Tidy Plates/Threat Plates question

I use the Tidy Plates addon with the Threat Plates addon to supplement it.

I use that on all my characters. I love it.

If you have not tried it, I will take this time to suggest you give it a shot. Just in 5 person runs. What can it hurt?

I’m by no means in expert in the capabilities of Tidy Plates, though. So, I present to you this question.

Is it possible to get my DoTs to show up on the Threat Plates of mobs?

Think about it. You’re a Moonkin wanting to drop Insect Swarm and Moonfire on every individual mob in a pack of 6. Wouldn’t it be nice if small Moonfire and Insect Swarm dot boxes (with or without timers, I don’t care) appeared somewhere on the target’s health plate?

I could look out at the swarming group of moving mobs, and pick out exactly which three or four did not have my dots on them yet, click on those name plates to target and boom boom, next target, boom boom.

No wasted time.

Is it possible to do that with the addons as they are?

I’m dying to know.

I’d imagine that would be nice for Death Knights wanting to see how many mobs in the swarm have Frost Fever and stuff like that too, but screw them. I just want to know for me.

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  1. I just cannot seem to get my dots (shadowpriest) to come above the name plate, could someone please write a step by step to making this happen?


  2. As other said, yes, it’s possible with the widgets.

    However, on a raid boss as melee DPS or tank I found it not that useful. Plenty of bosses are too large and have their nameplate off the screen, if you’re close (btw, does Al’Akir have a nameplate???). Then you need an alternative way of tracking DOTs. Caster DPS is a different story, and you boomkin example makes perfect sense. I can also see other scenarios that it is helpful, just not on raid bosses.


  3. Yes you can, it is very useful. I set it to show just my debuffs, so I can see my dots or whatever. The option is buried deep inside the Threat Plates menu, but it’s there.


  4. I’ll third the drop the threat plates part – as I wrote over on the Inconspicous Bear forums recently:

    You can drop the Threat Plates part – Tidy Plates does all that you need. Simply put Tug-of-Threat > Threat Plates. But there are a couple of reasons that I use it over Threat Plates:
    1. It incorporates multiple tank scenarios where you have a third colour for something safely being tanked by another tank.
    2. Tidy plates allows you to see your debuffs on the name plates (on mouse over – which is required for the threat updates to occur anyway even within Threat Plates – it works out your threat by the colour of the aggro on the base ui frames) – so you can see your lacerate stacks on other mobs easily. (this might be possible on Threat Plates now – but I haven’t tried it in a while)
    3. If I have a problem with Tidy Plates working it’s most often been because of Threat Plates breaking something!

    Quick explanation: Tug-of-Threat adds an additional little bar above the name plate which shows the threat lead/loss you have so it provides a finer grain control over your threat and gives you more of a heads up over the colour change (I generally find that I move very quickly from yellow to red because it means someone (or more than one) is focusing that mob with direct attacks). Now going back to the original question – this is where tug-of-threat really wins out because it allows you to more specifically target the mobs you are losing threat to quickly – i.e. prioritise where you mangle goes. Apart from initial aggro I tend to favour using mangle and lacerate over swipe in a multiple mob situation – straight out aoe you’ll keep ahead of the dps with just swipe and thrash, but where it is a mix of aoe and focused dps (on multiple mobs) swipe doesn’t tend to cut it and mangle and lacerate ticks keep you ahead – the one thing I tend to (still) have trouble which is getting up pulverize as early as possible because I tend to split the lacerates around.

    The one downside of Tidy Plates (using neon theme) is the default colours are terrible!


  5. Just using the TidyPlates: Neon setting shows my debuffs on the target automatically. This however is only really beneficial when you can SEE the name plate of the mob.

    I generally use Shadowed Unit Frames (a unit frame replacement) and configure that to make my debuffs show huge under my target frame. Works much better for me.


  6. If you want a more selective display of DoTs, you can also go “White List (mine)” and explicitly list just the buffs/debuffs you want to show. Useful if you’re only interested in IS/MF/SF and want to ignore anything else you might toss out.


  7. I had a suggestion about having something like this but in a Grid-like ui, where you could see and apply debuffs (and maybe any spells) to a gathered ui rather than plates that jump around. But this would definitely be the second best thing, must check it out and see how it works.


  8. I love the color changes (and size changes) based on threat level for both my tank and my dps toons that Threat Plates has … does Tidy Plates do that on its own now?


  9. As an alternative to the above you can actually ditch threat plates now unless you really like it’s themes; tidy plates has improved no end since it first came out and it has it’s own debuff monitoring support (as well as various other widgets) and does everything threat plates used to.

    If you pick one of the tidy plates themes (neon is quite minimalist) and then scroll down on the “Tidy Plates Hub: Damage” screen in Interface->Addons there is an option to “Show My Debuff Timers” you can even configure it to only show specific debuffs if you prefer.


  10. I wouldn’t mind knowing that, too. I use Docs Nameplates at the moment and it does that. But, it loses configuration ticks on my main (keeps resettig the setting for friendly plates). I love how customizable it is and it seems to work great, if a touch laggy at the start of a 25 man fight.

    So, those two irritations are having me look elsewhere. I would love to find a mod that allowed me to make the plate what texture, size and font I wanted and allowed me to set debuffs on it out of the box AND wasn’t resource intensive. I’ll check back and see if you get any suggestions.

    In the mean time you might actually try out Docs. Works great for threat oob.


  11. Game Menu->Interface->Addons->Threat Plates->Configuration
    Go to the “widgets” (or something similar) menu.
    Look @ the debuff widget.
    Change the filter from “white list” to “black list (mine)”.


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