Bigbearbutt of Ironforge!

A bit of an announcement here.

Today, I began a new journey in my professional career, one that I’m ever happier about.

Today, I am Bigbearbutt of Ironforge.

As some folks may know, my last employer notified the plant I was at that the whole shebang was going to be shut down, packed up, and relocated to another state, “sometime early next year”.

As much as you’re used to seeing me be grumpy, I’m not given to dumping on employers, past or present. As long as they consistently paid me as we agreed upon for the work I performed, I have no true gripes. 

Still, knowing that your plant is going bye bye in the near future is no fun, especially in a tough economy.

Fortunately, unlike so many people who have been laid off without any warning at all, I was given enough lead time that I could seek out something new while still getting a paycheck. A blessing, a true blessing, and one that I am very grateful for.

It meant that I’ve been able to seek out the perfect new job with a company that I really wanted to be a strong part of.

Mind you, my last job was just like that… the problem wasn’t that the job was poor, the pay was low, or the business was unsuccessful. The problem was that Iwas SO successful in cutting maintenance costs and increasing equipment uptime, and the sales team was able to continue to grow the business to utilize all that uptime I was providing, that the building HAD to move to find room to expand.

It was just unfortunate that upper management felt that the expansion and investment in the business should take place in Illinois instead of Minnesota.

Yes, I was offered the opportunity to relocate. I chose not to. See? In many ways you could say that it was my own choice to put family and our home ahead of employment, and risk not finding the right position elsewhere in time.

I was willing to take that gamble.

I rolled the dice, and, well… I roll twenties. But you knew that. 🙂

I’ve got a new job. The job kicks ass. It’s what I’ve done for years, which means I’m damn good at it. No stress hoping I can learn fast enough to pull this shit off. Maintenance Manager, walking into an operation and bringing order out of chaos.

That’s right. Bringing order out of chaos. It’s what I do, and screw the Black Blade of Antioch.

But even better, I’m doing it at a company that’s been around for over a hundred years, with people that, the more I talk to them, the more I know that they give a shit about the future of the company, AND the people that work for them. And it’s a company where if you don’t do the job, if you don’t pull your weight, it shows… and you’ll be out on your ass. No dead weight hiding in a back office. The President and the VPs are all out on the floor pitching in, and that’s a damn nice thing to see.

I’m at an Iron Foundry, a no-shit, pouring-hot-molten-metal-into-molds, sparks flying, badass iron foundry. 

I am no longer in the land of hair nets and clean room medical standards. I’m in the realm of “let’s pour 45 tons today, and take a sledgehammer to the scrap to dump it back into the induction furnace” kind of place.

It’s a good feeling. And it’s even better when I talk to the management types and feel, instead of the disgust I’ve held for a long time, a sense of pride that these are the people I’ll be working with.

Err… take from that what you will concerning my last employer. Okay, so I’ll dump a LITTLE bit on them.


Bigbearbutt of Ironforge. It’ll do for going on with.

Oh, who am I kidding. It kicks ass.

There is SO MUCH in WoW to talk about, I know, I know! …and I’d love to be doing it right now. It’ll still be there when I get back on target, give me a few days.

I’m not going away, and I’m not shuttering the door. But hey… between the school year starting up for my son, projects around the house, and starting a new job, as you can imagine posting is going to be on a bit of a scattered schedule until I get back on top of things.

All I can tell you is, I’ll still be here.

I hope you will be too!

19 thoughts on “Bigbearbutt of Ironforge!

  1. grats on the new job. i know all about the fun of working with molten metal, except mines aluminum in a die casting plant.


  2. Congratz on the new job, which is a true achievement. I will gladly wait for you. We all enjoy reading your tales of woe and celebration. As a Dwarf priest, I say it’s great to have another handsome bear in Ironforge, and I’ll have a brew waiting for you.


  3. Hey! Super congrats to you and your family! Knowing you, this place sounds like a perfect fit for your bear butt and skillz. Double woot!


  4. O John all the best mate I have been reading your blogposts since Brk spoke about you and in anticipation I look forward to more witty and well written posts Bout your experience as dedicated husband, father, professional and WoW player


  5. Congratulations on the New Job! Isn’t it fun when you look forward to going to “work” each day? Fun and kind of weird, too. :p


  6. Grats on the new job! It sounds awesome. I also recently started at a company that is way, way better than my last company. Better pay (50% raise, yes please!), better perks (lunch and dinner cooked by on-site chefs? I’ll take it!), better people … it’s an good feeling, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it 😀


  7. Go! Go! Go! And I can’t wait for the pictures.

    Can we get lava pics?

    Seriously, congratulations on finding something you can wrap your paws around (don’t forget the Cosmic Ovenmitts)


  8. Grats on your new job (and new Ironforge title 🙂 It *does* make a difference that you are proud of where you work and the people you work with. Best wishes in your new digs, and look forward to reading more on here soon!


  9. Nice. Congratulations! Nothing like a good job to make life click. Good, honest work really is good for the soul.

    Do we get to see cool metalworking photos?


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