When You Wish Upon a Star…

Just yesterday, I mentioned that I have no trouble findings things to keep me busy in the game without raiding.

What kind of stuff?

Well, I am playing my 85 Druid as a dual spec Kitty/Bear. Yep, two feral specs, one optimized for Kitty. I’ve run a heroic as Kitty in Bear spec, and my DPS was atrocious. It was crap. So, I’m going to see where I can take it with a fine tuned spec and planned out kitty gear.

No, don’t ask. This is my windmill, and I’ll tilt it if I want to.

Then there is that Human Warlock alt I made in honor of Fulguralis, and to give fair play to the Warlocks. My Mage tribute to Jaina and Gnomeageddin is level 71, so there is an inequity in the balance of power. Inequity? Hmm, the word sounds right but I bet that ain’t how it’s spelled. Well, damn the spellcheck, full speed ahead!

The Warlock reached level 25, and has 125 Enchanting/Tailoring. I was going to play more last night, but then…

I made a new Dwarf Shaman and sent over my two heirloom hammers.

Have you SEEN what a muscular dwarf looks like swinging two square-headed mjölnir ripoffs? The animation fits the models perfectly, which is a geeky way of saying the dwarf looks like a total badass. “Hey toad-boy, c’mere, let me say hello. Dwarves say hello by hitting you in the face with a sledgehammer. If we really like you, we hit you lots. Stand still, ya pansy! I’m jest trying to say I love ya!”

But wait, wasn’t there a Hunter? Yes, but the friends I was running heroics with ain’t been online. So, well, idle hands are the devils tools, right? And apparently the devil made me play alts.

Oh, and I farmed tons of herbs so I could make flasks so I am ready to make Cauldrons if my Hunter ever gets invited to another raid… and I’m making Truegold to get the crafted polearm made for my Druid.

It never ends, you know that?

Just going on the hunt for new non-combat pets on my Druid can last the week!

Seriously, with all this content, who the hell even has TIME to raid?

Geez, and I don’t even PvP! Can you imagine how little time there would be if I added killing slobs on top of it? Then I’d have to start building a resilience set, and a spec for slaughtering living, thinking peoples, and a macro that would scream “Screw the deeps, KILL THE HEALERS!!!”

I’m sorry, but there is just too much WoW to play. I think what I need… is a sponsorship. How am I expected to get everything done if I have to go to work every day?

Dude, seriously… people sponsor boxers, and the boxers go train. I know Curse sponsors serious raiders… I need to find someone that is willing to sponsor a World of Warcraft slacker.

And no, I won’t farm gold for you!

In Thrall we trust, all others pay cash.

14 thoughts on “When You Wish Upon a Star…

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  2. I’ve maxed all my toons and all my tradeskills. Besides RaidIng I’m pretty bored. Glad summer is here to waste my time away outside.


  3. Wait… is a kitty/bear dual spec unusual? My Druid has been specced like that since she first got dual spec. (It goes well with my elemental/resto shaman, I can fill any role.) My brother’s Druid is the same spec.


  4. Whereas I really only have 3 characters… all level 85… and PvP geared… two of those with dual PvP specs… yet I don’t have the time to play all 3… and that is with PvP alone… the gods help me if I wanted to, I don’t know… raid, instance, quest, indulge in trade chat…


  5. Well, all I really get from your post is that all your self-generated content comes from playing a lot of alts. which is great, mind you, if it “keeps you busy” (is that actually a quantitative or qualitative statement?), but from my very personal PoV just shows that there’s no content besides raids and dungeons unless you keep generating new characters and repeating quite a lot of the story.

    I’m no alt player, I have that old-fashioned belief that I am one person only in an MMO, one adventurer looking for identification, proression and immersion in that world. and if you only play that one character, you’ve run out of things to do the day before yesterday. which hasn’t anything to do with lack of imagination, but lack of tools and freedom to really shape things in that static world. so, I don’t think the fact that you can create a plethora of alts speaks for wow’s content – quite the opposite. if there was enough to do, I’d never need a second character.
    but I realize that wasn’t exactly what you were saying anyway; so let’s call it an aside. 😉


    • Tangentially, if I’m going to consider myself a singular “ego” or “avatar” in a game, I want to be able to change my class, dagnabbit! My altitis is firmly rooted in wanting to see how everything works.


  6. I’m trying to convince myself that my work sponsors me and that turning up there every day is somewhat akin to doing appearances … a very flimsy theory I appreciate. As to kitty/bear … had a mate walk a similar line with his kitty/bear to some success … took a fair bit of tweaking and balancing of numbers and it was well pre-cata but yer, certainly was a worthwhile exercise. Good luck on it.


  7. Yo Bear Chinese prison for you mate.

    They will “sponsor” you !

    Might want to leave the wife and kids at home 😛

    Could not believe that story when i read it .


  8. It would be nice to have sponsorships to just play the game. But my wife makes me work, I say that a bit of sponsorship there since she has control of the fun toys. >.<


  9. Hrm… makes me wonder if there could be an Explorer sponsorship. I’d happily go out and chart everything I could get my grubby little paws on, even quest text. Sort of a Lewis & Clark for digital worlds. Throw in some National Geographic flavor for all those screenshots I take…

    Yeah, yeah, there are players who do it for free and contribute to the WoWpedia, but hey, as long as we’re talking sponsorships, why not?


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