The Horns of a Dilemma

MMO Champion had a news update today that brought a tear of joy to my bloodshot eyes.

Check this blurb out;

Real time guild chat on your phone. Keep in touch with your guildmates and always be in on your guild’s discussions with the new mobile Guild Chat feature. With a subscription to World of Warcraft Remote, you can view and participate in your guild’s chat in real time, engage in one-on-one conversations with other guild members, and more!

That just made me stop dead in my tracks, as my mind spun with the implied potential awesome involved here.

Let’s contemplate for a moment the entire WORLD of ‘are you freaking kidding me’ that we just got a peak at.

What we have just been told is the technology has been developed and is on the cusp of being implemented to allow us to not only follow a designated chat channel LIVE, but to actually interact with it. To post to it. And even better, you will be able to send instant messages from your mobile device to a specified individual within World of Warcraft!

Oh my God.

Envision with me for a moment, if you will, the inevitable decision a cost-conscious executive at Blizzard Activision will be forced to make.

Do you release the functionality as is, a benign tool that will possibly bring guild members even closer together?



Do you go for the big money, and release this as a for-pay service to allow people to follow, interact with, and post to the Trade chat channel?

That’s right. I said it. Somewhere in Blizzard Activision, someone is going to think of it. They may not be serious, and they may know they’ll be shouted out of the meeting room if they dare to suggest it, but SOMEONE is going to consider, however briefly, just how much money could be made unleashing a mobile trolling app to the World… of Warcraft.

Tell me you think I’m lying. I dare you.

A Mobile Trolling App.


Now, this is an amazing development, but… I can go one better.

You knew I could.

If you’re gonna go this route, why not go the rest of the way?

Why not implement Google Map and Google Latitude technology, so the person on the mobile app, AND the person playing WoW, can both ping their actual, physical location?

Come on… it’s where we all want this to go.

You know damn well that you WANT to be able to find out where in the world that damn Troll is living, track them down, and give them a good old ass kicking.

You know you do.

Admit it. You’d pay for that service, wouldn’t you?

Even if you didn’t live close enough to do it yourself… I bet you could find someone in Guild that did, and who might pay the troll a little visit… if the price was right. Or if you promised to give them some of your DKP. 

Now, can you follow me to the NEXT logical step in this chain of events? Do you see it coming?

Oh, yeah.

I’m talking about the first ever court case that would arise from someone in a virtual MMO paying virtual gold to a person in their own guild that they never met before in real life to solicit a ‘hit’ on another person for real life revenge. Revenge… for being textually assaulted and virtually /spat on in an MMO.

I soooo want to be in the courtroom to see the look on the judge’s face as the attorney tries to explain THIS one.

15 thoughts on “The Horns of a Dilemma

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  2. Got bumped up to full time temporarily and would love if this was active right now, also wish I didn’t have to buy the ah stuff as well. I hardly use the ah as is, I don’t really need it away from the game.


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  4. I, for one, would welcome the google map idea. Call it the Trollinator app. I think that there would be a lot less trolling going on if someone could, for $2.99 let’s say, find out where they could go to put their foot in your arse.

    An armed society is a polite society, right?

    Then again, Blizz would probably then hire “professional trolls” to get people to fork over the $2.99 to find out where they live. . .


  5. Hilarious. It would be funnier if the sad fact that this is only going to be available in the already for-pay auction house app, so will not be available for free. Profit already found. 😦


  6. A post a day or a post every ten doesn’t matter to us. We will still be here. I think I speak for all of your lurkers in saying that I hope that you and your family all feel better really soon!


  7. On no… Oh no…

    I see a who new reality TV series coming out… Screw Iron Chef, try “TurboTroll and the Gnome Avengers”.

    Damn, I missed the “Trolling” category didn’t I?

    As well as the “Trolling the trollers” category.

    I didn’t even bother with the “Warped humor” category – all my posts fit that category.

    Hope the family is hopping about like a mob of wild kangaroos (as opposed to our domesticated Roos which we use as domestic servants – beer pouch FTW!) before those dropbears take you down.


  8. Oh, and I apologise for not posting for so long. I want to, but I’ve been sick, Cassie has been sick, Alex has been sick, I’ve been putting crushing hours in at work, my brother in law is REALLY sick, and did I mention crushing hours at work? Basically, by the time I’m sitting in front of a computer, all I can muster the energy for is to log in and hide from the world on my (level 52) Hunter alt.

    The only writing I’ve done has been on the Converging Forces.

    I didn’t want to do a “real life is here, sorry for no posts” post like Gnomer mentioned today, because he said he didn’t like ’em. So I waited until I had a post that was a post. I hope this post qualified as a post.

    BTW… Gnomer, which category you described today would THIS post qualify for? Hmmm?

    God, I loved Gnomers post yesterday, though. And today. I mean, i usually love them, but yesterday was just the shit.

    If you haven’t seen it, this was the greatest post evah! I just wished I’d have written it, cause it came from my heart too.


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