Healing follow up

A quick post to thank everyone that commented and offered advise and suggestions concerning my failed attempts at healing last night.

Tonight, I was ready to throw in the towel on healing, and focus on 100% Bear tanking. I even went so far as to spend about 10,000 gold on Bear upgrades before assaulting the randoms.

Your comments and guidance led me to take a step back, respec, really rearrange things on my VuhDo and think about what you said, and I went into Blackrock again with a pug.

It went as smooth as Paula Dean’s favorite snack food.

My mana damn near stayed at 100% during the entire run, Lifebloom stayed on the tank in 3 stacks, I watched for and used Regrowth when the Omen of Clarity procced and almost no other time except when a Warrior looked like they could use some topping up.

I sparingly used Rejuvenation, prioritized Healing Touch more, and even halfway through started using Swiftmend for no other reason than to incorporate that plus Efflorescense into my arsenal.

It was a much easier pace, it basically felt like healing a half speed run, because of the lessened stress of the damage. It gave me time to experiment with what you’d told me in practise, without actually endangering the group.

The only time I felt the need to hurry out of a measured rhythm was when the tank pulled several mobs at once in the Quicksilver flame room, and I think he stood in the fire a little. No harm done, it was good to have to respond quick and see where my instincts took me, a good way to see what habits I really need to break.

To cut this short, I had an extremely pleasant healing run, I received two upgrades, the Intellect/Haste trinket dropped off the last boss for me and I won it, and my confidence in being able to learn as long as I do so at my own pace has been restored.

Thank you all very, very much.

Oh, and an special thank you to Nodenugget for recommending the addon GTFO!, which provides audible warnings when you’re standing in bad stuff, and visual warnings if you use Power Auras. It’s a lot of fun, and could be highly useful to pass the word around to all your friends.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on GTFO. I am starting to love it. It’s a boon when I am watching grid like a hawk and standing in the bad. It’s saved my BBB many times.


  2. Hey BBB,

    It’s good to see you haven’t given up on healing. It’s challenging these days 🙂 I personally like the challenge it provides, but it’s no longer the “sit back and relax” healing it used to be.

    Some idea’s I didn’t see mentioned yet (or didn’t read well enough):
    – If your tank is going to dip while you are busy with DPS or mechanics, let the lifebloom bloom. It can heal for a LOT.
    – Our mastery increases throughput if a hot is present. Ie, FIRST use rejuv on a tank, THEN stack the lifebloom. Try it on yourself and notice the difference.
    – If you need a group fix, FIRST wildgrowth, THEN 4x rejuv (same idea) or FIRST wildgrowth, THEN Tranquility (as mentioned).
    – For those little heals, check your group setup. With 3 ranged, use the Effloresence on ranged and the wildgrowth on the tank, or vice versa. But use them wisely, since positioning is more important these days, thinking about this, can really improve it’s effectiveness.
    – Test your rotation on the tank: LBx3, Rejuv, Regrowth, Rejuv, Regrowth, etc (don’t spam, end the timings for minimum mana consumption). This gives a very steady rotation for the tank, with quite some time to heal dps in between. Makes me feel comfortable at least, maybe it helps you as well.
    – Innervate gives back 20% mana. Use it early, use it often. 75% mana? Innervate!

    I hope you keep enjoying your healing! Good luck!


  3. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned – don’t be afraid to use Tree of Life on a tough trash pull. It can make a *huge* difference being able to load everyone up with Lifebloom before things get ugly. Lots of cheap healing, lots of OoC procs to turn into Regrowths, and it’ll be ready again soon. Burning it as you start a boss-fight can go well, too, as it’ll usually be up again for the end, and it can save you a lot of mana early on.


  4. Lifebloom on the tank isn’t just for healing – it’s because it’s the main trigger for Revitalize (Replenishment). If it falls off, you GOTTA get it back on ASAP. I use a macro for it, for focus target –

    #showtooltip Lifebloom
    /cast [mod:alt,target=mouseover, help][target=focus] Lifebloom

    I can hit the key for that anytime and it refreshes on my tank, I can choose a different target via alt (for during ToL.) I also use Power Auras; this group gives me a countdown in red, yellow, green for one, two, three stacks, and a big red star under the counter when I’m down to three seconds or less; enough to finish casting whatever and get it refreshed.

    Set=Page 2@
    Aura[25]=Version:4.12; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; x:17; stacks:1; alpha:1; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; stacksOperator:=; groupOrSelf:true; customtex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; ismounted:0; timer.b:0.1451; timer.g:0; timer.h:3; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:23; timer.x:343; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true@
    Aura[26]=Version:4.12; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; x:17; stacks:2; alpha:1; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; stacksOperator:=; groupOrSelf:true; customtex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; ismounted:0; timer.b:0; timer.g:0.9608; timer.h:3; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:23; timer.x:343; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true@
    Aura[27]=Version:4.12; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; x:17; stacks:3; alpha:1; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; stacksOperator:=; groupOrSelf:true; customtex:true; size:0.11; y:-39; texmode:2; ismounted:0; timer.b:0; timer.h:3; timer.enabled:true; timer.r:0.0039; timer.cents:false; timer.y:23; timer.x:343; timer.Transparent:true; timer.UseOwnColor:true@
    Aura[28]=Version:4.12; InvertAuraBelow:3; b:0.0431; anim1:4; g:0; icon:INV_Misc_Herb_Felblossom; buffname:Lifebloom; x:343; texture:44; alpha:1; isResting:0; mine:true; inVehicle:0; wowtex:true; groupOrSelf:true; combat:true; size:0.51; y:23; ismounted:0@


    • Forgot to mention – as it stands, I think Nourish isn’t really worth casting. If I need to replenish LB, I’ll instant-cast LB; if I need more healing than that, I’m casting Healing Touch anyway. I also use Regrowth very rarely, generally for OoC procs, it’s just too expensive.


  5. The difficulty curve for healing five-mans is a bit weird right now, largely because people tend to make normals hard for the healer by not using CC, not interrupting things etc. Basically, if it doesn’t cause a wipe, the healer is expected to just heal through it because “it’s only normal”. What this means is that in anything past Vortex Pinnacle you’ll likely have some trash pulls where, even if you heal the tank exclusively and blow all your cooldowns on him, his health will slowly continue to go down as he takes more damage than you can do healing per second and you can only pray that things will die before the tank does.

    Then you start doing heroics where people know that they have to use CC “or else” and they might actually seem easier than the normals.


    • In my opinion, Vortex Pinnacle is the worst. Even good groups who would normally use tons of cc either can’t cc elementals or don’t bother because it’s “just” VP. And those multiple aoe lightning thingy pulls are scary. SFK is kind of similar in that ccing undead can be tricky, but at least people are a little afraid of it.


  6. Glad to read it Bear!
    I went through a similar experience with my first Cata dungeons.
    But yes, just a few upgrades will help a lot.
    Good luck to you!


  7. You can pick up a fairly nice healing trinket from Tol Barad just doing the dailies. Once you have exalted rep, there’s the Mandala of Stirring Patterns (http://www.wowhead.com/item=6247). I only mention it as it’s pretty easy to get this rep up fast. There’s also the Insidious Staff (http://www.wowhead.com/item=62477), which only requires revered rep.

    It’s funny, but I’ve found raid healing easier than heroic healing. Guild groups are fun. Pug groups are such a mixed bag of good/back luck that I try and avoid it when possible. Healing does indeed get easier as you upgrade gear… don’t give up hope =D


  8. Hey Bear.

    Just wanted to swing you a tip:

    In addition to Barkskin, make sure you pop Wild Growth before you pop Tranquility.


    Because Wild Growth is a smart heal, it will automatically target the most hurt players.

    Because when you pop Tranquility, you’ll get Wild Growth’s Efflorescence giving a bonus to Tranquility’s healing.

    Because Efflorescence will help Wild Growth as it winds down and tapers off as well.

    And, all told, Wild Growth should be off cooldown right around the same time that the Tranquility channel ends.

    Ideally, you’d want to do this during Tree of Life as well, but that requires a bit of foresight. ToL + Wild Growth + BarkskinTranquility has saved my bacon more times than I care to admit.


    • Okay, that’s pretty brilliant. I hadn’t read that anywhere before, but the synergy you’re talking about sounds…. delicious.


      • I *think*? I might have Keeva to blame for that, but I’m *not* sure. I can’t remember where I heard it either.

        And given that I’m currently rocking 20% from Efflorescence right on the nose in straight 346 gear, yes, it is quite delicious.


  9. Frantic moonkin cheers! I got so caught up in reading the comments on the last healing post that I forgot to put in anything helpful myself but I hope my sideline moonkin cheers will help boost moral a bit more after the less stressed successful run.


  10. You’re obviously a better healer than me… this follow up appeared before I wrote in the main post.

    On my healer I ditched healing and went dps… On my druid I tank, and pally (well he was leveled for cataclysm – I suck at DPS) I TANK. Healing scares me only cause I have a sucky internet connection but the few times i did heal during cata I was regularly prioritizing and using triage (lol- theyve been using 3 triage centres in town due to the quake, and using the word for a game… it just brings things together) and I let people die cause I knew if I focused on them the tank would die = me dying. So I gave up cause I didnt want people dying cause I couldnt keep them up.

    On a side note… being able to heal as in WoW healing in the real world would save soo many lives 😀 or even if we had the doctor from star trek lol


  11. BBB,

    I’m so glad you toughed it out and had a better experience.

    I just read your previous post, and totally felt for you. My first week in Cata, even running guild groups, was harrowing. I was miserable and thought that somehow I was actually a lousy healer who had managed to coast through Wrath on cheap mana and endless spellcasting. But it’s not so – for me or for you! It’s a combination of lousy mana, undergeared tanks (even good ones), and having to relearn every darn spell in our toolboxes after Blizzard got finished with us.

    You had some great advice on your last post. I wanted to add just two notes:

    The change from harried to having fun came for me with putting priority on the LB stack, and watching for those OOC proccs – you might consider a special buff bar or mod to make sure you catch those (I use PowerAuras myself). That’s your mana regen bread & butter. Also, absolutely amazing mana trinket for druids is the Darkmoon Tsunami – once you start to cast, you will have a constant 5-stack of the buff. Incredibly worth the gold or twisting guildmates arm to inscribe for you.

    Next, the one realization that really has changed my whole attitude to healing: dps do NOT need to be topped off. It pained me deeply to accept less-than-ful bars, but once I finally got it through my head that we actually do have 100,000 hp, and that half a health bar is plenty for someone who’s not standing in fire, it really took the pressure off. A Wild Growth, a Rejuv on one of them followed by a Swiftmend, and just about any group is fine in most situations – letting you keep mana and attention on your tank. I rarely cast anything else on non-tanks, even in heroics. (Raids are different – but you have that joy ahead of you…..)

    Stick with it – your tanks will get better geared, and you will get better geared. Unfortunately, my PUG experience in heroics is not rosy on the CC-front, but we will survive even that.



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