I don’t know what it is, but it has Aggro

You remember that post a few days ago, where I laid out my son’s wish for a special kind of pet?

Well, Tesh, being the master of video game art that he is, with sidelines in Mad Science and Fun Stuffs, took that as a challenge.

I hereby present to you his interpretation of that dream!

Upon seeing that, my son said, “Wow, that’s even BETTER than I imagined!”

High praise, but I agree. That’s just amazing.

If you think that is good, though, you should see some of the other creations he’s done, and hey, why not go buy A Kingdom for Keflings, and play a game that is infused with his artistic genius?

There will be a shirt soon, since as usual, I want to wear shirts with Tesh’s art on them, and he won’t start his own store. But it’ll have to be after this weekend, since right now I’m at the North American Discworld Convention in Madison, Wisconsin, and I’ll be taking pictures, livetweeting and having fun basking near the brilliance of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Well, truthfully I’ll be spending my time having fun meeting other fans of the works of Sir Terry, but I’m sure he’ll be in the building somewhere.

If you happen to be near Madison, Wisconsin, you ought to come down, I hear they have one day passes. I’m going to be there all of Friday and Saturday, so maybe you’ll see me there! And, you know, be able to throw fruit at me or something.

12 thoughts on “I don’t know what it is, but it has Aggro

    • I’m at work, of course, and poor Tesh, who is the instrument of awesome, is as well. I can have the image without logo up on the store tonight, and for one with a tagline, it’ll be a bit longer.

      Sorry for the delay, but we’re not a business, just a couple guys who like this kind of stuff and want to wear it ourselves.

      I can’t wait to get our son a shirt with the picture on it. It’s just too cool… I LOVE that fricken’ shield, THAT is what is missing from WoW, IMO.

      I know that for a lot of people, items that look like that shield would blow the immersion and willing suspension of disbelief, but for me, part of the enjoyment of Dungeons and Dragons in pen and paper was throwing in the odd items designed by some mad, eccentric flake/geek with far too much time on his hands, made mad with knowing things man was not meant to know of, wot.

      Things like Pink Bunny Slippers of foot comfort, +5, one of my characters’ most prized possessions for years. Or, in this case, the Shield of Taunting, which is how Tesh’s shield looks to me, which, if in WoW, should certainly give you a +5% to threat generation towards any enemy of mid-range intelligence.

      Especially if the Shield tossed out smart-assed insults every now and then.


      • Text inclusion in your inbox, BBB. A couple of versions at that, though if you want other versions, those will have to come tomorrow or Wednesday.

        I’m glad the shield read as a taunt. Sometimes abstract ideas don’t read as well when they get turned into art. The idea of a taunting shield just made me laugh, though, so it was too much fun not to try. …it was originally going to read “UR MOM” instead of a face, but the face was more fun.

        …and if it tossed out taunts like Star Control 2’s Pkunk pilots, oh, man, that would be a shield I’d use at every opportunity.


  1. i would seriously buy that as a T-Shirt, just add the “Hunter + Mad Science” above the picture, along with “I Don’t Know What It Is, But It’s Got Aggro!” beneath…


  2. That’s a pretty legit pet right there. I think all hunters would be camping to get it. Most definitely. πŸ˜€ Nice artwork Tesh.


    • I meant to make that a carved face of wood, just as a sort of “passive taunt” sort of thing, but it read better with color. *shrug*


  3. Aw, Bear, you’re making me homesick! I spent most of the last decade in Madison getting my PhD, and it’s a city that is near and dear to my heart. If I was still there, I would totally take you up on that!


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