Of interest to exactly two people

I mentioned my son needed some pictures for a school project in the comments of my last post, and that I dug some out of ancient history. A couple people actually asked me to scan them in, possibly to see if I tell the truth about these things… or maybe they are looking for blackmail material on me. 🙂

Since I was asked, here are scans I just made of these ancient archaic photos.

The Marine Corps Ball pictures were taken for a ceremony held in San Diego, California, in 1992. I was stationed at MACS-1 in Camp Pendleton, CA at the time.

1992… 2002… 2112… Dear God, 19 years ago. /faint.

As described, that is me on your left, my best bud Bob Wasson on the far right, and our young protege flashing the gang signs in the middle. Bob’s wife Kimberly is peeking over the shoulder.

There would be me flipping bunny ears behind Bobs head, as advertised…

And then the picture Alex finally took to school, a polaroid of an awards presentation from the year before. Ah, twenty years gone by… youth, how little I appreciated you.

No, that’s a lie, I loved that time dearly. I knew just how precious those years were.

Oh, wait, that’s right, the surfing picture…


Okay, and one more… a bonus picture of my best bud Bob Wasson in the front, Angus looking for something as usual, and Marcus to the left ready to go (and bored to tears waiting), all members of my RPG group, in a tent on a frozen lake bed in Norway. Bob is enjoying some MREs, mmm mmm good, right before one of our game sessions. If you look closely, yes those are ancient AD&D hardcovers on the crate there in front of Bob, and I believe my Grimmtooths Traps Too there by his side. That has got to be from 1987 or 88… and yes, Bob Wasson and I were staitioned together at different bases at different states over the years. Good gamers stick together!

Now aren’t you sorry you asked?

14 thoughts on “Of interest to exactly two people

  1. Long time lurker here. Your mention of being stationed in Norway brought me out briefly, only to say you got at least one reader over here. Great blog by the way, I just thought I should mention it while I’m here.

    Sadly I was but a little boy back in 1992 (or whenever that was, you didn’t specify).


  2. Funny, when I checked the site and the posting said of interest to only 2 people, there were actually only 2 comments. Oops, 3 now. Sorry to break the flow. Anyway, thanks for sharing, it’s always cool to put a face to people we read/follow. Take care, and thanks for doing what you do.


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