I do love you all

I do, I do love you all.

I’m not going anywhere, the lack of postage lately is NOT a sign I’m fading away.

Blame it on Twitter.

See, normally while I’m working my butt off during the day, my mind is turning around different fun things, and from such mental meanderings comes blog posts. At the end of the day, look: writings!

But now I have a phone that gets internet reception. The keypad is still quite small for my big Desert eagle sized paws, so typing is a laborious process; but I can read.

Now during the day, instead of my poor little brain cruising along with a sub channel devoted to bloggy thoughts, I’m getting derailed with Twitter shinies from the prolific tweets of Restokin, and Matticus, and GamerGaz, and SuicidalZebra and Jaedia and _Angelya, and DiscoPriest and Velidra and Restokin and so. many. more.

Yes, I mentioned Restokin twice. Have you seen the numbers of tweets?

Seriously, I get my ‘talking about Wow and games and geekdom’ fix simply by following along the thousands of tweets that scroll across each day.

I know I’m not ‘with it’, but I didn’t realise Twitter was a combination of IM and an open party line. I guess I didn’t know what it was, but now that I do, it’s ability to suck all imaginative, creative writingΒ impulse in favor of passive chatting is terrifying.

I’m at the point where I can either think, or follow Twitter. That says more about my lack of processing power in my frontal lobes than anything else, but there you have it.

Crazy, man. Crazy.

In other news, a massive congratulations to Fannon at Dwarven Battle Medic on the birth of your adorable Dwarfling. She is just the cutest little girl ever. Congratulations, to your wonderful family.

23 thoughts on “I do love you all

    • I’ll make it easier on both of us. If you go to twitter on the internet, you can see exactly who @bigbearbutt is following.

      It’s easier than my typing all 100+ names. Plus, it changes all the time, because i follow people that follow me, and then they retweet someone else i ain’t following and I’m all, “Oooh, I know them, they’re nice, I’ll add them too”, and all that sorta thing. So, who knows where it’ll be tomorrow?


  1. I have to say that Twitter has taken away a lot of the “hey, I just thought of this thing and I can say it in 140 chars rather than drawing out a whole post about it!” things. This means that the blogging gets neglected a bit, but makes me feel slightly more socially connected to other bloggers. I guess there are ups and downs. Nice to see you on there though, BBB πŸ™‚


    • That’s it exactly! I used to get an idea and it would grow to a post. Now I get an idea, I go to Twitter to post it, I don’t have the patience to type with that little phone keyboard, and the idea vanishes.


    • There is a certain zen quality to trying to boil down a bearwall into it’s stark essence in less than 140 characters.

      I may not DO it, but it’s fun to try.


  2. So, ok, now I’m semi-interested in that twitter thing. At least it appears that people are forced to have short opinions πŸ™‚

    However, much more interesting, I’d like to see that background picture. Please?! Pretty please? With bacon on top?


  3. Thanks Bearbutt for your well wishes and your link love!

    And your ‘lack of posts’ puts most bloggers, myself included, to utter shame. I look forward to more.


  4. What an amazingly odd coincidence that you should post this today. I too have recently discovered Twitter and find myself checking it obsessively when I’m not playing WoW. And now that I’m following your Twitter feed I shall no doubt be doubly distracted. πŸ˜‰ My sadly neglected blogging venture (just started in December!) has become an afterthought.


    • Thou shalt not be that distracted, for I rarely tweet. I may be a twit but I don’t make many tweets. I’m sure THAT jokes never been seen before. Yep.

      I am tweeting more now that I’ve embraced a simple truth; I originally wondered why I should be on twitter, for I had nothing special to say worthy of a tweet. There would be no reason for anyone to follow me, for I have nothing special to say on Twitter. Then I remembered… that never stopped me from starting a blog. If I can spout irrational stuff here, why not in one sentence blurbs?

      Maybe I should attempt to make every tweet be a mini poem. You know, that way I’d never tweet because I’d never feel what I had to say was witty enough!


  5. I miss tons on Twitter every week because I only read it on my iTouch (ie, can only access through wifi), and work 3 days a week and iron most of the rest if I’m not playing WoW, or shopping, or tons of other things — so people get sporadic tweets from me a couple days a week, and the rest of the time I’m in Twitter
    hibernation. And I don’t even have that many twitter “friends” or whatever you call em. You’re one of them tho, BBB πŸ˜›


    • What I think I’m doing wrong is following everyone that follows me, unless they’re gold sellers. Or content scrapers, actually, which is wierd. Since when do content scrapers follow people on Twitter?

      But that means I’m not just getting awesome content specific Tweets or special little announcements, I’m also a spectator to people who seem to hold semi-private IM reply conversations back and forth all day, which as you say, are impossible to follow unless I stay glued to my phone.


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