Quick request – USMC Mahjongg tileset.

Back in the dinosaur computing era, as near as I recall 1993 – 1994, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, SoCal.

We had a Win based computer for report writing at HQ, and on that computer was this incredible game called Mahjongg.

The coolest thing about that game was that the pictures on each of those little digital tiles were high qualty USMC related designs.

Rank insignia for officers and enlisted, Eagle Globe and Anchors, American flags, all in color.

I know this is silly, but I really, really wish I had Mahjongg on my computer at home with that tileset. I’ve tried to find it or one like it over the years, and never had any luck.

So I turn to you, and ask you for help. Has anyone ever seen a tileset like this before?

Thanks everyone for your time, and have a happy Friday the 13th. Try not to get axe murdered if you can avoid it.

6 thoughts on “Quick request – USMC Mahjongg tileset.

  1. In fact, the more I look at it, the more certain I am that you found the exact tileset that I remember. It’s gradually coming back to me, the memories of the tiles that I didn’t recognize at first.

    Thank you, I can’t believe you were able to find it after all these years!


  2. cd.textfiles.com was what I found first. Though a different spot. But I’m not sure what you do with them. 🙂


    In that listing:

    ARMY1.ZIP Mah Jongg Tiles: Army Unit Patches

    AWARDS.ZIP Mah Jongg Tiles: Army Award Ribbons

    Actually, http://cd.textfiles.com/ugameware/MAJONG1/ appears to allow access to the actual .zip files instead of just the listing. Just not sure what you do with the .zip file once you have it.


    • Now that I’m home, I’ve had a chance and the very first one frmo J worked the very first time. The first file was the game that opened just fine for me using Windows XP, and adding the USMC.til file from the second link and selecting that option in the game did indeed bring up a USMC tileset.

      Is it the same one I remember? Well, I think it probably is. The problem is, reality was VGA graphics, but my memory remembers the past in stunning widescreen graphics better than WoW.

      Am I happy? Very much so, and thank you all very much.

      Back then there really was no internet, just BBS (bulletin board systems), and just seeing compatibility with a Hercules graphics card and talk of Tandy compatibility brought horrible memories rushing back.


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