NOT working as intended

Last night, I put up a post that was meant to share a funny video Manny sent me the link to.

It was very funny.

I hit publish, checked it out, and the video wasn’t there. No video! I checked a few times, and the embed code simply didn’t work. I had to race out the door that second, so I had no recourse to fix it any other way, like by just adding a link. I had to do something, so I deleted the post and bailed.

Over the course of the day, the case of the mysterious vanishing post has caused all sorts of confusion for readers, for, with the genius of feedburner and feed readers everywhere, you are not allowed to have ever made a mistake when you hit publish. It goes out exactly as it was at that moment, even if you delete it 2 seconds later.

Isn’t that nice.

Now, a smart feed solution would be to also send out updates to posts, so if things, like life itself, ever happened to change, maybe people would have the chance to see that.

Ah well, I’m sure someone will make such an original innovation someday in the future, and we will all look back on today’s feeds with scorn, wondering how we ever accepted such a static situation.

In the meantime, I’ve had several very helpful folks email me to ask why my blog has been hijacked, or to let me know that my feed is infected with a virus, or etc etc, because the feed has a post on it, but lo and behold clicking on the link results in the post not being found, and various and sundry errors occuring.

Gotta love hindsight. Wish I woulda just let it be and fixed it later.

The latest email I received was a very nice one from Elynea, which came in as I was fighting with idiots in a Stonecore pug.

I know I got the email, because my new phone chirped at me, and it is but a moment’s swype to open and peruse the message.

I read Elynea’s message while fighting, and wanted to reply to her right away so she wouldn’t worry.

BUT… I didn’t want to stop fighting in the pug. They may have been idiots and acting like tools, but that’s no excuse for me to be rude.

My new phone offered me a solution! I can haz multitasking!

I selected reply, and then tapped the microphone on the keypad, activating voice chat.

I spoke my message into the phone, and it processed my words, then converted my speech into the actual email message!

What I said was, “I know, I deleted the post because it was broken. Sorry about that.”

The phone took that message, chomped on it and produced a typed version. I shall now share with you what my phone wanted to send Elynea;

“I know I deleted the post it was broken. Suck on it.”

Ummm…. hold on JUST a second before hitting send there, pardner. Run that one by me again?

Perhaps… just perhaps… this new technology ain’t exactly perfect yet.

You’ll be glad to know that no Elyneas were told to suck on anything in the course of this process.

My wife DID get a good laugh out of the look on my face, though.

18 thoughts on “NOT working as intended

  1. …(eyes widen to see her name in print on BBB’s blog)…

    …(she thinks, “Aw, that was sweet of him to want to answer me right away!)…

    … … … wtf?????


    Oh, dear Elune, that’s the best laugh I’ve had all day!! Thanks for responding, though!! LOL!!


    • Thank you… I’d deleted the damn email when I put the embed file in. So… I no longer had the original link. Thanks, buddy.


  2. OMG I was reading this on the phone while, in the restroom at work. I’m glad no one else was there, because they would have wondered WTF I was doing in there to my that made me laugh so hard.


  3. I love phones that do things like that. I had an LG phone around 5 years ago that had voice dialing. I loved it as I drove quite a lot in my job then. I had just activated the voice dial feature and was about to tell it “Work” when I was cut off in traffic. Being the polite little guy that I am, I yelled “F*ck!”. My phone promptly said “Calling Mom”. I figured it was just a trick of sound right then, but I could religiously say “f*ck* and the phone would call my mom. She found it hilarious when I told her about her new name.


  4. haha! I did wonder .. I thought I was getting a “pretend” 404 message like I sometimes get over at the Armories!

    My mobile isn’t anywhere near as swish … it still likes to translate my text into completely weird words tho. And why is it, when I want to put a swear word in a text, it doesnt exist, yet predictive text is happy to pull it out of the nether to replace some other completely innocent word? I think it just likes me shouting at it …


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