Would you like to appear in my story?

Hello, my friends.

This is for those of you that have been enjoying the ongoing adventures of Baron Terin Trendel and Jessie MacQuarrie in Converging Forces.

Things are moving ahead pretty rapidly now, and it recently occured to me that as a blog writer, I’m not really doing all I could to have the Converging Forces part of the blog be as interactive as the rest of it.

I view the blog as an ongoing chat with my friends, which all of you are if you’re a returning reader, and each new blog post is my seeding the conversation. I toss something out there and then we chat about it. I share my thoughts with you, you share yours with me… it’s all interactive fun.

Plus, it keeps me sane during long days at work, reminding me that the world isn’t actually 100% bloody idiots. Sometimes I need that, don’t you?

But the Converging Forces is so passive. I have two friends with characters in it, and they interact with me as I write the turns, and then the finished chapter is presented as something to read. There’s not interaction with YOUR ideas, there’s no place for you to get into the story yourself. 

Sure you can comment, but it’s not affecting anything in the story. It’s not the same.

Well, I’m gonna start thinking of ways to change that. 🙂

Manny, who plays Jessie MacQuarrie in Converging Forces, likes to tell the story of when his long distance friend was running a sci-fi role playing campaign, and had Manny role play the part of the big bad guy overlord boss the player character were working against, for well… years, I think, without them ever knowing that they were trying to outthink anyone other than the GM.

I’m not talking about going that far, at least not just yet. I’m gonna start a bit smaller first.

My first idea to implement is to see if any of my readers would be interested in seeing themselves as a non-player character somewhere in the story.

If you are interested, it’s not a contest or a competition, but here is what you can do;

Compose an email to me at thebigbearbutt@gmail.com with the following;

  • Title of the post should say “My idea for a character in Converging Forces”
  • The name you would like your non-player character to have in the story.
  • Whether you would like to be good, evil, or have some particular quirk of personality or motivation.
  • Describe in a short paragraph key points of personality and appearance that would help you feel as if the NPC shared something more with your imagination than name alone. 

You can add in anything you’d like AFTER that, but it’ll help me to get a quick idea of where you’re going with your idea, and how I might be able to fit it into my world.

An elven lass from distant shores, traveling the land and healing it of it’s wounds from the ancient devastation a thousand years gone by? A grizzled human veteran, now serving in some force somewhere, that had once ridden with Baron Terin during the wild days of the fall of Madrigal? A named critter that serves as mentor for a brief time, a barmaid making a brief appearance, a noble of a neighboring Duchy, or bad guy minions or even mid-level tough guys (and ladies) are not out of the question, just so you know.

Let’s have some fun here.

Email that in to me starting now, and if it’s something I can work with in the near future, I will email you back and let you know so you can watch for it in the weeks and months ahead. For this round, I will stop looking for submissions this next Friday, March 25th.

I have absolutely no idea if anyone is going to like the idea, but I think it sounds fun. I hope it does to you as well.


I do not promise that your named NPC will have a recurring role, or indeed anything other than a walk-on part as someone that appears briefly only to die in a horrible, gruesome death like any of hundreds of Red Shirted security officers in Star Trek. However, if I do use your proposed NPC idea, you understand up front that if I publish the final, much revised version of Converging Forces someday, that all characters appearing in the story are used by your implicit permission. So please, do not offer me your favorite character that is a key component of your own work, you may regret it someday when you go to publish.

3 thoughts on “Would you like to appear in my story?

  1. I immediately thought of Manny’s long distance puppeteering when I read the title of this. It’s just such a cool idea.

    Fun idea, BBB. Also a tease; now I’m going to have to catch up with the story. 😉


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