My own worst enemy

I was reading the latest post by Faeldray at Petaholics Anonymous, and enjoying it immensely, when it occured to me that I hadn’t mentioned one of the key things that had brought back some of my enthusiasm for WoW… and which was also one of the things that had originally killed some of my WoW fun.

And it all had to do with being a petaholic.

I think I mentioned it at the time, that when patch 4.0 came out right before Cataclysm was released, Cassie and I both rolled Human Hunters to enjoy the new quest revamps and changed world.

We also simultaneously rolled Horde characters, both Trolls, to try that new quest zone out and explore the flip side of the coin.

Well, we got ourselves up in level on our Hunters enough that I was struck by a funny thought.

“With both lowbie Horde in Barrens, and lowbie Human Hunters on Alliance, wouldn’t it be neat if our Trolls took turns completing the quest that summons Echeyakee the gorgeous White Lion, and let both Human Hunters tame him? We could be the only level 16s running around in Elwynn with white lions. That would be pretty cool.”

We did that thing. Both our Hunters journeyed to storied Northern Barrens, and we took turns summoning Echeyakee for each other.

I loved that cat. I quested through all of Westfall, Redridge, Duskthingieborezone and ALL of Stranglethorn with that cat on my new Hunter.

I really enjoyed the character in all ways.

But there’s a but. On this blog, how could there not be? A really big one.

When Cataclysm was finally released, it was my level 80 Hunter I leveled first. All the way to 85, and then ran things and got geared, and had a great time.

Along the way, leveling professions and all that jazz, doing the reputation chains… I had a hard time imagining ever leveling the second hunter, what with all of my other level 80s clamoring for leveling attention.

For a few months, the low level Hunter sat, untouched and alone.

I’ve long had every slot on Kael’thas filled, to the point that anything I want to make that is new is gonna end up with a level 50 something dying first.

I wanted to try a Goblin Warlock. I’d never leveled a Goblin yet, hadn’t seen the zone all the way through. Somebody had to go.

The Human Hunter, my only doubled class (except for my Troll Druid on the Horde side) was, logically, the one that had to go.

I deleted my Hunter, and in the process the cat I loved was gone.

After the Hunter was deleted, I realized that the white lion represented more to me than just a pretty pet. It was a constant reminder of a wonderful moment where Cassie and I worked together to accomplish something that had absolutely no effect on being more powerful, or better geared, or higher level… it was something we did just for fun and because we love playing Hunters and we love the looks of that cat, and it was something that was impossible for either of us to do without the other.

It took a week or so to really feel it, but killing that Hunter also killed a good bit of my enjoyment of the game itself.

Well, when I created a few new alts on Azuremyst, one of the things I’ve done is create a new Human Hunter. Different name, slightly different appearance, but in general the same character.

And Cassie, without my saying anything, surprised me this afternoon by telling me she created a Horde character on Azuremyst for the express purpose of leveling to the point that she can summon Echeyakee for me.

So, can lightning strike twice? Will I fall in love with a kitty all over again?

I think so.

I know people have some strong feelings that WoW has changed recently, that it’s no longer fun to play.

For myself, I can’t blame WoW. I blame myself, for bone-headed moves like deleting a character that had, in a short time, come to mean a lot to me.

Blizzard didn’t do that, I did. And if I hadn’t made the Goblin and acted sooner, Blizzard probably could have done something about getting the character back, kitty and all.

Has anyone else out there ever done something like that? Specifically, done something for practical reasons that you later really regretted for emotional reasons?

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  1. I hire and fire lowbies all the time. (delete reroll). As a matter of fact, when I came back to WoW, I rerolled my entire account to start at the bottom again. There might be one or two RP toons that I regretted firing, but over all not as bad as I used to be. Now my main Mhorgrim (tank) I would be a serious basket case if I fired him. I spent too much time developing him as a tank and a hella lot of gold in the process. I would have to go back to a serious RP mentality though to gain the full attachments again. Though I gotta say, I am starting to bond to my lil goblin. Terrible of me…really.


  2. Thank you for this story… Doing something special like this with another in Wow are my strongest memories… and often why I keep coming back.

    The emotion from many years of playing with so many “bonding” moments…

    IF nothing else this reminds me of, or actually emotes, feelings of long past camaraderie and bonding that we all have done, all miss, and all sometimes have a hard time putting our finger on what it is we miss.

    Wow has certainly made an impact on me in ways I probably will never understand.

    P.S. I love that cat too.. still have the quest on my 85 rogue “just in case” someone needs to summon him. : )


  3. From the perspective of “wish I didn’t do that” –

    I created a Gnome Mage back during TBC, and one of the driving factors to me leveling that character was so that he could craft and ride the (at the time) new Engineering mount. Strange as it may sound, it was his tradeskill that got me to level through some of the more frustrating points. Of course, like most classes, once I got past the early levels I started to really, really enjoy the class.


    This Gnome was named “Police”. A damn perfect name for a Gnome Frost Mage with Engineering. And as it turns out, all those gnomish engineering gadgets made him more fun than I expected. Mind Control, Rocket Boots, World Enlarger, Death Ray – each of these were even MORE amusing when used by a bald Gnome.

    Fast forward to WotLK and the Argent Tournament. See the Tournament offered factions specific non-combat pets that were BOE! Of course, I just had to have them. I wasn’t about to pay thousands of gold on the AH for a pet, AND I always wanted a high level Horde character. So I decided to spend some money to change one of my characters to Horde.

    At the time my choices were:

    Paladin – my main character and thus not gonna happen
    Warlock – my oldest character, not gonna happen
    Warrior – the most obvious choice, but he was on another server and thus more expensive
    Mage – No reason NOT to
    Druid – I’ve never been a fan of Tauren Druids, and my Druid had already completed the tournament – and I didn’t want to repeat the process on the same character

    So it was the Mage.

    Let me tell you, that character lost a ton of personality when it became a Blood Elf. Nothing else was different! I still had Engineering, I still had all the Frost Mage tricks, I still had the NAME. Hell I even crafted a Mechanohog for him! But it wasn’t nearly as fun as I had hoped.

    After a few months I had all the Horde pets and transferred them over to Alliance via the neutral AH, but the Mage stayed Horde.

    Then, about 2 months pre-Cataclysm I was working hard to finish the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline. The only thing I had left to do was craft the Arcanite Bouy, kill Maws, and turn in the Blue Shard. Except that Elementium Ore was going for insane prices – somewhere around 5k a PIECE – and I needed 9. On a whim I offered on Horde-side to buy some at 1k a piece. And boom, I got all 9.

    I was not about to trust the neutral AH with such a valuable items (I’ve been burned before), and that was all the excuse I needed to get my Mage back to a proper Gnome.

    And now he’s all kinds of fun again!

    And that turned out to be a longer story than I expected…


  4. It’s funny. I just started leveling up a Tauren Priest (!) … and got the quest for Echeyakee … and I refuse to do the quest, simply for the possibility of being able to give that pet to a hunter character.

    Related aside, I have The Razza as the ‘main’ pet on my ‘big’ hunter. Another hunter saw me standing around, waved at me, then started summoning and dismissing his pets in front of me. Once I realized what he was doing, I flew off towards the stables, told him to follow, and we proceeded to show off our ‘rare pets’ to each other.

    I’ve done the PVP thang, I’ve done the raiding thang … but there’s something about doing the “little things” (pet collecting, companion collecting, even tabard collecting) that makes this game fun for me. I’m probably not the type of person Blizz was targeting for this game since I have that mindset, but oh well. I have fun and that’s all that matters.


  5. I’ve done that, with pets on my hunter. That being said, my little belf will NEVER abandon her white ghost paw wolf! I was a new player at the time, all of level 20, and saw the wolf and KNEW I had to have one. Preypacer as been at my hunter’s side ever since.


  6. For me the cut off is level 10. If a character is above that then it causes me physical pain to type in DELETE just because I know that I am effectively throwing away hours of playtime. It feels like running a race and then throwing away the trophy. Perhaps that is a bit dramatic and I should enjoy the levelling process rather than the end result…


  7. As a level 15 night elf hunter, I wanted a dragon hawk. 8 hour journey from the wetlands through eastern plaguelands – naked. dying every few steps. I went naked because I knew I would need my gear once I got to Eversong. Longest, painful, and deadly journey ever. I didn’t return to the eastern plaguelands till I had to for LoreMaster. NEVER NEVER would I delete AtomicBall.


  8. I created a blood elf hunter alt with the express purpose of getting the beautiful ghost saber. So, I took my lowbie hunter into the Darkshore zone (on a pvp server no less) and spent hours trying to get it to spawn and tamed. A ghost saber while stealthed is great to look at.

    Today, at 85, even with all the spirit beasts and hunter pet changes that have since come about, my saber “Eclipse” is THE pet for me. Through all the grief I took from raiders in Lich King (“You should have the wolf pet so we can get the howl buff…” and all the other varieties of pets, I sincerely doubt that I will ever change to a different pet as it just MEANS something to me.


  9. I’m a packrat when it comes to characters. Unless I absolutely need the room, I won’t delete a character. I’ve actually anguished over deleting a level 10 bank alt simply because she had inadvertently been involved in some roleplaying and had developed a personality.

    I will admit that my petoholism has gone down in the sense that it’s pretty much restricted to my main now. Having said that, her stables are just about full, meaning yes she does have almost 25 pets. >.>

    The only problem that comes out of that is all my hunters are attached to particular types of pets. My main Niqora and her wolf Blacky are stuck together like superglue and…something else really sticky. I have the ideas for a spunky belf with a raptor pet, and an orc hunter with a menagerie of hyenas.

    If only we could get as many character slots per server as stable slots per hunter…


  10. I had rolled a gnome warlock about 5 minutes after I started playing wow. She was the third toon I had created (yeah I went on a creating spree when I first started to play). A few months ago I deleted here because it had been what..4 years since I created her and she was only level 36. But I deleted here and immediately regretted it. I may not have played her much, but I obviously had some attachment to her and to my surprise, so did some of my guild members. So I begged Blizz to restore her and I had Lockette back within 24 hours 😀


  11. I have almost the exact reverse happening for me at the moment. I have a full stable on Ysera with my lowest at 77. I love leveling more than any other aspect of the game so I’m dying to make something new and start fresh. I’m even contemplating doing what I can to get my guild the every class/race achievement by starting new with the intention of getting to 85 and guild honored and then deleting the new one. (Assuming that if the character is created to be disposable then it will be easier? Maybe?) But with a 77 my lowest and all other characters 80 or higher, each with memories and associations tied to them… I sit on the screen thinking about deleting more than I do playing. I’ve moved a lot of characters over the years and I simply can NOT justify paying for another transfer. So here I sit, too afraid to delete someone because of that regret that may (or may not) come once it’s too late to undo things.


  12. I do things for practical reasons that I would prefer not, for emotional reasons, all the time IRL. One of my pleasures in playing WoW is getting to do “impractical” but emotionally satisfying things, my choice, because “practical” doesn’t mean much to me, in game 🙂 Let that white cat roar!


  13. Yep…deleted my twinked out Troll mage to make a Goblin rogue…and I am tired of the Goblin already. I can’t imagine what I was thinking; I loved that mage, she was the ultimate in cool. And I am a caster, can’t stand playing melee. My problem with melee is that I can’t see what’s going on…and a GOBLIN melee class? An extremely SHORT character playing melee? I am just always lost playing her – all I can see is kneecaps. So she sits at 42 and I want my mage back!

    BTW, I also have the white lion on my hunter…His name is now Coltrane and he is my absolute favorite pet 🙂


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