I’ve been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true

A coda to the weekend…

A whole lot has happened in a very brief period of time, so I’m gonna hit you with the highlights instead of doing some massive disjointed Bearwall. (Okay, it’s a Bearwall. I lied.)

I come from the land of ice and snow, as evidenced by there still being snow on the ground this morning on my way in to work. One day sunny, one day rainy, one day brrr. Perhaps in part thanks to this, I have a fine spring cold, just the kind that takes your thoughts and turns them into mush.

Despite this communication breakdown going on in my head, I managed to reach level 85 over the weekend on my Hunter, and began looking at the various steps to gearing progression from normal to heroic, then heroic to the new troll instances, and from there into raiding.

Ask Mr Robot has been a big help, as has being a Jewelcrafter. I fully intend to run as a Beastmaster Hunter at all times, so shot priorities are a bit different from your Survival and Marksman types, but I still insist on prioritizing for fun. Beastmaster is just fun to me.

Plus, I get to bring an exotic pet, which is kinda neat for something other than appearance, since they now get a bonus ability over other pet types. In my case, I’m bringing my Devilsaur (still named AnnCoulter, what can I say, the name alone is terrifying… only thing worse would be LauraIngram, but I’m cruel, not sadistic) and still hoping for a Spirit Bear and Terrorpine someday.

I ran quite a few normal instances after dinging. Totally random, no guildies. I like to think I held my own, good times bad times, you know I had my share, but all of them ended up as successes in the end. I didn’t have a DPS Meter running, I’d heard the combat log had broken them and caused freezing, but I certainly had no complaints. I didn’t have a single “BMlol” comment, just a few laughs over my pets name.

The rep grind, and I know you all have already been there before me, is a lot less of a pain thanks to the tabards and the quests. As near as I can figure it I’m almost where I need to be with Hyjal, Ramkahen and Wildhammer for the Boots, helm enchant and rep helm respectively.

I am NOT looking forward to the shoulder enchant rep. I have grown to truly dislike Deepholm and Therazane, especially the way the dailies take you over the hills and far away with every trip. Blech. Maybe I can get away without one just by being awesome?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

My gearing got a massive boost from Mat in the form of a few crafted epics that I didn’t do anything to deserve, but I’ve learned in life that you don’t spurn generosity when offered, you just thank the person and send it further on down the line. 

What with the unexpected jump start, though, I ran one last normal yesterday with Matheo and Hedwig (yay for Bear tanks!) and according to them I’m ready for heroics now… running between 9000 and 13000 dps. I’ll install Recount later to do some testing, I know I’m over the Hit Rating limit thanks to a few upgrades I got after reforging.

I don’t know that my dps was really that high, but thanks to Mat and Elitist Jerks and Ask Mr Robot, all our bosses were definitely trampled under foot.

As an aside, it was cute to see Matheo marking everything carefully and using CC for the first half of the fight. He didn’t realize it was on normal ‘steamroller’ mode. Best thing was, as slow as we started with the marks and Ice Traps, nobody complained and everyone obeyed the marks. I guess random groups CAN follow a tank. At least, one that knows what he’s doing. 🙂 Well, everyone but the Death Knight, but once he left in mid-run after needing and getting the DPS ring he was there for, the replacement went along with the flow just fine.

I’ve still got a long way to go with my Hunter, but it’s been a blast so far, and I look forward to running with that Band of Misfits for quite some time to come. I’m still debating whether I should level another Druid on Azuremyst, or tranfer my main over. Time will tell, there’s certainly no rush.

Okay, I think I’ve rambled on enough in this one, but before I go, I wanted to say one last thing.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online was released as a free-to-play in open beta, and my 8 year old son is LOVING it. As far as I can tell, there’s no actual way to subscribe and get the benefits of pay-to-play yet, which is a bummer since Alex really wants to play as Spider-man or Hulk, but you can play as The Thing for free… and he found the emote system.

Developers, do you want to know what ACTUALLY makes people pay to play your game and come back for more? It’s those little things, the teeny little easter eggs and emotes and fun things that you probably dismiss as worthless. The things that kids (and adults) want to do in the idle time when they’re not raiding, which is MOST of the actual playtime for a lot of us.

An example… my son played a lot of missions, and he ran around exploring a lot, but the one thing that made him giggle hysterically and lose it time and time again was taking the Thing, walking up next to a pigeon, and emoting a FART… which resulted in the Thing farting, unleashing a green cloud, and the pigeons nearby flopping over onto their backs, stunned.

He made it his mission in life to travel the city in search of pigeons. If you think this is not reason enough for an 8 year old to beg to pay to play the game, you’re insane. That and other things like it are exactly what little kids like my son love, things they can click on that affect the world around them in rude ways.

Now think about it, think about WoW and the piccolo that can make others dance in game (that I still keep around), and think about how much you would laugh to be able to walk up next to other characters and unleash a fart, and have the flowers wilt, non-combat pets pass out or flee, and other characters recoil in disgust.

You know you would. You know you’d love to walk into the Auction House and let one rip that would clear the room. I’d have a whole lotta love for any designer that added THAT item into game!

Have a great week, folks. 🙂

13 thoughts on “I’ve been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true

    • Next time i’ll have to go a bit more off the mainstream. It is funny how easy song names and lyrics come back to you, isn’t it?


      • Yes. Strange. I can remember lyrics to songs I knew in Jr High, but I can’t remember where I left my damn car keys this morning.

        And thanks Sid..I knew I missed at least a couple.


  1. Missed Sid’s post.

    What is and What Should never be.
    Nobody’s Fault but Mine

    GAH!!!….I can’t resist this stuff.


  2. Someone’s been listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin lately.

    Dazed and Confused
    Immigrant Song
    Communication Breakdown
    Good Times Bad Times
    Over the Hills and Far Away
    Trampled Underfoot
    Whole Lotta Love

    I am guessing I missed some. Let me know which ones.



  3. I rolled a Hunter when Cata came out as my requisite Worgen character. I never had any intention of playing anything other than BM. And I have to agree…it’s a ton of fun. Just the Exotic pets are enough to sell me on the spec, but I really, really like the fact that my pet is almost as much a part of my DPS as I am. It makes me feel like my pet isn’t just a vanity item, but that he’s a very real and important part of me as a whole.

    I was determined that if I was going to play BM, I was going to play it well. Good Hunters of other specs with comparable gear may be able to out-DPS me any day of the week, but I don’t make it easy for them. And I’m not letting anyone else “lolBM” me. (I use Loque’nahak for my standard dungeon pet, so it’s pretty obvious what I’m running.)

    I haven’t been on him since 4.1 dropped, so things may have changed…but I was regularly beating out just about everyone on the meters. Even on boss fights. I know meters aren’t everything, but still…when Mages and Rogues are complimenting you on your DPS as BM, it feels good.

    It’s also amazingly empowering when you have a save-the-day moment because your pet is just that much more equipped to handle situations compared to other Hunter pets. I was in a H Deadmines run where the tank died to Foe Reaver at the 30% mark. I set my pet to Solo mode (Cower off, Growl on), got him to get aggro, and pet-tanked the boss for the rest of the fight. I’m pretty sure our healer picked up on that fact and helped me keep my pet alive (and kudos to him for that), but still…it was one of those moments that totally made my day.


  4. I’ve just started taking my BM hunter through normals as well. After months of playing and trying to understand the ins and outs of playing a holy/shadow priest, and learning to heal with a druid at level 85 for the first time, playing on the hunter I’ve just gotten lazy. So far I haven’t done any research into the “ideal” talent tree (for BM – no way am I giving that up!), nor the stats or gear required (other than generalisations). I suspect, thinking about it, that I may even have some empty or wrongly used glyph spots. I’ve not looked at anything recommending rotations, etc.

    Bearing in mind her gear is a mix of 333 blues, and quest blue/greens, the lowest being about ilevel 308 iirc, I was completely gobsmacked at the about of dps she can do. No doubt it will go down in heroics when we CC more/do less AoE, but I was getting close to what my shadow priest was getting in full heroic plus crafted epic gear. Completely bonkers!

    I’ve got a really cool pet too, the “Hive Controller” from Thousand Needles … probably not a recommended raid pet, but he does a cool buff, looks amazing and is very handy with his webbing 😉



  5. Fart idea: what is and what should never be.
    Seriously, if it happens and eventually they spam you, you’ll realize “it’s nobody’s fault but mine”


  6. Therazane rep – just do the Deepholm quest lines (at least the ones that unlock the Therazane rep and get you to friendly) and then just wear the tabard. There’s really not much you “need” from there – the revered ring is nice, but the shoulder enchants at honored are not that much worse than the ones at exalted. That’s what I’m doing. My druid is like 800 rep shy of exalted currently and he’s done the Therazane dailies once (just to try them out). The alts will be lucky if they ever get higher than honored with Therazane (I didn’t max out Sons rep in Wrath either – got to honored and said hell with it). Boring dailies are boring. I’d sadly rather be fishing, or maybe even leveling Archeology. LOL


    • Just went and looked at the reps. For 33k rep (12k honored -> revered & 21k revered -> exalted), you get a whopping 20 agility and 5 mastery as a hunter. I wouldn’t feel any huge pressure to get that done.


  7. Heh. It would be funny the first time… but after a month of nonstop fart spamming and groups “taking over” the auction house and/or bank with mass farting, it’d get pretty old.


    • And thats when you release the paid item, “Gass Ex”, a dropped AoE turbine that creates a fart-free zone… and knocks back/stuns anyone that tries to fart in the area.


      • You’re on to something there. The main reason I bought a Li’l XT was so I didn’t have to carry a Train Wrecker in all my characters’ bags.


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