RIFT related question

I’ve got a question for you folks.

I’m asking now, because I DIDN’T ask before I bought DC Universe Online, and I was chided for my stupidity.

I’m interested in trying RIFT, but I’d like to try it first before investing the money. I am only willing to pay one ongoing MMO monthly fee, and I’m still playing WoW.

Is there a trial version of RIFT, or a buddy code, or something along those lines? I haven’t seen any mention of it before, only comments on the Beta and the live game.

If there is, and if someone has one I could use to try it out, I’d sure appreciate it. I keep hearing very good things about it… but DCUO taught me not to spend money on a retail game just because it sorta looks good and people are saying nice things about it.

In other news, James did get a truly excellent reply back to me already, so I’m hard at work on the next chapter of the PBeM. Yay!

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  1. I don’t mean to interfere with your rejuvenated interest in WoW, but if you are still keen on trying out Rift there is a buddy pass trial period from 10am PDT April 1st through to 10am April 4th. Email for details or make a bearwall. 🙂


  2. I agree with most. I also picked up RIFT. Honestly i can’t get into it. It’s very SERIOUS game. Unlike wow which is pretty whisicle. I just like the graphics better in wow. But the game play is damn near identical. It’s pretty much exactly the same. I keep trying to get into it, but its not working. I’ll try to play more this week. WoW is def. on the way out for me, all i do is level alts. So, something else would be nice. But i am finding there are a bunch of games out there. Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Starcraft2, lots of stuff i missed bc i played Wow for so long.


  3. Howdy Bigbearbutt:) Longtime reader but first time poster.

    I have basically shelved WoW for now and am playing Rift. I am keeping my WoW account active as my son and other family members play and out of sense of loyalty to my guild. I hop on once in awhile to say hi and to deal with any guild issues that have arisen. Other then that I sadly have no desire to play the game anymore.

    I have been playing WoW for awhile since BC and my Druid is my main. I’ve had some great times and met some amazing people that are a blast to play with. I’ve checked out other MMO’s(DAOC, City of Heroes, LOTRO, Runes of Magic, etc) but always seemed to come back to WoW. When Cata dropped I leveled two of my toons to 85 but found it harder and harder to login. To me if feels like something is missing with Cata. Hard to put a finger on what exactly but perhaps it is a combination of things. The size of the guild grew as people wanted into guilds for the perks and our guild is large and leveled quickly. With the size increase came more issues and asshats. Guildmates calling out other guildmates in runs. No respect for Officers and such. I had to kick a toon for threatening another guildmate with physical harm. The kid was only 11 Seems like people just wanted their toons in the guild for the perks but did not care about the guild or guildmates. I know that this is not indicitive of the whole WoW community but from my perspective things got worse after Cata. From an Officer’s perspective it became more like work and less like fun. There are other issues but to me there is something missing with Cata. If you look at the forums I am not the only one that feels that way. I used to come home from work excited about logging onto WoW but that changed a couple weeks into Cata. I started looking around for something else to play. I eventually got the Beta invite to Rift and have been playing ever since. I’m not the only one as a half dozen or so guildmates have left WoW and are now playing Rift. I have a feeling that a fair number of people have either left WoW for Rift or are playing both. I have no numbers to back that up but that’s the feeling I get. Alot of the chat has to do with either bashing WoW or comparing things between the two games. I have seen quite a few people state that they play both.

    I have to say that I am enjoying my time with Rift. Currently playing a Pally tank LVL36 on a PVP server. I like the graphics and find it a welcome change to the graphics in WoW. I run an i5 750 CPU with a Nvidia 560Ti($250) video card and can run the game on Ultra. If feels like Trion took some parts from WoW, DAOC, Warhammer and other MMO’s and incorporated them into Rift. One of the things that Blizzard should take from Rift is AOE looting. I love it. There are some balancing issues and bugs but the launch was pretty smooth and Trion seems to be pretty quick about fixing issues that crop up. If you are familiar with the controls to WoW you will be right at home in Rift. The interface is easy to customize and it took me very little time doing so. So far Trion is not allowing any addons and that is one thing that I do miss.

    All in all playing games for me is supposed to fun. A way to relax and to have fun with friends. I am having fun with Rift and in the end I guess that is what matters.

    Sorry for the long post and keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your Blog and want to say thanks from a retired Bear tank.


  4. Xew, Mike, that’s a very kind offer, and I do appreciate it. If you’re sitting there with an account that’s not getting used, and someone you like expresses an interest in the game, I can sure see why it would seem the perfect solution to offer to let that person play your account to try it out.

    I’m not going to take you up on your offer, though, because when you have access to someone’s account name and password, there is always the possibility that the account management process could allow the person entry into changing billing or payment options, microtransactions, transfers or in-game reputation or behavior issues.

    Obviously, I know that *I* wouldn’t do that, and I’m flattered that you assume that I wouldn’t either, but I don’t see any compelling reason to have even the faintest trace of worry cross the mind of a friend that was just thinking about doing someone a favor. I am sure that if I’m really THAT interested, my finances would afford my buying it.

    So far, I am still having fun in WoW. Got my Mage and Cassies Druid to 70! I get fast flight, and SHE gets a pretty birdie form! Woot!


  5. You can have my account – it’s good until April 4th – let me know, I’ll email you the account and password.


  6. I started in with the last few “closed” betas (I put closed in quotes because I haven’t heard of anyone that signed up that didn’t make it in) and bought the game when it came out. Been enjoying it so far, a nice change of pace from WoW.

    Things as I see them are:
    PRO – very interesting class system. The callings/souls mechanism combined with the branches/roots of the soul trees means that each combination of 2 or 3 souls really does play very differently, and Trion has stated that they are purposefully balancing across callings, _not_ souls. The upshot of this is your 4 roles (tank, dps, heals, buff/support) are spread out among the 3 callings pretty well. Warriors (plate-wearers) can tank, dps, or support/buff; Clerics(mail-wearers) can tank, dps or heal; Mages (cloth-wearers) can dps, heal or support/buff/cc, and rogues(leather-wearers) can tank, dps or support/buff. It’s all in the souls you choose for your calling, you get 3 to start with, chosen in the starting area. Plus, you can buy up to 4 “roles” (aka dual-spec in WoW times 2) and so your one character can experience all the roles he’s capable of plus have a specialized PVP role, as all callings have a PVP soul that can be unlocked. Unlocking the 2nd role is only 30 gold (money goes silver, gold, plat – so it’s about equivalent to 30 silver in WoW) so you’ll have a dual spec by level 6 if you want it. Unfortunately, you can’t unlock souls beyond your first 3 till you get to level 13… Also, the 3rd and 4th roles are really expensive, but you’ll be able to afford them at the level cap. Respeccing seems to only charge you once per level, so trying out different builds isn’t crushingly expensive, if you prefer trial and error to reading about stuff online.

    CON – currently the questing is really linear. WoW has really spoiled us in that we expect to be able to wander around the world, and if it is level appropriate, we have stuff to do there. Since the world is really split along faction lines (you’re either a guardian or a defiant) rather than racial lines, being able to explore your other faction allies’ racial homelands just isn’t there, so the pure questing feels really linear.

    PRO – the rifts. Wow, the rifts! Closest thing in WoW I can compare it to were the expansion-heralding world events – but these happen all the time in Rift. Rifts range from minor incursions (a single rift) that players can choose to unlock (you get a “planar lure” that turns a tear in the dimensional fabric into a full-formed Rift that you can then close/defeat), to full-on zone-wide Invasions that involve large numbers of elemental or cross-faction NPCs attacking certain quest hubs, culminating in a big boss mob. Both the small and large events fit within the frame of a public quest, everyone working together to meet the requirements before the time limit or the NPC defenses are exhausted. The rewards come in the form of planar currency which can be used to buy nice gear and even special skills/abilities for your character.

    CON/PRO – all races can be all callings/souls. This is a con if you like being a special perfect snowflake that everyone else can admire and envy, or a pro if you want to have your avatar look however you want, and not have to worry about the fact that your favorite class isn’t available with the race you want. AKA What do you mean, no goblin druids?!

    I haven’t done enough PVP to comment on it. I have heard good and bad things.

    The races are mostly cosmetically different, each race has some sort of movement related ability and an elemental resistance.

    Crafting has been fun so far, once you get to the hub city you can go to a quartermaster type and get production quests, which require you to make certain goods, then deliver them. You can only do each tier of quests once per day, but you can do them for each of your production professions and you get tokens which allow you to buy recipes. They have a nice salvage system which allows you to recover crafting goods from finished materials, so a character with all production professions isn’t forced to buy mats from the auction house.

    Little things that are good:

    They put a bank and auction house in the manufacturing hub, in addition to having them out in the ‘town square’ area. The Defiant city ( I don’t have experience with the Guardian city) is designed fairly logically and is easy to navigate.

    I’ve enjoyed exploration, except when I’m getting ganked by stealthed stunlocking NPCs. I probably shouldn’t have been in that area anyway, though.

    The guild system is nice. They’ve got a setup where you can take a guild quest as often as once a week, which gets your guild experience. They have different quests, a PVP quest, a PVE dungeon raiding quest, and a PVE rifting quest; so whatever your guild likes to do most, it can grow while doing it. Guild experience gets you levels, as you level you get points that let you buy passive and active buffs. My guild bought the passive buff that increases coin drops from mobs, and the active buff that lets people teleport to a guild banner (banner costs 10g, teleport token costs 10g, both are consumable). You only need 5 signatures to start a guild, me and my buddy were able to do it just by him logging on all his low level characters and signing the charter.

    There are little “artifacts” scattered around the world that you can gather and collect, that tell more of the story of the world of Telara. You also get special tokens for completing collections that let you buy special pets and costumes. The artifacts don’t take up bag space, as once you’ve gathered it you can put it into a special collection storage, very useful. You can also buy and sell the artifacts on the auction house, if you don’t want to collect them, or gather an artifact you’ve already collected.

    Little things that are bad/annoying:
    If you’re playing when there aren’t a lot of people on, the rifts/invasions can be annoying, especially if an invasion is higher level than you are. You can chip away at the non-elite mobs, but the boss will spawn more if you’re not fast enough – and if you mess up a pull you will get squished by the boss and his cronies. Once they take down the quest hub you were using (which they will almost always do without a group of players defending), you can either wander away, or chip at the invasion till its timer expires, which can be as long as 99 minutes, from what I’ve seen.

    Sometimes there are stealthed mobs which will jump you and stun/kill you when you’re out exploring. I’ve fallen prey to these guys a couple of times. Very annoying.

    The graphics are very pretty if you can turn everything up to Ultra. For us ‘normal’ people that can’t drop 500 bucks on a video card, the normal graphics are sort of blah and the humanoids are hovering on the edge of the Uncanny Valley. Certainly not the lush cartoon world we’ve gotten used to in WoW. It’s a much darker, world is ending and you’ve got to fight it kind of theme. At least it’s not all black lightning and spikes like Warhammer Online.

    The community isn’t nearly what it is for WoW yet. There’s a wiki, and a wowhead-like site (zam) but not enough blogs or forums. You’re mostly on your own if you don’t like using the Trion forums.

    TL:DR ? I like rift, playing for the 30 days for now. It’s got potential. If you buy it, spring the extra 10 bucks for the collectors edition, it comes with a 60% mount, which you’ll be able to use as soon as you find a mailbox, that will greatly improve quality of life. Otherwise you’ll have to spend 2.50 platinum on a mount – it took me 20 levels to get that much money.

    Safe travels!


  7. BBB, I did a write-up about RIFT when it first came out, and it gives just about as good of an intro-overview as I could muster.


    That said, I will also add this: I’ve played a lot since then, a lot of my friends have started playing too after liking what I’ve showed them… and this game is REALLY FUN. If you like randomly meeting up with people to conquer world events or just like exploring a beautiful landscape, there is something for everyone.

    They did not reinvent the wheel. They just took everyone else’s trial-and-errors and made a close to perfect wheel.

    To respond to an earlier comment: I find it exactly the opposite when it comes to RIFT vs WoW. I find WoW infinitely more relaxing. It’s a new, fun world to explore. You can avoid the public content if you’d like to just, say, go around harvesting resources for crafting. The beta wasn’t a true example because *everyone* was in the same zone so Rifts spawned more often. They still spawn a lot, but not so much as to be an interference if you don’t want to participate (but, let’s be honest – you want to!)


  8. There is nothing yet that I know of but I am sure that in time they will add something. It is only good for them.

    I am beginning to grow fond of it as an alternative to WoW when I am getting bored or stressed with WoW and need something else to play just to pass the time and have some fun. Leveling seems really fast however. I am level 18 already and have only played a few hours. The UI customization is amazing and is something I think WoW should have done a lot time ago.

    If I have one complaint with it, it would be that the rifts spawn way to quickly and give lots of loot. The lots of loot is a bad thing only because of the extremely limited bag space. I go out to quest. Get into a rift battle, then another, then a third and now my bags are full and I have to go back to town before I even finished one quest. There you go, 30 minutes played, nearly a full level, and not one quest done and bags are full because I am a pack rat.

    It might be worth a try if what some of the people said is true that there is a 30 day free trial.


  9. I played the Beta for a weekend and tried to give me some time to get use to it, in the end I found it very clunky IMO, wow has spoiled me, it just doesn’t come close to how fluid wow flows compared to Rift, maybe in a few years the clunkiness will be ironed out and I’ll give it another shot, but for now I’ll stick to wow.


  10. I’m not sure if there is a trial, but I can say I’m really enjoying Rift on my nights off from raiding in Wow. Advantage of a 2-3d raid week, I can enjoy other things too 🙂 I would recommend trying out Rift if you haven’t already by now, it’s fun! World events are meh at my current lvl 22, but dungeons are fun and talent trees are super awesome.

    Gina @ healbot.net


  11. I tried it on Beta. It was okay … I liked some things about it .. the UI was cool, as was the automatic joining of local events – even the graphics were good. BUT … I’d play for a few hours then log into WoW and just breath a sigh of relief. Partly because it was familiar ground, but also because WoW is so much more “upbeat” – I play to relax, have fun and enjoy myself, and I found Rift’s graphics a bit depressing 😛

    On an unrelated note – what happened to the comments? They’re upside down!


    • You are the first and only person to point that out about the comments… and I just now realised I screwed it up in a setting. I know what I did, and where, so I’m gonna go fix it.

      Thanks a lot, Rowtan!


  12. My husband (the light the campfire on someone’s grave in WoW guy) and I are playing rift. I disagree with the ‘WoW Clone’ statement. They pulled stuff from a lot of games, not just WoW. Seems like they pulled the best bits and put them all together here. It has been a very smooth launch. Other then the queues on some servers, no real problems, no lag.

    The game itself is fun and accessible. Once you find a class and souls you like it can be very fun. It’s also a very inclusive game. No gear score crap, no dps meters (so far anyway). You can group or solo and still feel like you accomplished things.

    I do recommend it.


  13. I think Kyong is correct about your options, and many other things here.
    A few points of contention:
    1)The UI is ridiculously customizable. The only Addons I miss are threat plates and Power Auras. Everything else is natively included. It’s really silly,how much thought they put into the UI’s customization options.
    2)Graphics are a serious upgrade; stuff is pretty.
    3)Leveling can be done through quests, dungeons, PvP, or those nifty rift things you may have heard about. Unless you were planning to level through Archaeology or Herbing, I don’t see the limitation.
    3)No dungeon finder was a choice they made in hopes of creating more community… the erudition / lunacy of said decision will require time to reveal itself.
    4) Quit apologizing for your English! You write better than most folks who can claim nativity.

    OK, things from me, not to Kyong:
    1)If you’re happy in WoW and all of your friends are there, then you should only switch if you want something new. This game is not revolutionary.
    2)Rifts are really cool, though… unless you were intent on questing. They interfere with that mightily if no one attends to them.
    3)Mages can heal!
    4)Rogue tanks(!) can BLINK!
    5)Blinking is a fairly important part of rogue tanking.
    6)At least one rogue DPS soul can kill things (one or two levels below them) before they know the rogue is attacking them.
    7)Rogue tanking is like bear tanking with a DK’s bubble and a rogue’s recuperation.
    8)If you don’t opt out, when a stranger arrives by your side with the same objective as you, they can group with you by merely clicking the proper bit of your name plate. So far, this has only resulted in good things where I get to help / be helped with a quest objective that I would routinely have had to wait for in WoW. Or sneak it out from under someone else, but I’m not that guy. Farming nodes are still the realm of those with personalities of used suppositories, though.
    9)Did I mention rogue tanks can blink?

    That said, I’m only up to level 21, so I cannot be certain that there isn’t some killer feature up there of which you need to be made aware.

    I stand by point 1; if you’re happy with your friends and all in WoW, don’t move.


    • My point about the leveling stuff was because if you’re an altaholic, you will level through almost the same content again and again. After some zones you do have some choices to go to zone x or y, but it’s far more limited than WoW that you have Ashenvale, Duskwood, Hillsbrad and Wetlands for 20-25 for example.

      But yeah. It’s a great game, I’m really enjoying it and I don’t care about many things of it being the same as WoW, getting the good ideas from others is the way to success, or else it will become something like FF14. I just said that because there are people who do care (see TotalBiscuit video about Rift and its comments, for example), and if you do care, stay away from it. Just my 2c.


  14. This game has some interesting aspects with regard to classes. From what I’ve seen so far you have the option – in addition to specific DPS and PvP builds – to either tank or heal without changing your basic calling. Rogue tanks look viable, though the Rogue healer (the Bard) currently is not able to heal a group by itself.

    The graphics are ok – certainly more “realistic” then WoW – but I rather liked the comic style (personal preference)
    if you do not rush you will have enough to do leveling a toon on each side – I’ve been playing since headstart and still I’m “only” lvl 21.

    my Bard is a LOT of fun, though the frequency of Rift events starts to get annoying.

    overall we will see – in the end I think WoW will get a LOT better, because for the first time it has notable competition. Rift simply is FRESH, even if it’s a clone.

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  15. I am not aware of a free trial for Rift, but once you purchase the game, the first month is free. So you’re only out $50.

    That said, I’m loving Rift. I’ve only been through the first zone on each side (which takes you up to level 20 or so) and reacting to the world events is a lot of fun. The class system is interesting, although it takes some getting used to to see how they synergize. Also, it’s complicated enought that I’m not sure how it will play out in the end game.

    The public quest system is great. If you enter a rift area, you’ll be able to join the public group to take down the quest. When you finish, you get a reward depending on how much you’ve contributed. Also, if you are just running around the world, and someone is killing the things I need, I can join a group with them by clicking an icon on their portrait (it’s possible to not allow others to join if you’re so inclined).

    Chat has a lot of WOW bashing at times, which is kind of a drag, but overall the people seem nice enough. It’s a bit irritating that there’s no LFG tool.

    Anyway, I’d highly recommend it, at least for a month or two.


  16. I played in beta and bought the any at launch. After a great start i hit level 29 then couldnt face playing it anymore. The questing is bland, zones are linear ala cataclysm, rifts get repetitive fast and over all the game is just too easy. Give it a month or two and the negatives will arise 😉

    But yeah Id still advise people to give it a try, a lot of folks seem to like it but i have my doubts that it will be a long term success.


  17. I don’t think so. Probably your only option right now is buying the retail one, that comes with 30 days, just like Vanilla WoW.

    I bought it. It is a good game, but many disliked it because it is basically a WoW clone, but that isn’t always a bad thing. The UI is the same, the menus, the hotkeys, etc. everything is veeery familiar and natural. One of the only differences is the class system, that is really good IMO and have a huge amount of different specs, but I fear it may cause some serious balance issues.

    It’s a new game, so the end game isn’t finished yet, not that many people already tested it. The leveling is more limited than WoW. If you’re from the same faction you start at the same place and don’t have that many options to branch out like you have in WoW. The leveling is quite linear too, with many quest hubs with quest lines that send you to another quest hub and so on.

    They basically copied WoW, changed the graphics, improved some things (AoE looting ftw), but some things aren’t as good as WoW IMO (limited leveling options, no dungeon finder at the moment, no add-on support).

    So, yeah. You got to test it and see by yourself. It’s more like a love or hate game. Sorry for my bad English, native I’m not.


  18. I THINK that if you download the game, they give you the first month free. Not sure how long that lasts though.

    I too am very interested in trying it and have heard nothing but goods things about it.


    • Elsi; I know it’s probably not what you meant but…”they give you the first month free. Not sure how long that lasts though”…um, like somewhere around 30 days?

      Sorry, I’m a natural born wise-ass…can’t help it


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