The BigBearButt

Tidy Plates/Threat Plates question


I use the Tidy Plates addon with the Threat Plates addon to supplement it.

I use that on all my characters. I love it.

If you have not tried it, I will take this time to suggest you give it a shot. Just in 5 person runs. What can it hurt?

I’m by no means in expert in the capabilities of Tidy Plates, though. So, I present to you this question.

Is it possible to get my DoTs to show up on the Threat Plates of mobs?

Think about it. You’re a Moonkin wanting to drop Insect Swarm and Moonfire on every individual mob in a pack of 6. Wouldn’t it be nice if small Moonfire and Insect Swarm dot boxes (with or without timers, I don’t care) appeared somewhere on the target’s health plate?

I could look out at the swarming group of moving mobs, and pick out exactly which three or four did not have my dots on them yet, click on those name plates to target and boom boom, next target, boom boom.

No wasted time.

Is it possible to do that with the addons as they are?

I’m dying to know.

I’d imagine that would be nice for Death Knights wanting to see how many mobs in the swarm have Frost Fever and stuff like that too, but screw them. I just want to know for me.