Cat Scratch Fever!

I’ve been kinda flailing around lately over on Azuremyst-US, trying to figure out just where my cheese was to be found.

You know. The Cheese. If you haven’t read it, that’s a great book, by the way.

I’ll let you read the Wiki entry about the book if you’re not already familiar with it. That’ll bring you up to speed fast enough.

Got it? Good!

Lot’s of talk around the community about being bored with WoW. Should I stay or should I go now… if I leave there will be trouble… and if I stay it will be double.

Well, not really. Who cares if someone takes off to play another game for a while? Or even leaves forever?

They’re just video games, after all.

Why do I feel like, upon uttering those words, a flashmob should spawn, with someone in the back crying, “Burn the witch!”

Well, I was feeling pretty burned out about playing WoW for a bit there. I had lost a sense of why I was going through the motions, why level if I just don’t have the time to raid with a guild regularly, and if raids can’t be successful as pugs anymore, then how utterly futile. Why even bother getting to 85 if the randoms are such a pointless mess when you pug. Such… blah.

I did some shopping around. Tried out DC Universe Online, tried Champions, thought about dipping my toe into Rift… they just weren’t feeling very cheesy to me.

I may not have been turned into a newt, but I got better just the same. I found my cheese.

The Cheese.

The Cheese represents your own joy, happiness, satisfaction, contentment. It’s supposedly what you want. It’s the grand prize. It’s why you’re paying a monthly fee to play a game… to get some kind of satisfaction or enjoyment out of it, right?

Unless you’re getting paid somehow for playing, whether by selling in game items or writing about the game for money. We won’t go there. 

If you log into WoW, are you getting your cheese? Are you happy, excited, ‘”Hells yes I’m playing WoW tonight, baby!”?

Or do you feel like you’re trapped in that old 80’s commercial for Dunkin Donuts?

Time to do the dailies… the dailies. Time to gear up to raid… gotta gear up to raid.

I love that commercial.

Is that you?

If so, hey, maybe your tastes have changed. What you find enjoyable has changed. Maybe you’ve mined this node for as long as you can, and it’s time to find a fresh spot to farm.

What is important is that if you ain’t getting your cheese, then GO GET SOME. In WoW, in Rift, in mowing your lawn, whatever.

You should be feeling pretty cheesy.

If you do move on, I have one request of you;

Please don’t shit all over what other people still love to do.

If you leave WoW to play Rift, that’s cool. Have you found your cheese there? Awesome! Just don’t go and shit all over the people playing WoW just because you found YOUR cheese somewhere else. That’s pretty low class.

I know you’re enthused, holy cow hot mama, there be some tasty CHEESE over here! Come and get some of this swiss, baby, this be tops! How can you idiots still be satisfied with that smelly old limburgher, that crap be sooo old!

Just because the cheese you have found is mighty tasty over there doesn’t mean we are stupid for enjoying the cheese we have over here. So shut it. Tell us what you like, thats always a help if we’re feeling a lack of tastiness and wondering where good cheese might be found. But don’t hate on us if we are still enjoying our own cheese.

Still playing WoW? That’s cool, too. No, it IS. Just don’t shit all over the people who leave WoW because they moved on. Yes, there are still lots of awesome in WoW, but if someone ain’t loving it anymore, well, they ain’t. It may hurt like heck, but they deserve to find and enjoy their cheese TOO.

I went looking for my cheese.

I think I’ve found it. Whee!

It was hard to find, but when I get home, I’ll tell you something. I’ve got that excitement to log in again, I’ve got that energy going, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I’m on a new server. That’s helping. I did NOT bring all my ‘mains’ over, so I spiritually left all that baggage behind. Having a full roster on a server, with many max level characters, means that to do ANYTHING new means something has to be destroyed.

That sucks.

Even worse, all those max level characters represent quests done, experiences had, and in some cases… achievements unfulfilled.

With a new server, there is a wide open slate to fill with whatever alts trip your fancy. New struggles without Heirlooms. Well, not struggles, but without Heirloom weapons at least you’ve got to start caring about upgrades, again.

And new opportunities to craft a new experience different from those before.

I know a lot of other players have pretty much completed all of WoW. Did all reputations, did Achievements, did all of the quest zones, got Loremaster, got anything and everything that cuold be done. It’s got to be hard for them to find any fresh cheese.

I never really did. I came close on my Druid, but once I did a faction change that kinda hosed up achievement tracking.

I’ve found my new cheese, my excitement with the game simply by leveling new characters, following the quests for the zones and experiencing the way the stories have changed… and thinking about completing Loremaster for the first time.

I found myself playing my new Worgen Druid, and thinking that it would be neat to do Loremaster and full exploration as I went. With some other new alts to break in from time to time.

So I spent some of last night banging around Teldrassil, way over level, doing all of the quests so I could get Darnassus rep.

I’m well into Revered, and I’m going to hit Exalted and be riding a pretty tiger mount well before level 30 at this rate. And that sounds pretty fun to me.

It’s unquestionably a sad time in the community. People are leaving to find their cheese, and we miss them. A lot of folks are hanging on even though they ran out of cheese long ago, and they’re getting bitter and cranky about it.

I’m sorry, but it really is that simple. If you run out of cheese… go to where the cheese IS. Or, and this is always an option, make your OWN cheese!

[snicker] Sorry… I’m having a hard time working through the euphemisms here. I’ll get better in a minute.

I didn’t have to leave WoW to find new cheese… and when the cheese starts tasting stale where I’m at, then I’ll either try some new flavor of cheese, or I’ll go see if the cheese I left behind in Kael’thas has started looking pretty darn tasty.

And maybe the horse will sing.

In the meantime, I really do wish each and every one of you success in finding your cheese and cutting off a nice, fat, tasty slice.

For me, for now, my kitty Druid is providing me with a rich, smoky flavor that I’m finding very satisfying.

If I didn’t have so many other things I ALSO wanted to do, like read John Ringo’s “Life Free or Die”, or write James’ next turn, my life would be complete. So much to do, so little freaking time!

And who knows? Someday, when I hit 85 on my Druid on Azuremyst, maybe i’ll even go on some randoms or something? The mind boggles!

In conclusion, I leave you with a little hawt kitty lovin’.

11 thoughts on “Cat Scratch Fever!

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  2. Thank you for reminding people to stay positive about finding their cheese.

    My son is almost six, and he’s hit that stage where he’s got an opinion on everything. EVERYTHING. “How can you EAT that?” he’ll exclaim with disgust, not remembering that he’s turning his nose up at his favorite dish from a year ago.

    “With a fork,” I usually reply. Unless it requires a spoon, in which case, that’s what I tell him.

    There are plenty of thing that are objectively bad. Battlefield Earth, for instance. That was bad. Or Showgirls. That was bad.

    But most things are good in some way. And if people find enjoyment in them? Good for them. The world needs more enjoyment and fun.

    Just because you don’t like the cheese now, doesn’t mean you didn’t like it some other time, and doesn’t mean that other people can’t like it.

    Nice post, BBB.


  3. I’ve, instead of a new server, started a troll druid on the same server to try out… the quest lines are different and it’s fun to make my way around, the game feels new. Ha and being smart I started her on two gathering proffs so can save up some gold on her. I’ve tried other games as well and still keep finding my way back to WoW. To make it more family fun, I’ve resurrected my second account so the kids can co-op and now that they have their rogue and druid just over 20 they want to hit bg’s together.


  4. /cheer for Cheese! So glad you found some that’s tasty. 🙂

    On a side note, I knew a Warlock once who loved cheese. He was a pretty big, bad, demon-possessed-and-therefore-rather-disturbing-Warlock so we used to keep cheese on hand to bribe and distract him when necessary. Ah, we miss you Valinski! So does the Trias family. I heard they’re discussing a bankruptcy filing….


  5. I feel where your coming from. I went to several new servers and landed on CC with RL friends 🙂 I’m having fun in the game again 🙂 Good luck with the new server and if your ever on CC horde side give me a shout.


  6. It’s wild you posted this. I’m coming up on the point where I will start paying for Rift and am thinking about WoW more and more. Maybe it’s the month away, maybe I’m just running out of steam with Rift, I don’t rightly know, but the excitement you just mentioned is creeping back into ma bones. Feels kinda like an ex-girlfriend that shows up at the bar while I’m courting my new sweetheart, and damn, I’ve always loved that dress.


  7. I was introduced to that book when the company I worked for was moving toward closing our branch: “Hi, we know you all worked very hard for us and soon you’ll all lose your jobs (but not before we try to find reasons to fire you so you won’t get unemployment benefits, but here’s a video about how if you get screwed by layoffs it’s all YOUR fault!”

    (This being the same company that lectured us about how EVIL and TERRIBLE unions were and where managers habitually lied to employees.)

    BUT, that being said, I totally dig the point of your post, and I’m looking for some fun-cheese myself. I poked my nose back into Warhammer Online, but alas my computer doesn’t like it much (or my connection doesn’t). Shame, since I was kinda in the mood for some Greenskin chaosin’. My main in WoW is around 84.5 and I want to get her to 85, but that feels more like an obligation to the character than something I wanna do.

    So I, too, have been thinking of rolling up something new on a brand-new server. Maybe a PvP one! Scary — but definitely /different/. It’s just hard to decide which one; I worry I’ll pick a bad server.

    Your wolfkitty is cute. 🙂


  8. so true….

    unfortunately MY big problem is a Crab made my cheese taste foul and there is no real other cheese around

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


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