Woot! Another asshat in WoW!

Newsflash! I encountered a new asshat in WoW!

Truthfully, I’d about gotten to the point that I thought they were all gone… went to play Rift or something, maybe. I honestly hadn’t personally met a true asshat for, well… months.

Seriously, not even in pugs. Maybe some players with poor skills, but not really… well, asshats.

Thankfully, that has changed! I was starting to wonder if there were only nice people in WoW. It worried me, becauseΒ I personally would consider that to be one of the key signs of the coming apocalypse. You know, right after the rains of frogs.

So, I’d like to have everyone take a moment in silent reflection to thank Ihascookies of Dragon Guardians on the Kael’thas server. He has single handedly pulled me back from the brink and reminded me that, yes, true asshats are still alive and well.

I hadn’t heard anything bad about Dragon Guardians before, but you see them around the Horde side of the server. At least now I have a face to go with the guild tag… that of a dick.

The guy managed to perfectly nail my one criterion for an idiot; engaging in PvP against targets that cannot possibly hurt them back, as far away from possible threats like level 85s being called in as he could get.

Laugh at this one with me…

I’ve got a new DK on the server, level 60. I’m tooling around Un’goro Crater doing the last leveling of Skinning/Mining before hitting Hellfire.

Normal, right?

I’ve completed 300 Mining, so I’m working on Skinning. I’m attacking the plentiful raptors.

Ihascookies has himself flagged, and spends 5 minutes following me around, on his drake, standing on top of me and wiggling, in the hopes I’d accidentally hit him while trying to loot/skin.

I went around doing my own business, figuring he’d HAVE to get bored at some point.

Nope, over 5 minutes on top of me while I ran around. And hey, it really was a massive pain to keep trying to click on the mbs instead of him, his method was very, very successful.

Finally, I gave up. I went ahead, clicked on him, and he instantly dismounted and killed me. Then he camped on me.

That’s right. He camped me.

I logged, not in anger, but just because I figured he’d get bored after about 10 minutes.

I logged back in, and he was in an instance, so I guess I was right.

Isn’t that amazing? On a non-PvP server, camping a 60 with an 85, in a zone as far as humanly possible from being interrupted by another level 85. How badly must your PvP skills suck if you are that desperate to kill someone else, but that afraid to fight someone on equal footing?

Just amazing.

Anyway, grats to Ihascookies, and grats to Dragon Guardians, player tool of the week and guild tools of the week.

You have restored my lack of faith in humanity.


40 thoughts on “Woot! Another asshat in WoW!

  1. I were helping my guildie (lvl 83 mage) in uldum (i am a lvl 85 arms warrior) when suddenly 2 warlocks and a mage try to gank us, obviusly they forgot their heads in Stormwind, when they releasied i were lvl 85, they began nuke me down, all i did was run to the nearest sanctum and watch the lvl 85 guards kick their asses… This all happened on a PvP server:-)


  2. Gotta fill that asshat quotient, Bear, but how about alternate strategies?

    Let me tell you about the time I crushed a mid-40s human warlock with my level 23 bloodelf pally.

    So there I was, jogging from Hillsbrad to open up the Hammerfall flight point. As I passed Refugee Point, a flagged human male comes charging out at me on his nightmare, dismounts in front of me, and proceeds to perform chicken, rude gesture, and various other such emotes.

    I pause, stare. Now at this point, I should describe what the human’s seeing: a bloodelf male with the longest possible white-blond hair in a dress…er, robe. (I was leveling as a holy pally.)

    I begin by blowing a kiss. The warlock freezes. Then I purr. The warlock flees in ignominy.

    Poor guy, I choose a different set of weapons than he wanted for the duel, but who says you have to fight them on their terms? Still rather disappointed that he didn’t hold out until I started dancing and stripping down.


    • Doesn’t that constitute “cruel and unusual retaliation towards asshats in lingerie?” Or [Curtail] for short?


      • The asshats are now decked out in lingerie? Well, that will make them easier to spot!

        (Sorry, couldn’t not have fun with prepositional phrases; though that is a good acronym.)


  3. I have run back 15 times to one of those asshats and rezzed right in front of them each time. They finally realized I was stupider that they were and left for smarter pastures. I guess I took all the fun out of his game.


  4. When people are bugging me like that I just usually log off and tinker around with my bank alt, organize stuff, maybe put a few items up for auction, then log back in and they are gone. As a male who played a female toon (until recently when I race and gender changed) I’d get the occasional random person who would follow me around for no reason, or people who try to duel you (they throw down a challenge flag, you decline, they throw down another, etc – really amusing when they are dozens of levels higher than you).

    Annoying asshats.


  5. There used to be a guild on my server called something like “Kill me and my main will camp you”

    I once experienced this at Crossroads, when a higher level rogue (skull to me) would try to superimpose himself over the plainstriders/zebras/kodos I was trying to kill, hoping to get me flagged. I got tired of it, went off to get a snack and he was gone when I came back. Turned out that he went to gank and camp other people. Not long after, about 3 level 80s turned up and beat the crap out of him, probably friends of the campee. I couldnt resist joining the resultant campfire.


  6. I remember the Winterspring yetis being skinnable, unless they changed it. Just, ya know, if you need another farm spot. XD

    @ Eccentrica
    When I get idjits spamming duel flags at me, I usually just let the flags sit there. It doesn’t bother me, and they can’t drop another flag until the current one cancels on its own. By then, 3/4 of the time they’ve found someone else to bother. πŸ˜€


    • Thank you very kindly, but I actually went from 1 to 300 in both skinning and mining last night, in a couple hours, with almost no cost. I used the guides on Skinning skillups from http://www.wow-professions.com/profession-leveling-guides and that got me there just fine. I’ve also used their guide on where to farm leather when I was leveling Leatherworking to Cata levels, and it was pretty good. I never would have thought to farm for the Outlands leather where I did if they hadn’t told me.

      The Mining was also easy, you can darn near level from 1 to 300 just smelting now, so thanks to lots of ore in my bank, and the ability to fly in Azeroth at 60 to mine when necessary, that was faster than the Skinng. πŸ™‚ So now I’m 60, with 300/300 professions and sitting in hellfire… where I might not do anything while other things take over. Ooh, shiny!


    • Oh, and I ALSO let the flag just sit there, preventing them from dropping a flag on someone else. I just go about my emailing or AHing or whatever, while the flag decays. πŸ™‚


  7. I would deal with this differently.

    Find an inn, log onto someone else. It may totally botch my plans for said evening, but I’d rather adapt my plans rather than waste my time with such nonsense.

    (That said, Chawa would probably have to deal with a lot of cussing coming from the other side of the room. πŸ™‚ )


    • Meh, as you’ll recall, the way I handled it in the end was to log into my Horde character to say hi to you folks, chill out, and then type a blog post before bed. πŸ™‚

      No worries, I wasn’t angered, I really was glad. I had been lacking something to inspire a grumpy post, and I LIKE doing grumpy asshat posts every once in a while. Cleans the rant tubes out, freshens the air.


      • Indeed, you did jump over. We got to say hi to you, you got to say hi to us! WIN/WIN!

        Although I would be rather angry. I am an irritable bugger, after all. So much, in fact, that I sometimes wonder if I only have grumpy posts to offer. πŸ™‚


  8. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience in Un’goro Crater a few months ago. I was Horde then, playing on Whisperwind, and likewise was farming skin from raptors. Someone from the alliance death-level to me did the same thing – standing over me constantly and over whatever I’d killed in hopes I’d click them. Being very new to WoW and forgetting that some of my feral kitty attacks affect more than just my target, I swiped some snakes he’d conjured (I didn’t even know someone could do that). It instantly flagged me and he killed me in a matter of seconds, then sat over my corpse, waiting for me to respawn. Over, and over, and over…

    Fortunately, I had a good friend Alliance-side who politely whispered him to stop being such a jerk, and eventually reported him to his guild. It took about an hour for him to stop trailing me. Light, but that was annoying. I’d suspect some kid who just needed to get his jollies, but I’ve come across too many adults who act like kids to make that assumption. If Blizzard weren’t the benevolent deity it is, I might be prone to think they secretly support such behaviour just to keep the factions warring. Hmm…


  9. During wrath i was leveling my DK so that i never had to look at him again and i was in dragonblight at that black dragonflight cave on my level 73 death knight and this 77 DK drops down into the cave and kills me. Im a pretty patient person so the next two times he killed me I just decided to let him get it out of his system. I was not so forgiving after the 8 time he killed me though so i got on my main and camped him for an hour and a half while talking in guild chat. sweet vindication.

    Im usually fine with dying a couple times so that someone can flaunt their e-peen a little bit but i do have a break point and then im not really very considerate. I am not however a person who attacks people without being attacked since world PvP tends to annoy me.


  10. We don’t play anymore but my husband and I have mostly always played on PvP servers where griefing can be common. My husbands usual response was (or ever since we got toons to max level) was always been to switch to his max level toon and come and camp the griefer.

    In his case the max level toon was a hunter. In good gear and well played. A well played toon of any class is hard to kill and players who like to prey on low levels tend to not have much in the way of skill anyway. My husband used to actually carry around flint and tinder (back when you needed it) to light a fire on the griefers corpse just to make it perfectly clear they were now going to be camped.

    We sat around many camp fires.

    On a pvp server, if you kill us and move on we expect it. Kill us multiple times and you entered the campground and we had plenty of marshmallows for that fire.


    • That… that’s awesome. You lit a fire to make it clear that the asshat was about to be camped.

      You are now my official heroes, and I wish you were close by so I could give you both beverages of awesome.


  11. I think we’ve all encountered superstars like this. Once when questing in Westfall I encountered a group of three who threw down a duel flag near the Defias tent south of Sentinel Hill. I was level 14, they were 70ish. I declined the duel and they followed me around emoting /chicken. It’s not chicken when you know exactly what the outcome is going to be and don’t wish to waste your time.

    Seriously, if you’re that bored log off and go clean something.

    Glad to see your lack of faith has been restored πŸ™‚

    Entertaining as always.


  12. Why, I mean seriously just WHY would someone do this on a PvE server? Playing on a PvP server, well being ganked is just par for the course (although it happens a lot less now than it did when I started playing 4 years ago) – but the idea that some would go through this much effort on a PvE server is just beyond me. Is there an achievement for killing your race/class that he was desperate to get? Was he too incompetent to get it in a BG? I don’t know, what I am aware of is that this marvelous example of asshattery has not only made a fool of himself, he’s also dragged the name of his guild down – in my part of Azeroth that’s usually grounds for a warning or a gkick!


  13. I am leveling a warrior right now, largely by doing battlegrounds, but not only. I’ve been flagged on our medium-population server quite a lot – and if I am out in the wilds with the PvP flag on, I don’t mind if anyone within my own level range attacks me, no matter the outcome. But twice I was killed by an max-level alliance rogues – although one might have been accidental.

    But the second one was fun. I was in Gadzetzan, doing arena quests there when battleground popped up. When I got back, I returned to the quests – and heard someone stealthing. And when I was fighting inside the ring, a rogue insta-killed me… which meant that all of a sudden he had the attention of a whole lot of level 85 goblin guards. He went down about five seconds after me – and while my death was PvP-death, ie no repair bill, he had to fork out the full repair bill. Indeed, I’ve been thinking about taking my lower-level kittie and sitting flagged in Gadzetzan just so morons would attack me… and get instagibbed with full repair bill after that.
    I wish Blizz would do something about this, though – maybe something along the lines of reducing damage and health of higher level character. I.e. if you attack a character, who is gray to you due to the level difference, your own health and damage would be reduced to what your class would have on average at the same level that he does. Reduced health and damage would be visible/appliable just to your lower-level target – if your target has a level 85 friend along, then he would see your normal health and get normal damage.

    And as for corpse-camping, if you kill the same lower-level character again within five minutes, your “reduced health” would go down by one quarter. Kill the character again, 25% gone again etc

    Hmm, I think I will write about the idea on my blog later.


  14. I’ve always had a lot of success getting griefers to back off by powering up my second account, with an alt of their faction, and making gentle comments (no, really, I don’t get pissy about it) about how I’m just trying to enjoy the game. Something about actually realizing the “nub” is actually a human capable of communicating seems to make a difference.

    If all else fails, it can be fun to either turn the game against them… that is, land near a mining node, let him land on it, then turn around, pull an NPC to you and kill it. He can block one or the other, but possibly not both…. or, alternately, go surf a website for a bit, or grab a book. After all, he’s pestering you because he’s bored. Your best defense may very well be to bore him further.


  15. heh yeah, get them teleported to the dungeon for half an hour or so πŸ™‚

    Though in reality I’m betting it would at worst be a warning.


  16. @ Nimizar: The Blizzard EULA or ToS (I get them confused) has specific wording about camping. To paraphrase, it says ‘we consider graveyard and corpse camping to be viable parts of the game, even if they are a pain in the ass for you’. In the vernacular, ‘uh, fuck you if you get camped–hurry and get to a higher level so you can grief someone else and feel better. Oh, and you owe us $15’.

    @BBB: something similar happened to me not long ago with one of my lower level toons. I got tired of the douche baggery and typed /dance, then went and took a long, refreshing dump. When I returned the asshat was still hanging around so I ran a ways away to lure him back on me. I typed /dance again and took a shower. Not terribly satisfying, ‘cept the BM, but enjoyable nonetheless.


  17. Isn’t that level of asshattery valid grounds for reporting them to Blizzard for griefing? Blizzard have made clear many times that their policy enforcement occurs in reaction to player reports, and it seems like this kind of behaviour on a non-PvP server would qualify.


    • I’ve given up reporting griefing, even on a PvE/RP server the bulk of the responses from the GMs is “there are mechanisms within the game to resolve disputes of this nature within the game”. Or in other words “run away or join a guild with lots of people who love to pvp”.


  18. Just out of curiosity, was your hearthstone set for anywhere reasonably close by? That is one way of getting jerks like that to give up. They see you hearth, and by the time you travel back to your farming spot, they’ve moved on to annoy someone else. It’s a pain in the neck, but better than letting the bored (mentally-)12-year-olds get any satisfaction from their obnoxious behavior. Of course, if you’re in Un’goro and your hearth is set for someplace like Stormwind or Darnassus, it might not be worth the amount of time to get back. Although, there are other grinding spots, too. πŸ˜›


  19. Why is it so hard to be a decent person?

    Play the game. Play the world PvP stuff. Don’t spend ten minutes standing on the goddamn gnome with the quest turn in. Don’t pick fights with toons you can one-shot. Really, is that fun?

    I was off on one of my 85s farming some ores and herbs for my lower level toons and saw several hordlings in badlands, searing gorge, and un’goro. What did I do? I left them alone to play the game. I collected the six and a half metric shit tons of mithril and thorium it takes to level blacksmithing and that was that.

    I think if you repeatedly kill much lower level characters especially when they’re in the appropriate zone for their level and they’re just out and about in the world, not in a faction controlled town or whatever, you should be penalized somewhat.


    • You know… wouldn’t it be fun if there was an automatic defense mechanism for appropriate leveled characters? Someone kills you and they’re level 85, you’re level 18 in Loch Modan… and a metric shit ton (I do like that phrase) of level skull elite dwarf guards come on out on gryphons, hunt you down and kill you? And then gank you for a half hour.

      I’d laugh… I’d laugh and laugh.

      Then I’d go find someone to gank so the guards would come after me.

      “You can’t catch me, coppers! Hah!”


      • I’d love it if what ever damage they were causing would instantly reflect back at them with the equivalent level of damage for their level … ie … they would one shot themselves. … that would truly amuse me. The ultimate hammer on the finger so to speak


      • Puzzle Pirates has something like this. If you attack a ship of a lower “might rating” than yours, and there’s a sufficient difference in that rating, the Black Ship full of skeletons comes and beats you silly. They damage your ship to the max, steal something like half your goods and laugh at you. That leaves you ripe pickings for anyone else who comes up, even sometimes that ship you just tried to gank.

        It’s not a perfect system, but man, seeing the Black Ship take down a boatful of jerks never ceases to make my day.


  20. Blizzard loves these things. As long as they get their money, they look the other way. Welcome to the real world of Blizzard.


  21. Actually I remember when my brother had this happen to him when he was levelling his main .. they guy annoyed him for about half an hour before my brother was flagged. Then the person spent 20 minutes repeatedly killing him. I think there was a 40 level difference or so back then. Anyways he didn’t stick around when 15 level 70’s flew into the zone to teach him not to gank low level players, a good guild can make an encounter with these types so much more enjoyable. πŸ™‚


  22. When you think about it, that’s actually a fairly effective way to get someone to attack you just in frustration. I wonder if my mentioning these things ever give asshats ideas they hadn’t had before? “Oh, cool, I didn’t try that one yet, that sounds like it’d be like totally rad, man. Gnarly.”


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