Transmogrifying – now with less Legendary

Just a quick update, on my last blog post I specifically rushed to the awesome idea of a Rogue being able to go back, get the Warglaives, and finally raid with them.


A Blue commenter has specifically remarked that Legendary weapons will NOT be allowed to either have their image be changed, or to supply their appearance to another item.

My editorializing will now begin.

How completely frakkin’ stupid! If the whole point is that you have to possess the item in your own inventory, then why in the hell would you NOT want to be able to display that you have a legendary? Why?

Are Legendaries SUPPOSED to rot unused and unseen in a bank?

Just… on top of the greatest news I’ve had in a few weeks about the game, to drop that bombshell of just STUPID is amazing.

And I don’t even have a Legendary!

12 thoughts on “Transmogrifying – now with less Legendary

  1. I was all happy this afternoon cause the official transmogrifying pics had a tauren with a Sulfuron Hammer legendary… and I thought YEAH!!!!!

    Im all sad now… 😦


  2. While this news would have had me jumping on my table few years ago, I cannot help but feel how horribly late into WoW this feature is being added. 😦 rotten timing for me personally.
    I concur on the legendary issue – legendaries of all things should be displayable. I wonder how final the decision really is, though.


  3. Well, odds are “Players will not be able to transmogrify Legendary items” will eventually go the same route as “We have no plans to allow players to change a character’s faction, sex or race.”

    If I was still playing, it’d give me some small incentive to start gathering old sets (unless the rumour that old tier sets may become available for purchase with justice or valor points proves to have some basis in reality, removing even that potential diversion). As it is, I have a rogue with full T6 (earnt during TBC), a warrior with full D1, and a priest who desperately wants her T5…


    • I like the idea of buying old PVE sets with JP/VP. Although until I hear that officially from Blizzard, I’m running old dungeons and raids to get the tier I want. Also, some of the PVP stuff looks pretty good and I always wanted it in PVE…that stuff is already purchaseable with honor for a reduced price. I bet you’re on the right track with old PVE sets coming available.


  4. I’m really hoping that’s the case as well. I can sort of see where they were thinking that this would keep the Legendary status by not letting cheap knockoffs take the appearance, but then the items really do become both useless and the least desired vanity items when you can do this with every other item available.


  5. This ruined my hope of finally getting to use Thunderfury again. I guess it will just sit wherever I left it, useless. I wonder what the next arbitrary restriction will be, “must be from the same expansion”?


    • Honestly, this is the first blush of the Hobbesian rose, I expect the legendary restriction to be relaxed. It just makes no sense to let you have everything EXCEPT the most precious item in your inventory that has stats that make it useless for anything but show.


  6. I finally got Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros a few weeks ago after several years of going into MC. The Transmogrification is the single most exciting thing I’ve heard in regards to WoW. They even had a picture of a paladin wielding Sulfuras in the preview article. But now this… Just blarg. I’m an old armor hoarder, so at least I’ll get to use neat things on my Druid. I’m gonna get to put my full Dungeon 3/Tier .5 set to good use!


  7. Are you sure that you have to have an item in Void Storage to use it as a pattern? Makes sense but I haven’t read anything about it either way.

    Maybe they don’t want legendaries because they are going to give the option to use any piece of gear and they don’t want to have everyone running around with warglaives… would make it less legendary that way.


    • First, am I sure? No, but if the stated purpose of the Void Storage is specifically to give you a place to put lall that extra unused armor, then I am willing to leap to the conclusion that you have to own a piece of gear in order to use it as the appearance for your equipped gear. Somewhere. Will you have to go, get the item out of storage in order to apply it at the Transmogrifier? possibly. Or possibly you will be given a list at the Transmogrifier vendor of all the possible choices avaiable based on your inventory in the Void Storage for a selected armor piece, and you can flip through them until you find the one you want. That second option is the one that seems to make the most sense to me.

      Second… I’m really not sure about your “everyone running around with legendaries”. Legendaries are legendary. They’re certainly not common.
      If you have been fortunate enough to earn one or have the pieces drop, or spent the literal YEARS it can take to farm the exceedingly rare drop… why would you expect to be denied showing that of all things off? And why would you think the reason would be to cheapen them? Their importance is based purely on their rarity and difficulty in acquisition. If they really are so common that everyone would be running around with them… then nobody will be running around with them over something else.

      Or, to put it another way, if everyone is running around with warglaives, the cool kids will be using a rusty butter knife.


      • I reread what I wrote and I apologize if it came across the wrong way (I almost sounded accusatory but I had honestly not heard how they wanted to use it) . What I meant was if they were just going to have a list of all items in the game that you can pay to change then I can see why they might exclude certain items. I am definitely with you in that anything that you received in the past should be available. People worked really hard for those pieces and deserve to see them again (thank goodness my priest still had Benediction hehe). It would be really nice if they made it so that any item you have ever gotten and destroyed/sold/disenchanted etc would also count.

        To be honest I was hoping that Void Storage was simply for people who didnt want to get rid of old gear or flavor items for nostalgia sakes but it completely makes sense if it is used as a pattern factory of sorts. I was a little puzzled that they weren’t a little more specific about at least that portion of it. Overall I am pretty happy since it gives people a lot more stuff to do in old content. Maybe many of the newer players will get to see how fun some of the old content can be even if they outlevel/overgear it.


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