I think a call to action is needed here

With Transmogrification becoming a reality, there is only one thing I think needs to be done to make our gaming preparations complete.

WoW Insider, this is a call for you to step up.

Dawn Moore wrote an article, an excellent article, under the heading “WoW Fashionista”

It is time to make that a weekly feature.

Do it. Make it so.

World of Fashioncraft is here, but I am too masculine a Bear to understand which boots go with what leggings. I can’t color coordinate my staves with my gloves. I need help!

I need Queer Eye for the WoW Guy, or something. I need guidance on my Extreme Makeover, WoW Edition.

Just… come on, help bling a home bear out?

Much appreciated, kthxbai!

PS. I really like the Visual Roleplay Gear List. If you have other websites/blogs you like to visit for gear set suggestions, why not link them below? They will be most appreciated.

12 thoughts on “I think a call to action is needed here

  1. Gee, and I thought I was so brilliant to avoid all that by being a bear. I must confess it would be cool to have a sweet fur armor set for my hunter. Don’t worry no druids would be harmed.


  2. I’ll be waiting around to see if Fabulor comes up with a list of gear worthy of the non belf world. Until that time I may have to go with the model viewer you suggested. I thought I uninstalled it years ago.


  3. I tweeted about it last night, but I heavily recommend the use of the WoW Model Viewer. You can import your current toon’s model and gear appearance via your armoury link, and you can choose the model you want for each slot of your gear, sortable by type (mail, plate, etc). This will obviously help you find the cool looking items in the game, and perhaps more importantly, help reduce the chance of all your selections looking TBC-clownish when displayed at the same time.

    An important thing to note when selecting the model you want for a specific slot, is that the two numbers in square brackets following the names are the item number (for that specific recolor) and the model number (for that model). If you punch that first number into Wowhead, you can see where it comes from, and if there are any other items that use that model, that are perhaps a different colour, or more obtainable than that specific item. This will help with deciding whether the look you want is even feasibly obtainable by you.


    • Umm…. been using that for five years, it is the character modeler of choice for making nice wallpapers and blog background designs. 🙂

      Everything old is new again!


      • Oh, I’ve had it forever too. The points I made were more for the people who’ve never used it before to make using it to help pick transmog sets a little bit easier.

        I’m really interested to see how things go with their Kinect project though. When that gets finished, WoW machinima will never be the same.


  4. Don’t you see? You’ve already got a fantastic set of outfits that’s already pre-coordinated. It’s called Druid Bear Form! If you’re a night elf, enjoy shades of purple such as lilac, amethyst, and indigo. Taurens boast earth tones like amber, mocha, and mahogany. Ash, onyx, and obsidian grace a worgen’s bear form. And if you’re up for a little bit of fun and zest, troll bears have a dazzling variety of colours such as teal, forest green, and sky blue. And to accessorize, each and every fur outfit comes with a matching symbol etched into in the shoulder!

    Druid Bear Form: Keeping you stylin’ since before patch 4.3.


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