PBeM Converging Forces story post

This weekend, I intend to set aside some time to write a story from the Converging Forces world.

I’m still waiting for James to give me some instructions before I can continue with his storyline, and Manny is still on hold because his next post is a massively significant one with a huge chunk of “oh shit” direction that I really wanted to hold off on until James was either close to the right spot, or dead, or some other wild tangent where I knew it was safe to continue.

BUT… I really want to do some Converging Forces writing.

So here’s the situation.

One thing I haven’t done as of yet, due to this being a PBeM game/story, is tell any stories from the point of view of nemesis or antagonists or other places in the world, or anything that the players themselves would not have access to.

What I’m thinking is of changing that a little. To take a peek on events happening somewhere else pertinent to the story… or someWHEN else.

I’m open to your suggestions on what you’re interested in knowing more of.

Right now, there are a couple things I’m leaning towards, one scene from a LONG damn time in the past, and another of somewhere happening right now.

But if anyone has developed any questions so far that really bug you, or something you’d like a LOT more detail on, tell me and I might write the story on that aspect instead.

Manny, yes this is open for you to suggest as well.

James, you’re banned from participating, you should be telling me what you’re doing darn it!

Who knows, I’ve never tried this kind of thing before, writing short fiction by request. It sounds like a lot of fun… I trust in myself to NOT screw the story up or hose revelations but still write something worth reading.

I may be deluding myself, but I guess we’ll find out together.

8 thoughts on “PBeM Converging Forces story post

  1. I say something from the past to help get a firmer grasp of the world and the setting in general, or you could do both obviously… I wouldn’t mind at all, especially if James puts his turn up soon; then you could have three sequential PBeM posts!


    You can start a new PBeM (or two or three) with a simillar setting and new characters, or similar characters and new setting, or whatever you’re inspired by….

    Just write moar!!!

    /whistles innocently.


  2. Since both were touched on in the story already, maybe some back-story on the Pathfinders and/or the significance of the elf (elves).


  3. /sad face

    I am a bad participant as I should have written out my turn reply long ago. Tonight after exercising it shall be written and sent

    /shamed face


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