Okay, NOW my journey to the Feral side is complete

Tesh has taken up the challenge, and crafted the ultimate Ring of Power™.

Or at least, the ultimate Ring of Furry Feral Druid Pride.

Yes, I said Furry. We’re Druids. Get over it. SOME of us are even Taurens, so if you can’t at least handle the label with humor, dare I say “let it slide like water off a Manatee-forms back”, then you’re in the wrong end of the class pool.

Tesh has opened a new Shapeways store, called Tish Tosh Tesh Toys (I love that name), and has presented us with several different Feral Druid ring designs.

One of these rings is exactly, EXACTLY, how I envisioned the ring I wanted to design… except a little better, because it has our Druid shoulder markings on each side of the claw design;

It’s amazing! And on Shapeways, when made out of Stainless Steel, it’s only $23.00!

Now, at this time it is only on there at size 11. I do not know what size my finger is, but it’s unlikely to be 11. I ain’t that lucky. But Tesh tells me he is going to be adding more ring sizes soon.

I think if we ask nicely, he may also add the option to have it made out of other materials… I don’t know what the options are exactly, and I know I will buy the stainless version so I can wear it without worrying about breaking or chipping it, but it seems to me you can have things made of other materials, some colored. Perhaps a Night Elf purple or Tauren brown version are possible.

 Still…. behold the power of creation!

And if Tesh acts fast, it is entirely possible that some lucky Druids could be seen wearing one of Teshs rings at Blizzcon! Talk about a head turner, eh?

In other Tish Tosh Tesh related news, one of the things he intends to create and place for sale on his Shapeways store are Zomblobs! figures for a tabletop game version of his game design.

Just sayin’, this ain’t a one-shot store for a one day wonder novelty item that will quickly and quietly fade away. Tesh has plans. Exciting, imaginative plans. I’m really looking forward to seeing where his vision will carry me next.

21 thoughts on “Okay, NOW my journey to the Feral side is complete

  1. Great job Tesh, Love the designs especially the gnomish dice. Good luck with all the toys. Thanks BBB for letting us know about this wonderful site.


  2. Awesome work! Really looking forward to seeing even more items. Please make sure that all Blizz trademark issues are covered so we can buy these goodies. We don’t want to see them tied up in legal nonsense. Once again, well done, sir!


  3. Wow, that looks amazing 🙂 Kudo’s!
    Really nice work there. Specially like the shoulder markings on the side, really nice touch!

    Now to get that kitty signet in there, that’d be lovely indeed… Or the tree… 😉

    (don’t ask why a cat would read a bear blog…)


  4. OK, sizes 4 through 16 are now available!

    Prices vary as much as they do mostly because Shapeways charges by volume of material in the model itself. If you guys would like other sizes of the sleeker design, I can do that too, I just haven’t yet (but let me know or I’ll just leave it alone!). I’ll also be uploading dice here and there when I can. And a Zomblob! or three, hopefully by the end of the week.

    Thanks again!


  5. I love the ring… if you can get it up to size 15, this bear will buy one… BBB if your a bigger guy like me, you’re most likely a size 13-14


  6. Shapeways says that once you order a stainless steel item, it usually takes around 16 days to ship. I can live with that.


  7. Once Tesh locks down the basic ring outlines, the button shape, etc, changing the actual image within from a Bear claw to kitty or Moonkin or Tree should be possible. He is a very professional artist, and you can see how wonderful the fur-styled edging on the claw turned out. It all depends on his energy level, and how many rings actually get sold, I’d imagine.

    I would totally see wearing a kitty, moonkin or tree ring if I wasn’t such a Big Bear Butt.


  8. oo wonder if we can get the same done with the tree form emblem … that or I’m going to have to admit that among my druid collection there is an end game feral lol


  9. Heh, thanks for the plug! Yup, there are a host of materials they offer, but I set the rings to just use the metals. I’m partial to the bronze antiqued one m’self. 😉 I think I’ll put the simple plastics up too, just in case someone wants a cheap ring. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s just a checkmark for me. I’ll still avoid the glasses and the sandstone, though, I think.

    I’ll get the different sizes in tonight, and smooth up that side just a little. It really should be plenty smooth in the final form, but that render looks a little faceted on the shoulder, so just because I’m paranoid…

    I’m planning on sizes 7-13, but if someone emails me with a request for another size, that’s pretty easy to splice in.

    There’s a demo die in there too that sadly doesn’t quite work as a proper die… but it’s a hint of one of the directions I’m going in.

    Thanks again! It sure was fun to put together. The shoulder glyphs seemed like they fit. 😉


    • I saw your demo die, and frankly I LOVE your gear design. I would love to have a set of those, I really would. And don’t go too small on them either, they are fascinatingly steampunk.

      The ring I have that I sent you a picture of, it was my fathers ring before me, and I’ve had it for over forty years now… long enough for my finger to go from waaay too small for it, to it now fitting perfectly. I just have to take the ring to a store, use their little stick thingie that measures ring sizes on it, and powie! I’ll be ordering one.

      I would probably buy both a steel one AND a shiny gold (for formal functions like concerts, don’tcha know), but then I haven’t seen how the bronze would look yet.


      • Here’s an online ring-sizer; you calibrate it to your monitor using a credit card (By holding the card up to the monitor and moving the lines to fit it) so it can show you the precise sizing.

        I’m at least a 16.5. Right off the right end of the scale. O_O So, I’m prolly going to have to go get a jeweler to do it for me…


      • Hrm… funny thing, that. I *can* extrapolate though and make ’em really as big as I feel like. I’ll see about making a 17 and even 18. Shouldn’t take long, but I’ll have to do it tonight when I get home from work.


    • That looks awesome! I don’t suppose there’s a chance of getting this sort of thing for some other classes? A Hammer of Wrath for a Paladin, for example? 🙂


      • I do have plans for each class, actually. We’ll see how many I get in. I only have a working copy of Max for another five days or so, and I’m still learning Blender. (Evil UI makes Tesh sad.) Still, I’m in this for the long haul, including WoW dice and other game designs of my own.


  10. OKay, looking at materials, I see why it’s Stainless. The colored materials are basically ABS plastics. Not what i’d look for from a long-lasting ring.

    On the other hand… you can get stainless steel that is shiny gold plated, and for not much more than normal stainless. Now thats fancy.


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