for this billing period so far. So Google Voice texts are definitely not free, at least for me.

    What you can do instead of texting is use an IM client (Google Talk, anyone? In for a penny, in for a pound!), but that requires everyone to be on the same system. I use it with one of my friends, but it’s not a replacement for texting using just your phone number.


  18. Google Voice is a must.
    I LOVE Lookout. With the free version you can find your phone via GPS and set off an alarm from the website and you can also back up your important info over the web. The paid version will allow you to remotely wipe and lock your phone but I don’t go that far. The find feature was so good that I was able to use the sat view on google maps and tell which room of the house the phone was in. Set off the alarm and found it in the couch cushions.
    There is a free Vent client for android too now. Ventriloid. I love it.
    Get PDANet so that you can use your phone to tether your laptop to the internet.


    • We’re with Virgin Mobile, who does not allow tethering. I am NOT going to use any of the workarounds to do it anyway, because you know… they’re monthly fee rocks, I am not going to be the person who ruins it for the rest of the customers. If they don’t want me to tether, I’ll deal.


      • Which is to say… it sounded like a great idea to us too, but then we started reading about tethering and Virgin.


    • 2nd that on the ventrilo app..I love Ventriloid. So fun to barge in on an instance run with,”What should I buy for dinner tonight, guys?”

      Watching this comment thread with interest, as I recently wiped my droid and am looking for suggestions, too. I have used and love StumbleUpon, iheartradio, and Seesmic (a twitter client).


  19. * Swype – better keyboard entry

    * Google Voice – free text messaging

    * Lookout Mobile Defense – virus scanner, data backup, and phone locator(in case of loss or theft)

    * Pandora/Slacker/Last.fm – streaming radio is awesome

    * Key Ring – scan the bar-codes of all you loyalty cards and use them from phone. The cashier can type them in even if it won’t scan. Some limited coupon capabilites as well.

    * Kaloer Clock – a better clock

    * ShopSavy – bar code scanner, price comparer

    * battle.net Authenticator – 🙂

    After a while you may try a new launcher. I have enjoyed Zeam so far.


  20. Regarding managing still-running apps and task killers, I just go naked. I had ATK on my first Android phone, but about the same time I bought my second one, I learned (why did it take me so long to learn it?) that when I’m done with an app, if I Back out of it (the arrow button on your phone, between the Home button and the Search button), the OS kills the app by itself. The only time I have apps running when I’m not using them is if I mistakenly push the Home button instead of Back. Your mileage may vary with a different phone and OS version, of course.

    I used Barcode Scanner for all of those scanning-type duties, but once Google Goggles came out, that’s all I use now. It does so much more (including scanning a Sudoku puzzle and solving it. Srsly!).

    I’ve used RoboForm on my PC for years to manage my passwords. They just published a widget a couple of days ago for Android phones, and I’m very happy with it. Of course, I’m a long-time RoboForm user. I was pointed to LastPass to manage passwords on my phone, but I didn’t want to switch to an unknown (plus the hundreds of passwords I already have stored in RoboForm). I researched the security aspect of both of these systems, since I’m a bit of a security geek, having worked indirectly for NSA for all 20 years of my Navy career. Although I’m reluctant to store my passwords in the cloud, there’s a huge convenience to it, and their security seems pretty solid (no one, not even the software developers, can access your passwords without your master password).

    You’ve got Google Maps (and its associated navigation functions), so that’s good. I got a car holder for my Fascinate, and now I can use my phone to conveniently serve as a GPS navigation system. The holder puts the phone in the right place so I’m not taking my eyes off the road to look at it (well, not *much* off the road), it charges the phone while I’m driving, and there are generally good apps that take over when you plug your phone into the holder (there’s something in the holder that tells the phone what it’s plugged into) and you can customize them to adjust phone settings (such as turning on the GPS and Speaker function (or Bluetooth if you want)) as soon as you plug it in. You can also customize the app icons that are displayed so the ones you would most need while driving are conveniently available (Google Maps, Google Navigation, Gas Buddy, Mileage are the ones on my screen). Custom Car Home is the one I use. It’s okay, but I don’t know of one that’s better.

    Wow, I must be reading too many of your bearwalls and it’s affecting my own comments. I’ll shut up now.


  21. I got a DroidX a few monthes ago and lovelovelove it.

    Angry birds, bubble ball (fun physics), directv(if you have it), google sky map, pocket legends (rpg), rush hour free (great for the kiddo), all of these have free versions, I don’t download anything that isn’t. Have fun with your new toy!!


  22. So great that you have got your Android just as they launched the app website. Literally just a few days ago. http://market.android.com/ if you haven’t already found it. So cool that you surf and select there and it send the download to your phone automatically.

    It’s great to see all the apps other people have listed here as I think I may have got entrenched with the ones I have been using but also nice to see some familiar ones that I would heartily endorse too. Voice search is stunning.

    *Handcent – for SMS it’s so configurable and is better than the onboard SMS app

    *Google Listen – for podcasts. If you have a wi-fi connection then your podcasts download to the phone over the air.

    *Audiogalaxy – if you are one of those people who leaves your PC on then you have access to all your music on your phone via the cloud. Great but of course you have to watch the GBs if they count them on your plan.

    *Vignette – the best camera app. Well worth the few dollars for all the creative effects it gives you.

    *Google Goggles – will blow your mind with its coolness – hard to explain but just great fun

    *Google Sky Map – ever wonder what that star is you are looking at?

    *K-9 Mail – to handle your non-gmail accounts

    *Phonalyzer – if you want to know who’s calling and texting you the most. Quite fun to view the stats every once in a while.

    *SMS Backup – was free but now paid I think. Does what it says. Sends all your text messages to your google mail account. Has proved useful once or twice.

    *BBC News – nice widget that updates the latest news.

    *Kongregate Arcade – I kind of a games browser that allows you to play lots of free flash games.

    *Not an app but good to download Flash Player 10.1

    *Battery Widget – I find much more accurate than the tiny one in the notifications bar.

    *Dictionary.com Word of the Day app – Today’s word is effluvium.

    That’s more than enough to get you going I reckon. I’m sure you will enjoy your phones. I loved my G1 and am still enjoying my Nexus One. Yup. Google fan boy.


  23. I’ve been reading your posts on an iPhone, via google Reader for a little over a year now. Even though I have the app, I just bookmarked it on my mobile browser, and it has worked well. Almost all of my blog reading is via GReader. I’ve visited your website multiple times, and I’ve never had a problem with it. It looks the same as every other wordpress mobile site.

    Yes, your bearwalls are horribly hard to read on a phone. Buy what you write is usually worth it. It took me 2 sittings to read your last one.

    Tim (via smart phone)


  24. I’ve been running with an original Motorola Droid pretty much since launch, and ❤ it greatly. That said, here's my recommendations (many of which are agreeing with others above):

    *Ditch Advanced Task Killer – it, and any other task killers, will often hurt more than help, particularly in low-memory situations. Google has lots of info on the matter available, but long story short is that Android doesn't run like a PC-based system. It is much more efficient at suspending programs than starting programs from scratch. Android will manage the necessary memory and kill suspended programs as necessary, and co-opting that process to kill them manually just makes the phone work harder to re-start the program when it comes back. I personally use Watchdog, which is less of a task killer and more of a monitoring system – if a program goes above a (customizable) threshold, you get a notification and an option to restart that program specifically.

    *Pandora/Slacker – both are great. There has been a few privacy concerns with Pandora (see the WSJ article a few weeks back about online services selling user data to third party advertisers), but nothing I personally have been too put off by. Slacker is a good alternative, but with a (seemingly) less robust library.

    *Angry Birds – best game available, by far. Second best: Alchemy.

    *Weather Channel – my preferred weather app, great for making plans.

    *Voice Search – if it didn't come pre-loaded, this is worth a download. Control your phone by hitting a key and speaking a command.

    *TweetDeck – combination Twitter/Facebook client, and better than the official apps for both.

    *GroceryIQ – create and organize shopping lists by store, with optional syncing between users and a web interface for long lists. Amazingly handy.

    *App2SDFree – assists with moving apps to your relatively large SD card, rather than your tiny tiny internal memory.

    *Comics by Comixology – digital comics on your phone, but also synced to your account so you can read them on a PC as well. Not recommended for comic fans with poor impulse control.

    *StumbleUpon – a word of caution: it is just as easy to get lost stumbling on your phone as it is on the computer.

    *Tasker – runs about $6 and takes a little reading to figure out, but if you put some time into it your phone can do amazing things automatically. As an example: when my phone sees my office wireless network, it switches to vibrate, and reverses itself when I leave the office. When I plug in the audio jack for my car stereo's auxiliary input, the media volume is set to max and a menu pops up asking me which music player I want to use. Best of all: when my morning alarm goes off, my phone says "Hello sir, the time is 6:45am on Friday, February 4th. The current temperature is 8 degrees, with a high of 27, and the forecast is clear and sunny," then starts a Pandora station built for getting my lazy butt moving in the mornings. Nothing beats waking up to Jarvis in your phone!

    Enjoy the new phones! My wife and I love ours.


  25. I don’t have an Android phone yet (still a couple more months until the contract on my iPhone runs out), but when I grab one the first app I will be picking up is Shelves for Android and the associated ZXing barcode scanning app. A list of all my books that I can easily export to a Google Docs spreadsheet? Where do I sign up!? 🙂

    Other than that, I’ll just be going for the usual options (Gmail, Facebook, Calendar, Maps). And *definitely* agree on making it easy to keep the Wifi switched off – that’s a battery hog no matter what phone you use.


  26. Yeah, there was a big article on Lifehacker about how the Android OS functions after 2.1, you generally don’t need a Task Killer.


    The OS usually has a widget built in called Power Control which I set to my main screen to control my Wifi, GPS, and Screen Brightness. GPS tends to work better when both the Wifi and GPS is on.

    If you search for Android on the lifehacker page it has a lot of links for helpful hints with your new android phone.


  27. First off you don’t need Advanced Task Killer, Process killing has been built into android since 2.1 (maybe 2.2) also killing apps isn’t the best idea. (I can’t remember where I read this but you can google it) the android system is different than say windows or OSx. The way the OS is designed is that you will fill up the memory with the apps you always use and leave them idling so that when you want to use them they fire right up with out any wait time (also saves battery since it doesn’t have to boot the app). The only applications that you need to kill are the bugged ones, or apps that are using WAY to much memory for what it does (“Wut flashlight is using half my memory”) and then you can just use the build in process killer. ATK was really popular back in the early days of android because there wasn’t a built in one and many of the apps available were buggy and never quite shut down properly.

    As for App suggestions: Barcode reader, adobe reader, photoshop express, searchcraft (a blizz info search app), google translate (they are developing a voice to text traslator so might as well have the app and get the nifty feature when they come out), angry birds, and finally since you like reading get the Nook and/or kindle apps. I have the nook app and ,even though the screen is small, the size of the text is a good comfortable sized and has a huge library. oh and did I mention these are all free?

    finally make sure you have a widget to control what phone functions are running (WiFi, Bluetooth, updating, GPS) and have easy access to it, its a pain in the butt to dig though the menus to turn them on and off and keeping the ones you don’t use off will save you TONS of battery life.


  28. Angry Birds! Angry Birds Angry Birds Angry Birds. Angry … Birds. ’nuff said.

    (well, no, there’s more to be said)

    I’m sure what you find useful or fun will be different from what I find useful or fun, but here are the apps that I use the most from day to day.

    * Pandora (Internet radio)
    * Weather Channel (weather forecast)
    * Meebo (instant messaging)
    * Facebook (for Facebooking)
    * Handcent SMS (great replacement for the built-in texting app)
    * GMail (if you’re primarily a gmail user) or K-9 Mail (if you use other mail accounts)
    * Kindle (for ebooks)

    And, if you’re adventurous enough to root your phone (shouldn’t be too hard) …

    * Barnacle Wi-Fi (turns your phone into a WiFi hotspot)


  29. 1) Chrome to phone. Not sure how many times I was reading some article on my laptop, and realise that Im already late / cab is waiting. With single click I sent current website address to my mobile and I can continue reading my article
    2) gmote. Because I love to controll my PC via mobile (but I think you have a TV set at home with own remote.. but its good to know that there is sucha app if you will like to use your PC/laptop as TV in the future)
    3) My Backup Pro. self explaining name.
    4) Agenda Widget. IMHO much better than default calendar build in HTC Hero (cannot compare to yours)
    5) Facebook for Android
    6) Robo Defense. I post is as 6th because if I would post it as first one you wouldn’t read second. This is the game. Nothing else helps you survive intercontinental flight better than Robo Defense… and..
    7) Angry Birds.


  30. Task killer applications are a mixed bag: I used one for a while, but eventually got rid of it. It’s easier to let the operating system manage memory instead of doing it by hand and applications are good at killing themselves when no longer in use.

    Angry Birds for Android is a must. I also use the Slacker Radio app, DoubleTwist (the iTunes equivalent), Audible (for my John Ringo audio books!), Android Agenda widget tied in to my Google Calendar account, and that’s about it.


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