An Idea Whose Time Has Come

One fact of life here in Minnesota is the concept of the party. Wherever you live, you probably have something close to the same.

Not a real party, like, “Hot diggity, get you some booze and hot tunes, we’re gonna invite all our friends and rock this joint” party.

Oh, no.

No, I’m talking about an organised function where someone has a product, and they invite all their friends and family over for a ‘party’, where the product gets shown around, free samples might get handed out, crafts are done, little snacks are shared… it doesn’t sound all THAT bad, does it?

The only real downsides to these damn things are that you’re inviting your friends and family, and most of them know the idea is that you come over and spend money on shit. The person hosting the party and gathering all these people generally get some kind of kickbacks, the more stuff people buy.

“Hey, come on over to my house this Friday, you can have snacks and buy a few things, and I’ll get free shit.”

If it were presented that way, you’d feel a lot less guilty about saying “No thanks, I have to wash my artificial turf. Big game is only 8 months away, and I want to be ready.”

But no. It’s always, “Hey, do you have anything planned this weekend? No? Well, I’m having a candle party, do you think you’ll be able to come?”

You know the deal. This is a friend or family member inviting you, and you just hit them up for pledges for your son’s Jumprope for Heart Disease marathon or something, and now they’re getting you back. It’s your turn in the barrel.

That’s fine. It’s okay. In fact, it’s nice to have an excuse sometimes.

But here’s my big gripe.

The stuff is rarely shit you actually WANT.

Guys, you know what I’m talking about. Candles. Macrame. Cookware. Tupperware. Dish Soap, for God’s sake.

Dish Soap? Really?

Now, the Girl Scouts have the right idea, but I don’t care WHAT you say, there IS an upper limit on how many Thin Mints and Samoas you can eat at one sitting. And no matter how tasty they are, we need more viable product alternatives than cookies. If all we get are cookies, at some point, you’re gonna look around yourself at the wreckage of empty packages, all sitting there mocking you with their emptiness, and say, “Damn, that was a lot of cookies. I need Jenny Craig.”

It occurred to me today, while discussing the candle party my darling wife will be going to this week, that I feel no draw to go to this thing whatsoever.

It’s a candle.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite stores in the mall was called Wicks & Sticks. They had candles and incense and stuff, but my favorite thing was they were the only store in the entire mall that had neat shit like dragons perched on castles and crystal balls and stuff. They had those massive sculptures of fantastic things, and oh yeah… you could stick a candle inside to make, like, the dragon’s marble eyes glow. Hell yes!

Don’t get all excited. That isn’t what a modern candle party is.

They’re actually, like, candles. I know! Candles sound great, but once you’ve got kids, you realise that more than anything else, what candles are are things that, once lit, BURN SHIT.

I like the basic idea of getting some friends and family together, snacks, a few drinks, have some laughs, and check out some small products that you can order while you’re there. I do.

But how the hell to get the GUYS involved in this? There’s gotta be something you can come up with to get my attention. To capture my interest.

To get a big ‘ol HELL YEAH!

And then I had it.

The product has to be something that you could special order, in lots of different varieties. It’s gotta be something that, sure, you could get locally, but there should be something special about ordering it. Like, you’re looking forward to getting it when it comes in.

And it’s got to be something that you could have at a party, and order, that your wife really wouldn’t be happy about your buying normally, but will allow it because they just dropped $350 on a scrapbooking party lst month and are kinda screwed on the whole balance of trade situation just at the moment.

What’s that? A Wine and Cheese tasting?

You’ve got the right idea, sampling lots of different wines and cheeses and then special ordering stuff, that’s a good idea. Alcohol, cheese, not bad. But waaaay too upscale for my tastes.

What’s that? Beer or whiskey? You’re getting a heck of a lot closer, but the trouble with that is, the draw of such a party would be sampling lots of varieties, and unless you own a liquor store, each manufacturer has their own label, and that’s about it. I don’t see Budweiser getting all excited about sponsoring a beer tasting, unless all you’re tasting are Budweisers.

Not seeing a lot of indies in that kind of mix, you know?

Let’s drill down one more layer. Let’s talk about something that is truly, inherently manly. Something you just DO NOT see women buy all that much as a snack food.

Something with tons of varieties, and ALL of them are good.

That’s right. I’m talking about JERKY.

Guys, the time has come we have a party of our own.

We get a bunch of friends over, we have games to suit the group (RPGs, Illuminati, Poker, I don’t care), we have beer, throw a good movie with explosions up on the big screen, talk shit and sample some jerky.

There’s the meats; turkey, venison, beef, ham, bacon, buffalo, ALLIGATOR… if it’s a meat, there’s a jerky. Bet yer butt.

And the flavors! You’ve got your traditional “it’s smoked, stupid”, you’ve got your black pepper, sweet and hot, teriyaki, maple, hickory wood smoke, cajun spiced, habanero, barbeque…

Admit it. This is a product that almost demands passing around a shitload of little samples while men drink beer and get rowdy.


It’s like the promised land of smoked meat.

I can picture it now, a bunch of guys in a den, beer flowing, loud talk, farting away unrestrained. Freedom.

On the big screen, Red is on, and Bruce Willis is being sardonic while John Malkovich is one crazy son of a bitch.

Everyone is relaxed, a poker game is getting fired up, and from out of the kitchen comes a couple guys with big platters of smoked meats.

“Dig in, you bastards.”

When the smoke clears, the beer is gone and the meat has been devoured, a host of satisfied men are asked, one by one, ‘So, what you want to order, Jim? You went through that Teriyaki Buffalo like a ferret on crack.”

“Shit man, I dunno, I can’t even see straight. What’s the biggest size bag ya got?”

“This is jerky for real men, Jim. We go up to 10 pound bags.”

“Hell yes, sign me up for one of those. And, uh… a couple pounds of the sweet and hot fer the missus.”

I have a dream… a dream that someday soon, men can gather together and eat some damn fine beef jerky, drink some beer, shoot the shit, and when they go home, tell their wives, “Hey, bet I got out of mine cheaper than you got out of yours. How many Tupperware cups does one family need, anyway?”


Excuse me while I call up, see if I can get a sponsorship deal….

34 thoughts on “An Idea Whose Time Has Come

  1. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!! I never laughed so hard. Thank God I’m not the only one, who avoids those kinds of parties. My sister and I love jerky. I guess not having brothers messed us up. Thanks so much for the free entertainment.


  2. The emu jerky is really quite good. Australia – where we eat our national emblems 🙂 I can’t see Bald Eagle jerky anywhere, what’s with that?


  3. Dang. This idea.. it is pure genius! As a female, I would happy attend a jerky party, just.. don’t give me beer. ;D


  4. Oh man…jerky 8D I’ve been stealing it from my dad’s personal stash in the pantry since I was a kid! He also tends to bring it along on trips in small vehicles that get really stinky when he opens a bag :/ I would so go to a jerky party, or really any party that involved food rather than goods. Because yea, you eventually reach your limit on candles, glass figurines of adorable woodland creatures, and even tupperware, but everyone needs to eat! If you wanted to go really nuts, you could try for some less-common meats; there’s no beef jerky to be had where I live, but dried squid is the way to go!!


  5. Mentioned the idea to the companies ‘smoker/bbq/MEAT’ guy and he was ‘on it!’ We do Rock Band instead of gaming or poker… but the beer flows… adding in the jerky angle, I’m sure we can get a full house no problem.

    I’m in New Mexico, so we have some flavors you probably never heard of – but if you’re into the spicier side, jalapeno is good, but red chile and green chile will knock your socks off. Have a local joint that sells all kinds of flavors, in both beef and pork. wonder if I can have them sponsor a party…

    mmm jerky.


    • You know, I can only WISH that I could put on a jerky party, and that every single one of you could attend. I could then ahppily eat my words… and some jerky.

      The temptation to start talking about all of us sitting in a jerky circle is a hard one to resist, and having found resistance to be futile, I at least hope I worked it in as inoffensively as possible.


  6. @ mmm yummmmm I so agree with you … I’m hoping I don’t have to sex change to attend … that would be … extreme


  7. I know you probably don’t want to hear this but even to some girls, this idea sounds great. And teriaki is my favorite with peppered coming in second. Deer and turkey are the only non mainstream jerky I have eaten.


    • Oh I’d LOVE to hear that! I’ve just personally never, ever met any member of the female body politic that ever admitted to liking beej jerky. The very aroma of my opening a bag in the car during a long trip can make Cassie ill.


      • Ha, Sorry BBB but I love beef jerky so much I make my own, usually with a little maple syrup and other “secret” seasonings, my 11 year old daughter loves our spicy version and my son… well any kind that I make. Besides beef, I’ve also made moose, venison and buffalo jerky. Actually when I make it the kids dad usually takes in some to sell to the guys at work.


  8. The man party CAN be a reality, Bear!!!

    If you can dream it, be it! (although instead of poker, I go for a more geek trend of illuminati or munchkin… Geeks can be men too)


    • +1

      Oh yeah. That’d be a great delivery item. The smell of premium jerky wafting through the house every month as I rip open the box. 😀 Where’s my beer at dammit!!!?!?!


  9. There’s the meats; turkey, venison, beef, ham, bacon, buffalo, ALLIGATOR… if it’s a meat, there’s a jerky. Bet yer butt.
    I’m a South African, and we have a similar thing to Jerky called Biltong, as a nation we absolutely love that s#1t! And I have seen it for just about anything, Kudu, Springbok, Warthog … etc… etc… but I once saw, and then tried out of morbid curiosity, CHICKEN biltong. And just in case you do ever come across a dried cured version of chicken, DON’T EAT IT!!!! It’s awful!!

    As to the point of the post, brilliant idea! I see a market!


  10. Okay, this may have been your best idea EVER! I’ve following your blog for a long, long time, and this is the first post (mostly because you were blocked on our corporate firewalls). Seriously….Awesome.


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