What to get the geek that has everything?

The holiday season fast approaches, and for once, I’ve found something super-cool far enough in advance to be able to tell you, and have it do some good.

No, nothing on my store, although I do hope to one day have enough energy to put Tish Tosh Teshs brilliant tanking pet design up there, like I said I would back when I went to NADWCON.

No, what I want to point you to is one of the most brilliant sites on the internet, one of the most wonderful stores, and a good way to blow an afternoon.

Do you have a friend you’d like to find that perfect, unique gift for?

Do you also lack the craft skills necessary to pull off something neat yourself, like knitting a scarf in the colors of the Horde?

Well, then may I suggest you pay a visit to Shapeways.

You probably already heard of or visited Shapeways before, but have you been by lately?

Shapeways is a site that allows you to either submit your own custom 3D CAD designs to be made by their cutting-edge processes out of the material you choose, from plastics to stainless steel, or to pick from existing designs that other people have already created and uploaded. Or in some cases, customize some of those designs to suit your own purposes.

You could find replica Green Lantern rings on Shapeways long before DC Comics realized it might be a money maker for them, and come on, who didn’t want their own Ring of Ultimate Power™ as a kid?

I had planned on taking the Blizzard WoW Bear Claw design that signifies shapeshifting into Bear form and having it designed into a signet ring.

Unfortunately, I truly have zero time these days. I’m working twelve hour days at the foundry, five days a week, and that just doesn’t leave me much time to do squat. So, I fail.


Shapeways has grown to the point where creative folks have carved out their own stores on the site, populated with their own unique designs.

These are things you truly will NOT find in brick and mortar stores… so you can be assured that your significant other will not open this present and say, “Oh cool, I saw that on Amazon and was thinking of getting one, thanks!” Or, worse yet, “Oh damn, I already got one, I forgot to tell you.”

First, for the true dice collectors among us.

I, myself, am a collector of dice. I’m clearly not in Wil Wheaton’s league, but I can console myself with knowing that my collection filled tackle boxes years before he considered picking up his first d20.

As an initiate to the inner mysteries of the die, I find these beautiful designs to be worthy of applause;

The Large Dice Set, designed and sold by Made by Wombat. This is just one of Made By Womats designs, to whet your appetite for more. 🙂

Or how about this, for the Girl Genius fans out there?

The Steampunk Die Set, created and sold by Masterworks?

As cool as that is, I love the stylings of her Deathly Hallows inspired dice set a little better, but that’s just me.

You starting to see what I mean about cool and unique?

Before I leave the world of innovative die, how could I not mention Dizingof’s Steampunk D4?

Yes, that is a single D4 die. Just, omigod. If you WERE planning on handing Wil Wheaton a single die at Gencon or something, what better way to leave an impression than with that?

That is as far as I’m willing to go on a blog post. Hopefully, this will tease you into leaping in and seeing what kind of awesomeness you can find to wow that special someone.

I’ll also be honest, I have an ulterior motive. I know a lot of you are brilliantly creative, and if even one of you visits Shapeways, sees the possibilities, and opens your own store to share and sell your imaginative designs, I’ll consider it a victory.

Okay, I have to leave you with one more.

This one is the Horde Medallion by leslie of the store Satori.

Does that not kick ass?

I think it does.

Happy shopping!

12 thoughts on “What to get the geek that has everything?

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  3. Heh, I guess I ought to take last year’s ‘Raid logo and make a 3D version of at least the core Horde/Alliance glyph. Y’know, I’m pretty sure I could do a bear claw signet ring up for you pretty easily. I just need to do it in my lunch time. I’ve been meaning to figure it all out anyway. 😉


      • OK, there’s a first stab at it, size 11 (the only one at present, but not the only one I intend to make). Those are the bear and cat glyphs by the side of the claw proper. It’s not for sale at present, just because I need to dot a few ‘i’s and cross a few ‘t’s. It should be around $20 in stainless steel.

        I welcome feedback on it, by the way. It’s not a “proper” signet ring insomuch as it doesn’t have a big, protruding seal that could be used on hot wax, but I think it at least captures the shapes well enough.



      • As always, any post by Tesh ain’t spam.

        If I was gonna allow anyone to hijack this blog besides Cassie to write a guest post, it’d be you.


  4. Shapeways is incredibly awesome. Once I’m done illustrating my mother’s book, I’m going to see about getting some game pieces built and offered there for the games I design in my spare time. Say, tabletop miniatures and dice. Between Shapeways and TheGameCrafter.com, I have a lot of things I want to release to the wild. I really love what they do, and there are a ton of cool pieces there already.

    Oh, and @theanorak, Bathsheba has stuff at Shapeways. Of course. 🙂 Oskar van Deventer has some fantastic puzzles, too.



  5. The Steampunk D4 is pretty awesome looking. And the Horde Medallion just as cool.

    Good to see some creativity still exists in this day and age.


  6. Oh my oh my, THAT is some awesomeness.

    Also: Working 60 hrs a week may be rough, but in this economy, it’s very far from a fail.


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