Drawing results for the guild website and chat server, courtesy of Enjin!

It’s been one week since the drawing was announced on the blog, and Maxim and the crew over at Enjin.com have picked a winner in true video gamer form; they used a random number generator.

Personally, I’d have used some dice, but then again… I’ve got a lot of dice. Hmmm. Actually, remembering some of the gamers I’ve known, I don’t have a lot of dice. I only have one large tackle box full. I’ve known gamers with far more than that. Perhaps I should simply say that I have a wide variety of potential high rollers to choose from and leave it at that.

However they did it, your comments were counted, the names were entered, and the winner has been chosen.

Congratulations goes to the lucky winner, Ken R!

Ken R left the following winning comment on the original post;

I’m a long time reader of BBB but rarely comment. That said, I appreciate the serious thought given to whether or not to do something like this and appreciate him gving his readers a chance to win (and to bring a few others out from our lurker holes). 🙂

I would love to be able to go to my guild’s leadership with this as a present to thank them for the literal years of work that have gone into keeping the group active through multiple games and the comings and goings that will occur as real life intervenes in our gaming time together.

I’m a member of guild named Esquire on Mannoroth. While the guild name hasn’t always been the same, the group has played together in Everquest, Dark Ages of Camelot, and WoW throughout it’s lifespan with occasional dalliances in Star Wars Galaxies, Age of Conan, etc. This is a group of people committed to playing together and tackling content in everything we play as a guild and has cameraderie that simply can’t be beat. We have a website right now that no one uses because it’s a pain to manage and therefore gets updated rarely with our officers’ busy lives. Our Vent server is paid for out of the kindness of one officer’s heart, despite there being plenty around who would help.

Ken, I’m emailing you as we speak to get you all set up with Maxim.

For those of you that had commented on the post to enter the drawing, Maxim would like to offer you a a special two (2) MONTHS of free premium hosting on Enjin’ Advanced plan, which comes with a 10 man mumble server.

To take advantage of that offer, all you need to do is create a website on Enjin.com, and then send Maxim an email at info@enjin.com with the Subject “Big Bear butt commenter – your commenter name”.

In the body of your email, let Maxim know the details of the guild website account you created, and he’s told me that he’ll take it from there.

With that, I’m calling this drawing completed, and hopefully a success.

Good luck to everyone that entered, and especially a great good fortune to Ken, who I hope will enjoy the website and server with his friends for the entire year to come.

Good night!

12 thoughts on “Drawing results for the guild website and chat server, courtesy of Enjin!

  1. Thanks for the contest BBB. I was happy to give my guild two free months as a “runner up”. And yes, somewhere around the house I have the obligatory handful of odd-shaped dice. They’re much more satisfying than a RNG and do not suffer from seed issues!


  2. congrats Ken R. a random number genarator… lmboot (laffing my butt off on that). beats picking a chip out of a cup when we forgot our dice…. >.>


  3. Grats mate! Looks like a good group won it 🙂
    And about dice? I have only the dice i need as well. Ofc i do need every purple die i find. I only RP with purple. all the rest get my characters killed.
    mmhhhhh… my precioussss purplessss….


  4. Thanks again to BBB for giving us the opportunity! I can’t wait for my guild leader to return from his trip this week so I can share the new with him. 🙂


  5. A whole tackle box of dice? That’s like half of my local gaming store’s inventory. Unless you also keep your miniatures in said tackle box, that is more dice than I could imagine needing. Or maybe the rest of your group is a bunch of cheapskates and don’t bring their own dice.

    Personally, I keep my dice collection in a bag that used to be wrapped around a bottle of Crown Royal.


    • Wait… you only have the dice that you NEED?

      But… what about the colors?

      You’ve got to have your favorite solid colors, then your favorite clear, then there are the clear with gold flecks, and the solid with filled in numbers in a contrasting color, and the solid with filled in white numbers, and the solid black dice of death with red numbers and skulls for the sixes, and the oversized dice for the BIG rolls, and and and…


      • And the bag from a bottle of Crown Royal is a nice, elegant traditionalist approach. Crown Royal; the alcohol purchased by gamers just for the accessory bag.


      • Seriously… if you only have the dice you need, what do you do if one of your dice run out of luck? We all know they can do that!


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