A Call to Bribe

To the point.

Blizzard has announced that they’re gonna try bribing people to get them to queue as tank in the “Looking For Dungeon” random people-matching tool.

They gussied it up to make it sound like DPS players may end up just as scarce some day and would see the bribes too. Call me cynical, but while I play a character in a virtual world, I like to think my common sense is still fixed in the real one.

It’s a Call to Tank. It’s possibly a Call to Heal. DPS are not, I say again my last NOT, going to see any bribes out of this.


I’m not gonna argue the potential effectiveness of their chosen motivational technique. I don’t have the figure(s) for it.

I could go on at length, as others have, and as The Daily Blink so evocatively depicted, by claiming that all this will do is bring more unqualified people to queue as tanks, increasing the crushing unhappiness of those trying to get a run.

I know that when I spend 40 minutes in a queue, I’m not thinking to myself, “Boy, I can’t wait to get a tank so we can go win.”

No, what I’m thinking is, “Boy, after waiting for 40 minutes for this to pop, I sure as heck hope this group doesn’t suck. I’ve already blown half my night.”

But I’m not gonna delve into that.

What I want to ask is, “Is that the best they could come up with for a bribe?”

Look, you want me to tank a random, and we’re talking a 100% random because to get the bribe you’re not allowed to queue with ANY friends, not even a healer you trust, then you better make it worth my while.

What’s that? You say the super short, almost non-existent delay tanks get should be bribe enough?

I agree. You’re right.

But it’s not, is it? If it was, Blizzard wouldn’t be making an attempt to add an additional incentive to get us to queue up.

So… everyone here heard the old joke?

Two guys are working on fixing a car. One turns to the other and asks, “Hey Joe, would you suck a guy’s dick for a billion dollars?”

The other guy thinks about it for a minute, and then says, “Yeah, sure. If someone offered me a billion dollars, you’re damn right I would.”

So the first guy asks, “Would you suck my dick for a dollar?”

Joe looks pissed and says, “Hell no! What do you think I am?”

And the first guy says, “We already established that, now we’re just haggling over the price.”

You may ask yourself, “Did he just call all tanks…?”

My answer to you is, no. No, I did not.


I can tell you one thing for sure and for certain. If Blizzard expects me to be a whore, the price you’re offering ain’t anywhere NEAR high enough for me.

I may have shocked quite a few of you by using the language I have.


I have never seen anything inherently wrong with shocking people, if it helps to get them seeing things from a different point of view. If you want your worldview coddled and wish to avoid anything that might harsh your mellow, then I suggest you leave the internet entirely. Or try to stick to websites that show nothing but cute cat videos, like I do.

I do not queue as a tank for LFD. Ever. I, personally, love tanking above all other group roles available in the game, and yet, I do not queue for randoms as a tank.


Because of the attitudes I encounter when I’ve tried. The behavior. The abuse.

I’ve talked about it plenty of times before. I’m not going to rehash that either, Rebecca did an outstanding job of it yesterday.

Mainly, I don’t queue because I got tired of being called fail if I put up a crowd control mark, fail if I paused so a healer could recover mana, and got sick and tired of arrogant DPS chain pulling the mobs FOR me if I kept to my own pace anywayc.

So. I stopped queueing up as a tank in LFD because of the abuse I was receiving. Chance at loot and Purples and points to buy loot were not more valuable to me than my self-respect.

Apparently, I am not the only one whose sense of self-respect is strong enough to refuse to put up with abuse.

Blizzard’s answer to this dilemma is to offer us better bribes. To up the offer. To raise the price the’re offering.

To haggle over price.

Okay, if that’s where you’re going with it, fine.

All I can do is ask myself, “What would it take to get me to put up with the abuse and start queueing again? Especially when I only get the rewards by running without a single friend for moral support?”

Would a non-combat pet do it?

Hell, no. And this is coming from an outspoken advocate of pet collecting. I’ve got a LOT of pets on my main, and I’m telling you, no. Not with the pets that they are suggesting they are offering.

Now, IF they added into the pool those pets that you CANNOT get except by spending money or having taken part in a previous promotion.. pets that you only got by buying a Collectors Edition, or through the Trading Card Game, or through the Winter Olympic PvP event, or by playing the game in other countries, or by personally attending a Blizzcon in France…

YES, that would be enough to encourage me to queue.

Yes, I know. I know exactly what that makes me. I never said I wasn’t, I just want to haggle over the price. 🙂

It’s the same with mounts. Sure, they’re offering a chance, a slight chance, for mounts… but they’re mounts that the exact same tanks have a chance to get by soloing the original instances, without deling with idiots.

But Blizzard has said up front that the mounts you WOULD want, the ones only obtainable in raids like Karazhan, The Eye, or the now-defunct troll raid aren’t included.

Well, geez. If the tank really wanted the mounts you’re offering, they would have gone soloing the dungeon already. Offering a rare chance to get it doesn’t help.

And just how long will someone stay interested if you make it a really rare drop? If they drop fast enough, again, incentive gone, I get my desired  mount, I stop queueing. Make it so it almost never drops, and much like the two handed epic BoA sword in Archeaology, after people try long enough, either they get it and quit, or they just quit.

Now, if you added ALL the potential mounts, and I mean ALL of them, both factions, every special faction, every instance and every raid, AND all the mounts you could only get from attending events or from the Trading Card Games…

YES, then I’d do it. It would be more exciting when you never knew if you’d see something actually special.  God forbid you get offered a reward someone would want.

Even then, I will only do it for as long as it takes to get the rewards I want, and then I’m gone.

So, just as Rebecca says, as it is now, it can only be a temporary measure, lasting only so long as it takes the tanks to get what they want, and then they vanish into the mists.

And if Blizzard tries to extend how long the increased quantity of tanks lasts by reducing the drop rate of the good stuff? Then they increase the chance the already tired and frustrated tanks will say “Screw that for being a suckers game” and quit anyway, and those same tanks will NOT be all that interested in trying again in the future if they ‘up the drop rate’ or something.

It’s a plan for a brief burst of increased tanking… by those who want what they’re offering, and I’m not one of them.

What is this going to accomplish?

I honestly don’t know. I’d tend to think it will encourage anyone currently on the fence about trying tanking for the first time to give it a go, but it does nothing to address the rampant asshat issue, so, those same people will have the same chance of getting burnt out or frustrated and quitting anyway.

What I do know is that Blizzard may think I’m a whore, but I ain’t gonna blow ’em for what they’re offering. Up the ante first and then we’ll talk.

You can start by putting that Spectral Tiger Mount up in the rotation. That would be a good way to tell me you’re serious about wanting me to queue.

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  4. Bad tanks, yes. Bad healers yes. Bad DPS yes.
    The Root cause is the anonymity offered by LFD. Anyone can act like an asshat with no repurcussions in todays LFD. Back in the days of BC, if you were an asshat you soon got a reputation on the server, and quickly found it hard to get queues.

    Create repercussions for bad behavior, and you might get tanks returning.
    Like people have mentioned earlier here are some ideas.

    Quicker kick function available for the tank (but everyone minus the tard has to agree)
    Larger block list, and when you block someone, you block their WHOLE ACCOUNT. The problem is the person behind the keyboard, not the character.
    Loot lock so tanks get first dibbs on specific tank gear, healers on healing gear.
    A Post run ranking system for every player, where you can rank others. People who accumulate good ranking over bad get priority in the queue.
    People with bad ‘asshat’ ranking who rank others as low are counted far less.
    Have ongoing rewards for people getting good rankings – and keeping them.

    Fix the player attitude problem – either by force or subtle manipulation – not just throw some crappy loot at tanks.

    P.S. I farmed 2 of those 3 rare mounts (barons charger) and (raven lord) and am still farming the hawkstrider.


  5. Blizzard did NOT just call tanks “whores”. You did.

    Haggling over the price for someone to perform a task, any task, is general business practice. It’s work. It’s labor. SEX is “whoring”. You just insulted pretty much everybody who has ever worked for a living and then attempted to justify it. Pathetic.


  6. The bandaid fix to LFG CtA should include:
    – lock Role based selection on the Need button, just like the armour type selection we already have. You’re telling me that an algorith can’t be written to validate which roles need what gear? Rubbish.
    – allow Tanks to join using CtA with up to 1-2 mates. Want a fast group, imagine getting 3 guildies straight away. Thats a quick fire dungeon.
    – reduce cooldown on Kick function for Tanks using CtA. They’re handing the responsibility to Tanks with this tool so back it up with some power.
    – report & ignore lists greatly increased, so that a regular tank can avoid as many idiots as they wish.

    Then I’ll join up more often, till then this change is a rolling wave of meh.


  7. BBB has it almost right. The word for this is not whore. The word for this is mercenary.

    I’m fine with being a hired gun if the employer is skilled enough. I don’t get the retirement pay or anything that a soldier in an army would get, I just get the pile of cash. That’s what mercenary service means.

    Unfortunately, in this case, I don’t get to see who the employers are before I group with them, so I’ll probably be doing a lot of bailing within the first few seconds of randoms, Call or no Call. Nothing here has changed.


  8. You want to offer a real inducement to tank a random? Maybe upon completion you get a token good for unilaterally kicking someone from a future call to arms group. That might get the asshats to behave while not making the tank a total God who could kick you after you waited 40 minutes.

    Here’s a related topic for you to write about. I don’t queue for the LFG anymore without a full group. Why? Not because of the asshats. It’s because I had no friends anymore. I no longer knew anyone on my server who wasn’t in my guild. So now I grab one or two trusted guildies and fill the rest advertising in general chat (it doesn’t take long). If I like them, I know I can play with them again, and the best may even make good applicants to the guild.


  9. I have to say, this whole “Call to Arms” bribery does nothing good for tanks. Let’s say they add that special mount/pet/bauble to the mix of rewards. The fact that tanks are the only one who’ll ever get it without having to shell out cash, or spend hours begging for others to help them run a level 80 raid to get X mount, will mean that a LOT of DPS (and most likely healers, as they won’t be the “Call to Arms” position for a while) will look at every tank they see while in dungeons, as nothing but a loot whore, and it will cause a great deal of jealousy.

    In the end, it will make those DPS much LESS LIKELY to cut tanks any slack, because it will bring all the idiot tanks in the world into the LFD queue at the exact same time.

    I’ve always said that of the three positions, there is NONE that is more important than the next (tank, try to solo a level 85 heroic, same for DPS, healers, get 3 retard DPS and see how quickly you go OOM…. it’s a TEAM EFFORT), but this essentially MAKES the tank the “most important” which is going to lead to nothing but more hateful vitriol from DPS, which is going to lead to more tank-burnout, which is going to lead to 1+ hour queue times for DPS, instead of our currently abysmal 30-40 minute queue.

    Blizzard is trying to take a failed experiment and breathe new life into it, but they obviously haven’t read Frankenstein: You should leave a bad idea… ALONE, because it can only get worse


  10. Dude … This happens since the world began.
    It has not began in WoW and will not end here.
    Hardly anyone achieves success alone, the best thing you could do is find a guild group or bring some friends and play with them.
    I know, for private reasons you can prefer to play alone, but playing alone, you’re exposed to this kind of shit.
    And, sadly, it’ll not change…


  11. FYI – Tobold linked you to his blog so that is why you are getting comments BBB

    Great post by the way, I really liked your candor. The Joke was right on target too! 🙂


  12. OMG Did I miss something or did you link this somewhere… Ive never seen so many comments before.

    Im for sale… lol… but I wanna take a reliable DPS or healer with me.

    Oh… Holiday mounts.


  13. One thing that would tempt me back into tanking…

    Actually, no. I still do tank, I just don’t tank on the near-max-level druid. I tank on the levelling DK instead. But here’s what I think an *effective* bribe would look like:

    Much as someone mentioned above, have an achievement. Say, an achievement for tanking 100 random heroic PUGs through the Dungeon Finder, and you have to go all the way to the last boss for it to count. To make it suitably epic for the poor, put-upon tank, add an *extremely* rare mount as the reward –maybe Ashes of Al’ar?

    Yes, there will be a massive influx of poor tanks initially –people who will shout angrily at DPS and healer. But the thing is, these people will *improve*. They’ll have to –they need to successfully tank 100 PUGs without being kicked or dropping group. As the ones who can’t deal give up, and the others get better, general taking quality will improve.

    Some of them will probably stop tanking after they get the achievement, but at the end, you’d still have a pool of at least competent tanks added to the general population.


  14. Carchargoth, I dont think anyone will shout you down. Of course that when people say “DPS are filled with asshats” doesnt mean “every single DPS is an asshat” more like there’s a pretty high ratio of asshatery on the DPS side, and it has some sense to it. First of all, Wrath was a big way to spoil DPS into forgetting that there was a thing called Threat, and not only they could go apeshit aoe DPS, but they SHOULD go apeshit aoe, CC were something very little people knew how to use, let alone using it, and of course there were very little to none “kill mechanics” from bosses. Second the DPS job as many have said is a job with less responsabilities than the other two, though if played correctly it has a lot…. but very few people mind those, like CCing, minding aggro, helping the tank get loose adds, or even taking loose adds if they are going for the healer, etc. So, is kinda reasonable to think DPS have a higher tendency to go asshat on you… mostly the “gogogogogogo” type of asshat.

    Are there healers and tanks who are morons? YES, why? cause like many have said, you take 100 humans and you have at the very least 40 morons. And its also true that many tanks and healers have gone to absolutely insane postures and attitudes, but in my experience those are not the norm, rather the oddity. Sadly for the DPS the norm is to be a total douche (I have my druid on restoration offspec, and my DK on unholy so I do a bit of everything), and the only really douchy tanks I’ve seen are the protection paladins/blood DKs on pvp gear who think they can tank. As far as i’ve seen, the healers usually are very nice people, I’ve heard of really moronic ones, but I havent come across any of them.

    The point remains, that most of the issues with the LFD are not the LFD’s fault, but rather the stupid politics blizzard has enacted in the last few years, to cater to douches, cause they only care about the bottom line of their month’s revenues. Blizzard has become a really crappy company since they changed ownership, the company used to stand on product quality … now they are only interested on the bottom line of their bank accounts and the preCata patch really showed that.


    • Adanos, re. Blizzard only caring about the bottom line and not quality. Would you not agree that the game is a lot more complex now? Dual spec, LFG, phasing, different types of quests to name but a few things off the top of my head?

      Given that this is new ground, no other company is dealing with server and network loads of this magnitude and a lot of the technology is new, is it not fair to cut them some slack? PTR testing can only achieve so much, and that too when people log in to just poke around and not thoroughly test things.

      I think that the sort of issues that came up around the 4.0 patch were of two types – those that could have been found/fixed with more development time and those that would not manifest in a test environment. I think they made a call to test up to a certain point and then cut over to the patch. The fact that it is an MMO means that they have the ability to fix stuff after it goes “live” – it may not feel ideal to us players, but in the longer view, those issues have been fixed, the game is solid again and works well.

      So what I am saying is, its not just ActiBlizzard, its also the technology is more complex and not as easy to test 100%. When you have shareholders, you can’t really do a “when its done” (I wish it were different), but all things considered, they’ve done a bang up job.


      • Well, that last patch before Cata was clear it wasnt tested properly, it was rushed in…. and it crippled the servers for 2 weeks, that in my book is not caring about the quality of the product you put forth (amongst other examples)


  15. I find it funny that you guys are trying to correct BBB on what HIS experiences have been. Bad tanks are numerous blah blah blah. He is a tank and never runs heroics with other tanks. So, DPS are the culprits. I am with him. I am on strike until Blizzard gives me a mechanism to select dps that A). Know how to assist B). Are never, ever, ever going to say ‘GO! GO! GO!’ C). Know how to CC and know how to avoid breaking it. D). Will not blame everyone else in the instance for their poor performance. E). Will not say fail a single time in an entire instance F). Know how to ouput at least 10k dps.

    Oddly enough, I don’t have this same perspective of healers. If healers have trouble, I use every cooldown I have on every pull if necessary. I will use a health pot on every pull. I will recommend letting the mouth breathers die in a fire if they have tunnel vision. It is really great that dps love what they do. It really is. I love what I do. Just don’t tell me what my experience is because it speaks very, very negatively of DPS.


  16. They’re trying something similar to this in the school system… Certain schools are now paying students for getting good grades or high test scores. The problem with this system and what I can see coming with the tank-bribe system is this:

    The reward, once given, becomes expected. If you take it away performance abruptly drops well below pre-reward levels. Once they start giving away bribes, they can NEVER stop or find themselves at near 50% of pre-bribe levels.



  17. LFD = 4chan

    To hell with that.

    I’d rather have a reputation on my server and play with people who have an incentive to play nice, because they know I’m on their server and I’m good and I’ll be there next week, too. And next year.

    If you want that community feel back on your old release-server, then skip LFD and head straight to the old whispers and friends list and trade chat.


  18. A very good article, but at the risk of being shouted down in a Tank-rich environment, I would like to offer a Dpsers perspective.

    Many of you have noted that the dps classes are full of asshats, or at least highly populated by them. I would argue that you are ignoring some vital truths:

    Assholes are everywhere. Pick 100 random people, there will be a percentage of assholes. The more people you come into contact with, the greater chances of you running into these fine specimens of humanity.

    In any random heroic (or any random) you will have one tank, one heals and three dps. Hey already the dps have a greater chance of being assholes. So for the average tank, you will run into the random healer who is crappy-asshole. Now think of this, you have three times the chance of running into an asshat dps in any given dungeon (assuming you are going in with a complete random group with no friends tagging along.)

    Now I love DPS. I love my big cow hunter more than any other class I have ever played (although there is a certain satisfaction in a fury warrior.) I like to think I am good at my job- which is to kill things, protect the healer and in doing the first two not grief the tank in any way. To that end, I use every tool at my disposal. I MD almost every pull, even attacking the skull mob. Why? If it makes the tank’s job easier at pulling aggro, I can kill things faster. The pulls go quicker and the healer does not have to work as hard. Everyone wins. If I get a bit too frisky with the dps and omen warns me, I pop feign. On my fury warrior if I start pulling… well my only choice there is to either slow down or go chat up the healer.

    Not to say this is an easy job. Sometimes I am feigning so often because omen is going off it must look like I am a Cow with epilepsy. Sometimes a tank misses mob and they run straight at the healer like she (I always think of healers as female for some reason) has candy in her pocket. Then it is my job to kite them back to the tank and hope they see them and pick them up.

    Getting back to what I was mentioning about the law of averages above. I have also run into a lot of asshats. I have seen tanks get grief because they cannot hold aggro. I saw one poor death knight cussed out because she was new to the role, and was having trouble picking up multiple targets. Good on her she stuck with it until the mountain of scorn got so huge that she decided to quit. The people who did it-asshats, and I told them so. They could not kick me because they had already kicked someone before I had even joined the random.

    And here is where I will get into trouble, I have seen asshat tanks. The tank who bitches about there not being enough dps. The tank who bitches at a class with no interrupt in their current spec not interrupting. The ones who bitch about heals not keeping them healed to their satisfaction. The ones who will not move out of the crap on the group for love nor money when it is killing both them and the melee dps, as well as overtaxing the healers. And as always there is the pull drop. Have to love that. For whatever reason the tank is so offended by his group that he decides to not only drop group, but pull the mobs or boss and then drop group- in most cases assuring a wipe- as was his intent. Nice.

    Now what I am trying to say here is that no matter how many or how few people you run with, there will be assholes. The assholes are probably a small minority, but their impact is way beyond the brief time we interact with them. So, if someone does a good job, compliment them. Toss them a “Nice Heals” or “Good Dps”, or the more nebulous “gg”. Whether you like it or not, this is a social game. People notice when others are complimented/respected hby others, and that is much more valuable than a bag of goodies, no matter how shiny. Enjoy the game, and let others know you enjoyed playing with them. Let the asshats know they will not be tolerated in your groups. That is the only way you can get people to even try to change. Blizzard cannot do that for us no matter what they do.

    A bit long winded on the post, but thanks if you got this far in reading it.


  19. First off excellent post. Secondly I have to say I see a few people posting on here appear to be the same people who fall into the asshat category. A lot of you are generalizing that most DPS are idiots, the fact is that the asshats that make the LFD suck are from all roles. I play as a pally tank, priest heals, and mage dps as my 3 main toons and I can say I. Have run it to the same amount (propotionatly) of asshats in all of the roles, the main reason behind DPS standing out is there are 3 of them in every group to the 1 tank or 1 healer. I have been abused by heals and tanks for “substandard” dps because I was taking the time to decurse, sheep, and /assist the tank rather than blowing the DPS meter up while tab targetting everything in sight. So some of the asshole DPS who just burn everything they see mihht be results of bad tanks and healers griefing them for not topping the charts because they aren’t standing in the fire and spamming hotkey #1 and the tab button. At the same time a lot of it comes from the same aspect of the LFD being too anonymous for anytthing to matter. Hell I have even been griefed as a DPS by other DPS for telling them to let the tank get aggro and to use /assist to quit making the bealers life suck and making the tank have more threat issues to deal with. But mainly the point is the griefing comes from all roles, just a matter of encountering 3 DPS for every 1healer/tank you see so a higher chance of getting the assholes. I think the best fix would be to give a filter to allow you to choose to go cross relam or only on your own realm in the LFD. That way the low pop server folks don’t get screwed over by a complete shutdown of cross realm and give those on high pop the option to not deal with the anonymous people who can be dicks without fear of the people they see everyday in game knowing that they are douche bags in group.


  20. I either tank or heal. I don’t DPS in the dungeon finder, nor back when WoW was released and we used chat to find groups.

    Not every PuG is perfect, but most of them go fine. As a key role, I have the ability to either kick a player for being an ass or leave myself. Every single time the offending player has been the one to leave. I’ll also put those players on my ignore list, which seems to ban them from any random groups I might join in the Dungeon Finder.

    But, on a whole, PuGs are fine. They work well. It is far more fun for me to queue into an instance within minutes than have to wait for enough guild members to happen to be on and free at the moment. But I don’t schedule my life around video games. I play video games when I have quite moments to play in my life. So I appreciate PuGs and have a blast with them.

    The only bad part about the dungeon finder is that I miss joining up with people on my server. Being a great healer or tank in a PuG setting makes new friends fast.


  21. While I found the article to be a great read, I am inclined to disagree about this issue entirely, its root cause, and also offer a prediction that everyone is already thinking. I will first start by offering a counter-proposal to this system that will incentivise improved group performance.

    I do not think that this bribery system is the way forward, because it WILL work out as a disadvantage to the community as a whole as long as only one group member gets it. I’d say, don’t give it to the lowest representation role, give it to the whole party, but make it count more. Give the bag to the whole party for defeating every boss, not just the supposed ‘final’ boss of the heroic, and let the group determine who really earned it. So when a group has downed Heroic Halls of Origination, give them Valor points for killing Rah, justice points for each boss up till’ then, but give them the goody bag only when every boss hits the floor. When that’s done, a survey pops up with the tank, healer, and DPS symbols next to each name and a check box, each member will check whether or not the healer, tank, and DPS did a good job, by their standards. If three people say ‘yea’ to a player’s performance, they get the bag, if three say ‘nay’ they get nothing other than the valor points. Is there potential for abuse? Hell yes, abuse of the majority, but it’s a bit harder to pull off than the easily-abused vote-to-kick function.

    Now, as for the root-cause of the tank shortage: The issue isn’t that the majority of the DPS community is being stupid and refusing to cooperate, or berating tanks too much, its that tanks are becoming too intimidated by the prospect of a bad group. Honestly, when I tank, I get good groups, and those that pull without me, I let die, and then either kick or leave. DPS aren’t hard to find, and its not like I have a long que time. And yet, time and again, I hear tanks complain of DPS not hitting the right target, of masses of DPS just falling asleep at the keyboard, retribution paladins wearing hunter gear, and other atrocities that honestly, I’ve never seen once. The worst offenses I regularly run across are posting damage meters after trash pulls.

    When I do DPS, I often see more tanks acting immature, pulling while the group is still buffing, breaking marked CC instantly, and then group-dropping when the healer can’t keep up with their attempts at wrath-style chain-pulling. Mind you, tanks like that are once in a blue moon, but I can’t understand how other tanks justify sitting on top of their high-horse and proclaiming ‘I’m not coming down until everyone down there is nice to me’ which is honestly what it feels like.

    Blizzard is simply trying to meet that tanking community’s demands, saying ‘okay, come down, I’ve got treats for you if you come down’. Why would they bother? because Warcraft is a game based in the community, and Tanks right now are simply taking their ball and going home, trying to stay aloof from the community as much as possible. This is a bad practice that is simply hurting everyone.

    Now, for that prediction: I mentioned that the bad tanks were absurdly rare, but this will not be the case if the Call To Arms is implimented. Like The Daily Blink predicted and BBB referenced, it will lead to a glut of inappropriately geared speed-running idiots, likely Death-Knights, as the new average tank. It will also mean resentful DPS, and droves of people complaining for months that ‘I just leveled my hunter, and now I’ve gotta level a TANK TOO!? Oh hey, DK’s start at 58, don’t they?” as a means towards getting this bag. All I can say is, I’m glad my 60 Shaman is resto specced.


  22. Honestly, as tank with all heroic gear and only needing raid and valor upgrades I do my daily and that’s it. With this new change I may do an extra couple runs a day but I continue to operate on a zero tolerance policy. Pets and such don’t impress me if I have to spend 4 hours coaching and coddling random people ill never see again for some nonsense. Now upgrade my gear or give me more gold for BoEs and we’ll talk. Hey, I never said I wasn’t a you-know-what also. Just not for pets.


  23. This article was a great read. I am one of those players that started playing this game shortly after release. I have fulfilled DPS, Healer and Tank roles. Tank being my primary and favorite spot. I have always enjoyed the role of tank so much so that I currently have one level 80 tank of each class. Notice though that is level 80. This expansion left a large hole for me, so far I leveled only my Paladin to 85. The rest of the tanks set gathering digital dust. The main reason one word “FUN”. “FUN” is gone from the game, to que as a Tank is pure misery. Blizzards attempt to correct this will likely result in more misery for not only tanks, but the healers and likely DPS players too. I wish them much success, however I will not participate in a broken system.


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