Death Bunnies and Epic Rainbows!

Has this ever happened to you?

“Wtf tank? Why’d you move?” “I had to get out of the purple circle.” “Dude, that was the Warlock’s Hand of Guldan, wtf.” “Oh.”

World of Warcraft is a wonderful game, and no mistake. Very complex, very intricate, and that means lots to learn and master.

So many classes, so many specs, so many…

Spell effects.

There are a lot of different, highly interesting and sometimes quite lovely spell effects in the game, caused by both you and your friends and the internet dragons you love to fight.

One common problem I run into is that I’m fairly new to all the raids, and I haven’t played all the classes to max level myself and played with every spec.

Sometimes, what spell effects I see on the screen, especially in a PUG in an unfamilar zone with masses of AoE mobs, causes me to mistake a fellow players’ attack with something of the bad variety that bad players love to stand in.

Cassie and I were talking about it a bit, how the raid I run with isn’t used to a Moonkin, so the first time I dropped the Talented Mushrooms with that icky greenish-brown slime trail in the center, others were kinda like, “What the hell is that, and do I get the hell out of it.”

Likewise on the aforementioned Warlocks Hand of Guldan, a spell effect I hadn’t seen much before, and that seemed too simple to be a player-caused effect. I saw it on all the add pulls in Grim Batol, and it looked like something that could herald BAD STUFF™.

Cassie mentioned that, as someone that doesn’t play in groups all THAT much, she’d really love an optional setting be added to the graphics choices. 

You may know that there is already a setting that allows you to emphasize your own spell effects over others, highlighting how awesome your spell casts look in your own UI. That’s a nice thought.

Well, we’d like an option that would be functional, as well as attractive. 

We’d like to be able to set spell effects so that they displayed an additional effect, based on whether the caster is friendly or hostile to you.

The way Cassie described it to me, it would work like so;

Your own persistant spell effects, and those of your friends or those friendly to you in PvP, would appear as normal, except that they would be ringed about with pretty bunnies, rainbows and unicorns. Perhaps some lovely hearts or roses and flowers, for flavor.

The persistant spell effects of our enemies would also appear as normal, but would be ringed along the outer edge with daggers, skulls, or some other appropriately menacing symbol of pain and suffering.

In this way, when something appeared under your feet, you’d bloody well know if it was time to GTFO of the fire or not.

I think it would be equally beneficial if it was applied to AoE healing spell effects as damaging ones, as in PvP it sure would be gratifying to have a Druidic green circle of healing appear, and see from the tiny skulls that there was an enemy healer within range of gankage.

Not that I would advocate ganking Druids, of course.

Now, I understand that many people will probably just say, “lrn2recognise, noob”, and I wouldn’t blame them. There are always going to be people who are happy with the way things are, enjoying the increased difficulty of the uncertainty.

Perhaps adding it as an option would cause it to become one of those things that, if others have it on, you have to enable it too, just out of self-preservation. Again, thinking PvP.

But for PvE, I know that it’s not a big thing, but it would be a nice thing. And I’d dearly love to see those happy little death bunnies dancing around the circle of badass all-consuming fire that your friendly warlock or mage just lay down under the internet dragon you were fighting.

Killing them with kindness, indeed.

16 thoughts on “Death Bunnies and Epic Rainbows!

  1. [BlizCon Dev Voice, not similar to GC at all]:
    OK, so, because so many of you wanted a better identification about friendly and hostile spell effects, we’re going to implement this in a future patch. Friendly spell effects will have multiple fluffy bunnies surrounding them, whereas hostile spell effects will be surrounded by multiple images of the Rabbit of Caerbannog. We hope this will help your play experience.
    [End Voice]


  2. I have similar issues with elemental shaman earthquake and mob quake effects. Move or not to move, that is the question. I cheat and move my butt out of the effect and tank the mob in the effect. Not perfect but I don’t die and then have to listen to the pugs whine…


  3. L2Recognize Noob! ROFL

    I’ve been guilty of this too, when there are new spell effects with each new patch. The Warlock “purple circle thingy” (as I call it) is one in particular that as a healer, I always move out of. It looks an awful lot like similar enemy void zones we’ve seen before. It took me a while to notice that the purple stuff was actually being cast by someone on my team and not an enemy death trap.

    I think I’ll take a look at the addon mentioned above. I do play with sound, couldn’t manage without it so it will probably be really helpful. I’ll get the addon until Blizz adds fluffy bunnies around helpful spells. 🙂


  4. Well, I dont know if “ringed about with pretty bunnies, rainbows and unicorns” is what I want to see, but I love the idea. Didn’t know about the the GTFO add-on so I will have to investigate that a bit too.


  5. That matches my first experience with Hand of Gul’dan. “Huh? A purple ring? I don’t remember seeing that before. Looks like something I don’t want to stand in.”


  6. What Wugan says. Stand in enemy Death&Decay, it will beep. Stand in Bad Internet Fire it wil beep.
    Try GTFO Addon.


  7. They added the red overlay recently… pretty much only visible on big patches of ice to me!

    In you solution, what happens with mob cast buff zones. ie the things you need to move the boss out of and then stand in yourself? Can’t be bunnies because you should be standing the boss in the friendly AoE, can’t be skulls because you should be standing yourself in it.


  8. I think the best solution for something like this is the addon GTFO. As you can probably guess from the name, it kindly reminds you to stop standing in bad things, by using a large obnoxious noise. It’s very thorough. So, if you don’t hear GTFO yelling at you, and your health does not seem to be dropping, you’re probably fine. Not the perfect solution, but it’s pretty effective.


    • That’s a good idea, and I’ve had it recommended to me and tried it before, and it works well… except for one little thing. I don’t play with in game sound on at all. I’m usually on vent with Cassie.


      • GTFO has an option to unmute for itself. You can hit ctrl-S to turn the sound off, and it’ll still alert you.

        So many people play without sound ,and I can’t understand how they do it. So many things tell me things by sound… 😛 The problem with the color overlays, if you don’t know what a spell effect is, you don’t know whether it’s a different color or not. And being colorblind, their color choices don’t always work. Have a big problem with the one Zul’Gurub fight where you have to go to the green or red cauldrons…


      • (To clarify; you can turn the sound off with the in-game ctrl-S command. When GTFO needs to alert you, it’ll turn it back on, go ‘ZOMG MOVE DOOFUS” and then turn it back off.


      • Huh. I didn’t realize that you could chain GTFO and Power Auras together. That’s an awesome idea. I’ll have to set that up. I’m getting to the point that I pretty much rely on GTFO to tell me “Hey Dumbass! Stop standing in the flaming poop, you nimrod!”.


  9. Just so you know, there’s already a thing where in PvP enemy spell effects do look different than friendly spell effects, usually indicated by being a different color.


  10. I’ve thought of something similar myself, in the past, though it’s less bunnies and skulls, and a bit more … I hate to use the word “functional” for this, but I can’t think of a better word … functional. Just a tiny little ticky box of “Disable friendly spell effects” would suit me fine. It would prevent the “I moved because I thought your Hand of Gul’Dan was Bad Stuff™” issues as well as help improve raid latency issues.

    But death bunnies.. That’s pretty awesome.


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