Questions, concerns, conundrums

So, a few days into this whole “Moonkin” thing, and it’s going okay.

I do have a few questions, and while Twitter folks (especially @restokin, @greenwithenvy01, @jadedalt and @owlbearmoose) have been helpful, there ain’t a lot of characters to say things without spamming walls of Twits. I mean Tweets. Tweets for Twits? Twits that Tweet? Twitter Tweat, smell my feet, okay damnit, stop it, stop it right now.

First question up for discussion. Lunar Shower.

What the hell is up with Lunar Shower?

Pretend for a moment that I don’t know what it was like before, or how it affected how you played, or whatever drama has been going on.

From the point of view of someone walking into Moonkin today, it’s nothing but win… but makes figuring out spellcast priorities a nightmare.

From my outside looking in view, Lunar Shower means that I cast Moonfire or Sunfire ONCE, and start moving. As I move, the Lunar Shower buff goes up to 3, and continuous refreshes itself. If I stop moving, the buff starts dropping off.

While the buff is up, my Moonfire and Sunfire instant cast direct damage is incredibly buffed, and the mana cost is nerfed to the ground. I can spam Moofire until the cows come home.

Additionally, the Shooting Stars Talent lets your Moonfire and Insect Swarms cause your Starsurge to reset the cooldown and make it instant cast.

So what am I to think from this? That we are being encouraged to spend 5 talent points to spam Moonfire, dropping occassional instant cast Starsurge bombs.

Lunar Shower even lets your Moonfire/Sunfire grant some Eclipse energy, pushing the bar forward while you fire.

Here’s what I don’t get. 

I’ve had people tell me that the movement aspect of Lunar Shower ain’t actually part of it anymore, and yet I thought that was the key part of it. Is the tooltip wrong?

Some people I’ve read say that on AoE pulls, Moonkin should be dropping Insect Swarm and Moonfire on every single individual mob, and then popping three mushrooms on ’em. No Hurricane, EVER. Am I supposed to be moving while I do this? I have tried, and yes, I can tab-target while running while spamming IS and Moonfire and while dropping mushrooms and detonating them.

Why is it this feels like something intended for PvP, and that I may be barking up the wrong tree? How does this stack against popping Hurricane with the appropriate Nature buff from Eclipse?

Just… I dunno. I guess what I need to do is see how much DPS running Moonfire spam with mushrooms and Insect Swarm and Starsurge procs do over 5 minutes, and compare that with stand and deliver Wrath/Starfire Eclipse pushing with standard IS and Moonfire when the dot drops off.

Your thoughts on all this would be MOST helpful. I’m supposed to actually do a serious raid tomorrow as a Moonkin, and I’d sure like to know how you’d recommend I practise.

One last thing… does anyone have any tips for fast and precise Mushroom dropping? Right now, I can either click the button for mushroom and then move the cursor to position it, OR what I’m actually doing, which is having Mushroom activation be the “3” button on my keyboard, and having the cursor already in position to drop it.

What I’m thinking is, I’d like to set Mushroom to the 4 button on my mouse, so I can just mouse over drop points and tap the button with my thumb to prime the mushroom pump, maybe set detonation to the 5 button on my mouse.

Still, a lot of you folks have had years to master this, shower me with your wisdom!

If you’d like, you can take a look at my spec and gear and mock me terribly by checking out Bigbearbutt at Azuremyst-US. I am in current gear and spec for Moonkin. GO ahead. Make fun, it’s cool.

9 thoughts on “Questions, concerns, conundrums

  1. re: hurricane — the reason it isn’t recommended at all is because it does little damage AND EATS MANA. It’s the only thing that will drain a geared moonkin’s mana. That said, I do rarely use it for a few select fights, most notably Cho’Gall, where I was the main ranged slow-er. Mushrooms glyphed to slow, I’d plant them before the fight. Once the big add died, I’d start my glyphed hurricane (50% reduced speed), hit the mushrooms, typhoon the adds back, and by this time, they were slowed and under control enough I could dot them as we finished them off.

    Mushrooms are incredibly clunky, but their damage is phenomenal and well worth the practice and tenacity. A guildie caught my dps at 99k once because of solar mushrooms. So yes, they do feel like a misfit, but they are our best aoe, hands down.

    And yes, lunar shower no longer requires you to jump around while placing dots to get the buff, which is awesome. But, yes, now that it also moves the eclipse bar, it removes the ability to retain solar power for aoe. And to be more than mediocre in aoe damage, we need solar. And to stay in solar as long as possible. So that is why lunar shower is out.

    And finally, a tip. Skip putting insect swarm on mobs if they’re a low health mob and going to die fairly quickly. Make that two tips… plant your mushrooms pre-pull… and possibly tab-dot sunfire at the beginning of the fight instead of immediately popping the shrooms or you’ll ruin the tank’s threat. 😛


  2. When I told my husband, who is a moonkin, that you’d gone to the feathery side, he asked if you we’re going to change your name to BigBirdButt.
    Glad to read you’re playing your Druid again. 🙂


  3. Sucks getting old.. Not sure this will be helpful at all but for the Midsummer torch jugggler achievement it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to do the stupid torches.. So I found this macro:

    /script SetBinding(“2”, “CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE”)

    which I believe cause the item in the first quotes to throw down a circle… so I could just click 2 and then my macro on 7 which said /juggle torch.. to juggle a torch right at my position or maybe wherever the mouse was at the time… so possibly with some experimentation you could either make this work where you could drop mushrooms wherever you are standing at the time.. or possibly wherever the mouse pointer is…

    Anyhow like I said I am not exactly sure how it all would work with mushrooms but I think there may be some possibility there…

    (Enjoying the Boomkin articles too!, may have to play one a little with my Feral).


  4. Mushroom placement is a pain in the butt because of those retarded little circles. However, I’d definitely suggest a keybind (I use “V” for placement and “S-V” for explosions) so that you can have your mouse hovering over placement points. Depending on how vitally important it is to stack them quickly, you can cast a moonfire or insect swarm in between to get your targets marked up.

    You don’t HAVE to move for this part. On many fights (Cho’gall for example), you’re running to track a mob, and instead of spamming moonfire the entire time, you can be popping down mushrooms as you move. For trash packs F* movement, and just get your spells out.

    During “fixed” bossfights, Moonfire plays an important role, filling our “ABC” component by giving us a cheap spell to spam during heavy movement phases.

    I hope this is more helpful than the tweets for twits! Uh…. twits for tweets? ^^


  5. Lunar shower now just stacks up every time you cast moonfire/sunfire, no movement required. It also pushes your eclipse bar now. So people like me have dumped it. I like to time my eclipses, it means far more for my dps to push eclipse right at certain points of boss fights, than it does to have moonfire do a bit more damage when I multi-dot.

    In general, I don’t go nuts with moonfire spam. While in solar eclipse, its okay damage, especially with starsurge procs, but it is alot of work unless you use mouseover macros or something similar. I just do two or three and target the highest health for my main rotation. If you can run and alt tab and drop multi dots and mushrooms, more power to you, but it would drive me crazy.

    And yes, mushrooms are now the king of aoe. Especially during solar eclipse. Try it out yourself, you get 50% more kick out of the shrooms in solar, practice on a target dummy.


  6. Actually, Lunar Shower is BAD for AOE dps now.
    Yes, it ups your dps, but the increased dmg is not worth the eclipse cost.
    During an AOE phase, you want to be in a Solar eclipse so you can get a benefit for Insect Swarm, Sunfire, and Wild Mushroom. If the sunfire spam pushes you out of the eclipse state, you lost a TON (read 10k) of dps.

    So here is standard rotation (and you no longer have to move…).
    When approaching an AOE phase, get to a solar eclipse and stay there. If you can time it so that the eclipse happens right @ the phase switch, great!
    1. Drop 3 mushrooms
    2. Detonate
    3. Sunfire all mobs
    4. Insect swarm all mobs
    5. Start dropping mushrooms again so that you can drop the 3rd right as detonate comes off CD.
    6. Detonate
    7. Sunfire spam while keeping Insect swarm up
    8. go to #5


  7. I haven’t played WoW in more than six months, so apologies if I’m a little rusty at this, but here’s how I’d do it.

    1) Make a castsequence macro “/castsequence Wild Mushroom, Wild Mushroom, Wild Mushroom, Wild Mushroom: Detonate”.

    2) Map it to a mouse button.

    3) Spam clicks for quick mushroom placement.

    I think you can add a modifier to the macro, too, maybe making so that holding shift “forces” a detonate rather than another mushroom.


  8. Could conserve some button space with a macro to both prime and detonate mushrooms. Either some castsequence variant (reset trigger may need some thought) or add a modifier.

    /castsequence reset=290/shift Wild Mushroom, Wild Mushroom, Wild Mushroom, Wild Mushroom: Detonate

    /cast [mod:shift] Wild Mushroom: Detonate; Wild Mushroom


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