Gear Gathering – It’s on like Donkey Kong!

I don’t even know where to begin, but since that’s a beginning, let’s roll.

Today, we are told, I’m still not believing the words I’m typing, that patch 4.3 will include Gear Transmogrification.

You’ll be able to change the current appearance of your gear to match the appearance of any other comparative type of gear.

Plate shoulder to plate shoulder, leather chest to leather chest. Possibly even two-handed staff to two-handed staff, and one-handed swird to one-handed sword.

This feature, no I swear to you I am not kidding it’s been confirmed by Blue post on the official forums, goes hand in hand with the new Void Storage, which apparently is intended to have about 150 inventory spaces… for the storage of your old gear.

Items you put in Void Storage, according to Blue posts, will have enchants, gems and crafting identifiers removed. It will be put in the digital equivalent of long-term cold storage.

The subtext here? You will have to possess, currently, an item of gear in order to be able to apply that gears’ appearance to your currently worn gear.

Maybe it will have to be placed in Void Storage to have the pattern be available at the Transmogrifier Vendor, that sounds very reasonable to me. It would make Void Storage a form of “recipe list” for appearance patterns.

Holy shit. Just, holy shit.

Do YOU want to PvP or raid in the armor sets, the MATCHING armor sets of yesteryear? Do YOU love role playing and having cool outfits, and regret having to wear a cobbled-together clown suit to achieve performance?

Well, kiss the clown suit goodbye, my friends, and say hello to a whole new game of planning your special outfit and then going out there and GETTING IT.

Did you always want the twin Warglaives from Black Temple, but once Cataclysm came out and the Legendaries were obsolete as effective gear, you lost the fire in your belly to get them?

Have you always loved the Blackened Defias set, and wished you could wear the whole thing and still be as effective as everyone else?

Just… holy shit.

I know that my first thought, my very first thought was, “I need to transfer my Rogue to my new server, so when this change goes into effect I can be wearing my full Dungeon Set 2 while raiding. With the twin Season 1 PvP swords.”

I know it probably seems stupid to you. Maybe I’m one of the odd ones, getting excited about this.

But just holy shit! I am!

I am excited as hell to go back and review the appearances of every set in the game, decide which appearance I would LOVE to have for my character, and then go out there right the hell now and start working on building it.

How about you? Are you like my Rogue, and have a freaking insane kick-ass set ready to go for your favorite character, just waiting for this to go live? Do you have twenty?

Are you like my Warrior, who intentionally leveled Blacksmithing and acquired every single recipe and built the full Imperial Plate set and kept it, just for a “Worgen about town” outfit, but it’s really nothing all that special?

Or are you like my Druid, who has nothing waiting in the wings, because I was always in forms and it didn’t matter if my gear looked like I failed clown school?

It’s such a simple thing, and yet, our view of the game is what we see around us. We see other players around us, all the time.

When every player you see will be able to look exactly how that player wants, I think it’s going to have a major effect on the world. Instead of people wearing random crap, everyone will have a choice, and who among us doesn’t want to make our own decisions and USE those choices?

Kick ass, Blizzard.

22 thoughts on “Gear Gathering – It’s on like Donkey Kong!

  1. YES!! My priest will now be in the pvp t6 24/7! (The dark blue/silver version of the tier 6 gear, you’d turn in tokens at Quel’Danas to get them.)


  2. Oh, please yes. 😀 I’ve always missed my druid’s blue bird shoulders from the feralheart set. Most gear is pretty meh, can’t really see anything but helmets and shoulders, but there’s some of those I’d love… and some I’d love to never see again. (99% of Cataclysm and LK helmets, I’m looking at you…) Not to mention having space to put my old sentimental gear in, let alone be able to get some use of it in the bargain…


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  4. I have tossed so much great looking gear…but for some reason I always kept my raiding weapons.

    Two Words:




  5. While I understand their locking in the item type so that a plate-wearer can’t appear to be running around in a pretty dress, part of me is a little sad that my death knight will still have to carry around a full set of leather gear, when I wander around Orgrimmar looking like a Grunt. Oh well, at least I can run around in my old arena gear. And despite the general tone of this comment, I am actually pretty excited about this. I just think the limitations on it – especially concerning Legendaries – are a bit too limiting.


    • I agree. It would have been so nice to be able to tank on my druid in one of the many pretty outfits that i have collected over the years. Especially my flowing white dress…


    • Thanks Ronove for “peeking” and letting me know your thoughts on which sets you think look best. I might be torn now though on Weland’s outfit. I just acquired for him the Grunt’s Plate set (via horde alt on 2nd account and neutral AH) and found a weapon and shield that match it pretty well. I think I might just have him always running around looking like a hordie grunt (he’s human btw in case you forgot from his screenies).

      You might want to head over to the vendor in Org (by Blacksmith trainers) and take a look at the Grunt’s Plate set. It’s not that bad looking and it might solve your problem of your DK with the leather grunt outfit. However I do feel your pain. I also found the “Battered” vendor set in Org, which is leather and something I’ve not found on Ally vendors, and sent it to my Dranaei hunter and it just looks AWESOME (as well as sexy as ever)!!! Wish they had a “mail” version of it. :o(

      I’m hoping they reconsider the whole “same armor type” thing and change it to any type of armor that toon can wear. A lot of bank space is taken up by Holiday outfits and those are pretty much all cloth. It would be fun to someday kill Deathwing dressed in your Christmas outfit or Pilgrim outfit would it not??? hahaha


  6. This makes me very happy. I just recently spent a week or two browsing the AH/town vendors, doing quests, crafting and running old raids/dungeons to put together some “play outfits”. My bags are busting at the seams and there is little room left for items I do need…hahaha. (out of 104 bag slots only 16 are empty) I will definately be putting those features to good use once they are implemented. The only problem will be deciding what outfit to “wear”. Help me out and choose? I made some web pages to show my guildies my new duds. Take a peek and let me know which you like best please. :o)


    • I know your request was aimed at BBB, but here’s my opinion:
      Welland (great name btw): set 5
      Draiko: set 1
      Razikiel: set 1 with set 5’s weapons


  7. I don’t think I’ve ever actually worn any of the pieces… but looking over the Mage sets, there’s the Ironweave Battlesuit.

    Oh… man! Yes, *please*!

    Forget all the flaming, frosting, high-collared monkey suits of the higher tiers. If Dalaran issued BDUs, this would be it.


  8. On my Paladin I went back and farmed several old sets: Lawbringer, Judgement, Dungeon 1 ungraded to Dungeon 2, 5/5 ZG, and 5/5 AQ20 sets. The only classic sets I don’t have are PvP related, the AQ40 set, and Naxx (which obviously isn’t available anymore).

    My Warlock will finally get to go back to Felheart from Molten Core. I’ve had that set for 6 YEARS and is the ONLY set he never got rid of.

    It also gives me hope for my Undead Hunter. The normal Hunter set pieces look pretty bad on the undead, so now I can piece together something that I like…

    Yeah, the possibilities here are very exciting. 🙂


    • Felheart… that was a pretty damn nice set.

      I can see I’m going to have to download the Warcraft Item Viewer again, aren’t I?


  9. This is going to be sweet! But I have to admit I kind of like the clown suits too. It sort of reminds me of the Mad Max movies where you scrounge for the best damn equipment you can find and it may look a little asymmetric, but it makes each character very different. With the new comparative gear its more like King Aurthur knights, which again I think is a cool feature. It adds more choice by adding conformity… kind of a strange thought once said actually.

    Every excited about this new transmogrification development but I may just keep a few of the odd ball outfits around if for nothing more than for stubbornness 🙂


  10. I have a full set of T6 in the bank of my balance druid, and now that I know what the transmogrification thing is about I’m squeeing about it. Also have a couple of pieces of warrior T8 I kept for looks, and some Giantstalker set on the hunter. This is going to be awesome!


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