The Flame Wreath Chant – by request

We were talking about something in ventrilo just now, I dunno what, and I was reminded of the wonders of Karazhan raiding… and this was one of those shared moments that I think all of us could relate to at the time. So, by request from Blackbear, here you go. 🙂

Shade of Aran in Karazhan… I will NOT move when Flame Wreath is cast, or yes, yes indeed…. the raid blows up.

Who else remembers those wonderful pugs, when over vent you hear the scream, “Who moved? Who F)&(*^^ moved?!?”

I hope you enjoy this… blast… from the past. /sunglasses

13 thoughts on “The Flame Wreath Chant – by request

  1. I had never seen the video of that. I had seen the YTMND one though. Awesome memories though. Don’t know how many times we blew up to someone moving… it was me only a couple of times, I swear. Disadvantage of playing a druid healer… you’re kinda predisposed to jumping all the time (at least back in TBC days since it was all hots except regrowth and you never cast that).


  2. This made me remember so many things, in particular the time I remember being the one on Vent yelling. ‘Why’d you move, I saw you move! You can’t move out of any other damn thing that kills you but the one time you are not supposed to move you freaking move!! Are you doing this to fu** with me!?!?! You are, aren’t you? I hate you, I’m not healing you anymore!’ Of course I did, and everyone laughed at the outburst because it’s so unlike me. Thanks for that lil trip down memory lane.


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  4. Funny thing is – in all the times I raided Karazhan, I never actually had anyone move during Flame Wreath. It may be the one mechanic people actually understood the first time… 🙂


    • Oh no…. not everyone.

      But the thing is… it was a dead simple mechanic. It was so stunningly simple. Flame Wreath goes off, you don’t move. That’s it. There is other stuff swirling around you, but at that moment all you have to do is rein in those wild horses driving you to jump aruond like a fool or a madman, and stand still.

      And people could. not. do it.

      That was, to me, what made it such fun. The sheer amazement. Holy shit, someone moved during Flame Wreath. Again.

      It’s amazing how far we’ve come since then, isn’t it?


      • Well, if I remember correctly, there was a time way back in the heyday of Kara raiding where he could cast two spells at a time. Flame Wreath (the “don’t move” one) and Blizzard (the “don’t stand in that” one). It was basically understood that if he had cast Flame Wreath and Blizzard, you ignored every bone in your body screaming MOVE MOVE and stood in the Blizzard.


    • I absolutely love this video. I loved it when I raided Kara with my friends, and I still love it now. 🙂

      Thanks for posting it, BBB.


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