Moving the story forward

Things are moving along nicely, my friends.

In the game, my Hunter is already level 74. Isn’t that crazy?

I have decided to set for myself a new goal. It’s a stupid goal, but it’s one that can’t be ground out, it’s pure luck; to forge a Legendary.

To that end, I’m going to solo Molten Core each week to shoot for either the Eye or the Bindings.

Considering how many times I ran that place in the old days without seeing any of them drop, ever, I’m not all that worried about not getting them.

It’s just fun to have that sense of “Maybe this time? Could be!”

I ran it on my Worgen Warrior this last weekend, and soloed everything in my blues and greens except for Ragnaros himself. Just couldn’t keep myself alive solo. I’m apparently a fail Warrior, I made it to the first submerge and the adds ate me. 😦

I had to ask Matheo to step in and heal me… and he said I really am a fail tank, he ran outta mana keeping me alive.

I told him that the reason was probably that I wasn’t in defense stance or tank gear… I was pure Fury Warrior spec and gear. /facepalm.

On the plus side, in one run I almost got all the Cores and Dark Iron I need to craft Sulfuras, and I got the bar and bought the recipe to craft it. My Warrior is a Blacksmith, so it’s fun to think that, no matter who ever eventually gets an Eye, I’ll be able to craft the hammer for it. 

I really wanted to craft one for Fal back in the day, and if I ever do see the Eye, I’ll be thinking of him when it happens.

What kind of impossible or long term goals do you set for yourself? Do you find having some kind of big goal helps keep you interested?

Or do you prefer not having something planned that would be like an itch you couldn’t scratch? Do you like being able to shut the game off and walk away without ever caring that you didn’t finish X goal in your game life?

On the personal side, I don’t have any announcements or anything, but Cassie and I are working on improving and editing Converging Forces, bringing it out of the very rough cut state and turning it into a novel. It’s going to take some more time, but I’m really very pleased with how far we’ve gone already. I’m also learning a lot about writing in the process, Cassie is teaching me a great deal.

She worries that I’m going to get defensive when she shows me things I’m doing wrong in my writing, but the fact is, I’m loving it. It’s wonderful to have someone that I love and trust looking at the story, and telling me “This part is good, but this phrase is unclear, I don’t know what this word is, and what you do to apostrophes is an offense against God and nature. Stop it.”

Seriously, its very positive for me.

The first thing I hear that she tells me is, “This part is good.” I don’t ignore that to obsess about what’s wrong. 

I hear what she’s telling me, that I have things I need to correct to improve my writing. I may have lots of bad writing habits to break, but the core of a story is in there. The most important thing I want to start with is a story that is going in an interesting direction, and characters that you come to care about. I can learn how to fix the rest.

12 thoughts on “Moving the story forward

  1. I’ve actually seen both bindings drop in one run – so maybe you’ll get lucky. I’ve run MC enough to get fully exalted on my main and I’ve never seen the eye drop. There’s a guy in my guild that I’m going to be helping run MC every week because he has everything except (I think) 3 ingots and the eye. He got his last blood last week and we managed to get him two ingots in two different runs as well.

    We’re looking to get glaives and the bow, eventually, for someone in our guild. My personal goal was to get the [It’s Over Nine Thousand] achievement on my main – and I did not too long ago. I don’t even want to think about how many BC 25-mans I pugged to get rep with the raiding factions (my guild is too small to do them ourselves). The upside to all that, though, is that I’m sitting on 50 exalted reps without and we have at least 2 people who did grind that out pre-Cata so we’re guaranteed the 55-rep achievement once they fix that in 4.1.


  2. I got a binding on my Paladin, farmed for the 2nd for awhile but have kind of given up on it. Side story: My druid had the same binding drop two weeks in a row. It felt really, really odd being forced to leave a legendary item on the corpse…


  3. I’ve been helping a mate grind out the 2nd Binding since around level 70, and have been farming Rag for the eye for a very long time. No Luck. However this week feels a little more lucky than last week, so I share your realism and overall approach – if it happens I’ll be stoked. Sulfuras would be a long term goal, so is getting to max level archaeology, and finally getting to max fishing.

    In the interim my plan is to level another of my tank capable classes to 85 and farm MC with that too. A good MC run is quasi-profitable and very fun.

    Quick tip: look for the Hearts of the Mountain early and often on the AH. They seem to be very rare. I farmed 7 of mine and bought 3 a long time ago when they were very cheap (150g each) where they now seem to go for around 1400g on my server.


  4. My partner’s been playing since the first day, and I joined him during the first All Hallows event. We’ve run MC each week we were able to – which is A LOT of MC runs.

    We’ve taken many different characters through there, and had A LOT of fun.

    You cannot imagine the excitment we felt when we realized that yes, finally, we got that last drop.

    My partner’s 74 Goblin warrior now owns and wields Sulfuras. It might only be pixels, but gosh, there the best pixels EVER.

    Go for it, BBB. It might take you 5 years… But what a feeling.



  5. I like to be able to walk away at any time. I don’t want a commitment to the game. I have fun wandering around, and I do like to sometimes figure out some specific thing I want to see or acquire, just to see if I can (mostly soloing things that aren’t designed to be soloed)… but I don’t mind if I don’t Achieve those goals. I play to explore, pure and simple, and when I run out of things to explore, I’m done. As long as there are new things to see and do, I can pick it up any time I have the chance and tinker for a while, but it’s OK to just let it sit, too. Anything beyond exploring is just, well… a side order. 🙂


  6. I hope you can get it crafted, either the bow or the mace. I never got it made. As for crazy personal goals this xpac I’m getting closer to achieving the one I set, which is to have something I haven’t since vanilla. At least one toon in complete current PvP/Arena(now) gear. With all the massive changes to the game I went back to my first love, my first 40 man raid AV. Okay sorry for rambling comment but again best wishes on the crafting and the story.


  7. Eff the Ineffable had a retro raid night last night, and we blew through Sunwell so fast that we decided to do Black Temple as well – and when we killed Illidan, we not only got my own personal BT achieve and the Guild BT achieve, but one of the Warglaives of Azzinoth dropped! We had only one character who could wield it in the raid (Gnoble’s warrior), so he got it, obviously. Now we just have to farm it for the other one, and we can get that Legendary achieve! 😉

    It was a fun night, though, all in all.


  8. GL on the drops. took me over a year to get the 2nd binding off of garr (baron dropped one early and also a 2nd one in that amount of time). Me and my partner also had 2 eyes pretty early on in that process, but I didn’t keep the 2nd eye (not realizing they were so rare) since he was oging for the hand of rag while I worked on thunderfury, and I never saw another eye since.

    My current goal is now Warlord title. Still a LONG ways off, but I got The Insane a few weeks ago and now need a new long-term goal for my main to work towards.


  9. Good luck on the legendary goals! I try to make fun goals too, lately they have been to tame some rares in Cata which isn’t always fun but when you tame that pet it is a great feeling!


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