The Chicago Bears!

No, not football.

Tomorrow morning, my family and I are taking a trip to visit Chicago. We’re going to be gone all week on a nice adventure, taking the train into the city, seeing all the sights, living large.

During this time, I won’t be on WoW at all, but I’ll still have my email and such.

There should still be post activity,  but I intend to spend what free time I have writing for the PBeM story, and putting WoW stuffs behind me for a while.

Have a safe week, my friends.

12 thoughts on “The Chicago Bears!

  1. food stops not to be missed
    1. Hot Dougs the hands down best HOTDOG jopint on the planet – bonus its across the street from Midway Games

    2. Kuma’s Corner – Hamburgers check the website ———-Metal Burgers Beer BEARS

    3. Taqueria El Asadero – on Montrose just west of Lincoln south side of the street, the Best homemade chips and Steak Burrito in the city

    Even you dont visit any of these PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF god GET OUT OF THE LOOP, Chicago is NOT the loop we work there we dont live there, get on the train see the neighborhoods. Wander…………….Chicago is full of shinies


  2. If you get as far north as Kenosha (it’s the end of the line on the red line metra) I would highly recomend Franks Diner for a breakfast or brunch type meal.

    Try the Garbage Plate. (Seriously, it’s epic enough that the Food Network sent Guy from Diners Drive-ins and Dives there for an episode)

    If you stop by let me know, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.


    • Hey Dech! I think cassie actually has Frank’s on our list of “Must eat here during trip” places. 🙂


      • Actually BBB is totally confused (a shock, I know) 🙂 We are staying in the Chicago downtown area this time. He was thinking you meant the red line “L” train, which we’re going to be right next to, not the red line metra (all these terms to learn) 🙂 But maybe we’ll catch Frank’s on our next trip up that way.


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