Madison, Wisconsin to be graced by Sir Terry Pratchett!

Dear readers, I share with you this delightful announcement I received in the mail this morning.

Coming this summer to Madison, Wisconsin: The North American Discworld Convention 2011!

Terry PratchettThe North American Discworld Convention 2011 is now open for registration! This year’s convention features Guest of Honor Sir Terry Pratchett and many other great Discworldian guests, including authors Stephen Baxter and Esther Friesner, artist Stephen Player, television producer Rod Brown of Prime Focus Productions, and Sir Terry’s editors, UK agent, and official Discworld merchandisers!

Don’t miss this exciting gathering of Discworld notables and fans, which will be held from July 8 – 11, 2011, in Madison, Wisconsin, and will feature a Guest of Honor talk, a Maskerade, a Gala Banquet, a Charity Auction, booksignings, panels, and much, much more! The first NADWCon, held in 2009, was a huge success and a ton of fun for all – and we guarantee this one will be too!

NADWCon2011 has over 500 members registered already, so hurry along to get more information and register now at

I am a true, dedicated fan of the brilliance and works of Sir Terry Pratchett, and for those of you that live near Madison, Wisconsin, EVEN WITH the insanity that is your current government fracas, I call you what you are; the most blessed place in North America.

From what Cassie and I read on the official website, there will be a maximum of 1000 Attending Memberships. I believe that means they’re already halfway to being booked solid and closed to further attending members.

If attending this convention interests you, I heartily recommend you act fast.

Now, I will not say for certain that I will be attending. However, I will say that I have paid the $30 for a Supporting Membership, to hold a place in the registration process until we can figure it out, which can be upgraded to an attending membership later, and we are closely examining options that would allow me to attend. It would be a very, very costly enterprise. It only makes sense if we turn it into a family vacation, spend most of our time in the Wisconsin Dells as a family, and I only spend part of the weekend visiting the convention for brief stints. 

On the other hand, this is the big one. You can have your Blizzcons, and your Penny Arcade Expos. This is the grand event that would be nearest and dearest to my heart.

I make no promises, none at all. July is a long way away, and life happens. I could easily be unemployed by mid-July, with the economy the way it is. 

But if it turns out I can attend, big if, I’d be delighted to see any Bear Blog readers that were also able to be there. 

We live in Interesting Times, my friends. 🙂 If the stars align, and I’m not eaten by luggage, I hope we have a grand time.

10 thoughts on “Madison, Wisconsin to be graced by Sir Terry Pratchett!

  1. I love Terry Pratchett. I got a chance to meet him in New York a few years ago and naturally made a fool out of myself by telling him that I’d started reading his books by reading those that were in my mother’s collection, which he took as me saying that he was old. Of course, I’m sure he was just playfully joking about it, but still…

    He was an excellent speaker and very clever (of course). This was when Thud! was just coming out, but a lot of the discussion was the future of Granny Weatherwax and Tiffany Aching. It was great fun for all… I just wish I had chosen my words a little more carefully. I guess being in the presence of one of your idols can be a little flustering.


  2. Sir Terry was a guest at the SFX Weekender in the UK. His talk with Stephen Baxter was about his new book idea and was very interesting. He also cheekily let slip that Good Omens is being adapted for TV, I can’t wait for that one.

    I can’t imagine what a Discworld convention would be like, but it surely must be a lot of fun!


  3. I finally got around to reading the first two Rincewind novels a month or so ago. I have to say I was always anxious to learn more of the Luggage.


  4. One of my guildies is part of the organising committee for the Australian Discworld convention. I felt that his comment about having to miss one of our Thursday raid nights because he was taking Sir Terry out to dinner was the best of all possible excuses.


  5. I really hope the stars align for you. It would be fantastic to see Sir Terry. Probably the only chance you will ever have. What a brilliant mind he has. And did you read his most recent book?. All the stuff of life was there. They are getting deeper. I hope he gets to say all that he wants to before he leaves us. I for one will read every word.


  6. Oh you lucky bear! Sir Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors… Granny Weatherwax is my true hero. Makes me wish I could play my old copy of the two discworld pc games that I have but my computer is too advanced to run them. 🙂 I wish I could go but maybe will check out if he plans on spending some time in my neck of the woods.


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