All is quiet on the Blogging front

It’s been pretty quiet around here, I know. For that, I apologise.

I have been unusually quiet lately because I have not wanted to write posts about the writing I’m doing elsewhere. Seems like a big waste of your time.

I am writing elsewhere, but not on another blog or website, anything like that. I have been working on Converging Forces.

The story as it exists has been arranged and edited, and I have been adding new material that I couldn’t release while it was an ongoing turn-based RPG.

Since the story was an ongoing RPG, I didn’t want to show the reader anything other than their part of the story, as it would have been too revealing.

I’m hopeful that I’ll have things added and finished polishing within the next few weeks. It’s been a lot of fun.

When it is complete, my plan is to take down all of the old chapters and links, and replace them with links to the new, finished sections.

If you’re still around, I’ll be looking forward to any feedback you’ll be willing to provide.

In the meantime, have a great day!

5 thoughts on “All is quiet on the Blogging front

  1. I have the same types of issues with my blog. I try to post a few times a week, but other projects can get in the way sometimes. Most of us understand that.

    Good Luck on the Converging Forces. I am looking forward to seeing more on CFs.


  2. I don’t really read the Converging Sources/Forces/Courses/Horses thing… I skim it, at best.

    That said, your updates on this blog have been more frequent than some I follow. And the bearwalls are always entertaining, and usually semi-thought-provoking. So do whatcha do, BBB. We’ll be listening.


  3. Two Words… STAR WARS

    one topic idea…

    Playing paired Jedi Knights with your kid – rooting out scum and villainy in Tattoine.

    Of course after bed time sneaking off to play an Imperial Agent or Bounty Hunter… Yes I said it BOUNTY HUNTER

    Other topics:
    how noisy will the crickets chirp in Stormwind in Dec when SWTOR comes out?
    How to get mentally prepared for SWTOR.
    SWTOR and guilds will they survive?
    How do druids get their shift on in SWTOR? One bear’s opinion.
    How tank with a BFG LAZER…
    Ok this old jedi and kid walk into a bar… oh you heard that one?
    Can you have raiding without Internet Dragons? a Bear perspective
    Channeling your inner Sith… is Sith the new Horde?
    Hunters just wanna have JETS… SWTOR Bounty Hunter vs Beast Master Hunters


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