The contest, it is closed. Results tomorrow!

The contest is now closed, all comments are under consideration. Careful consideration. Scientific methods will be used.

Someone may even be wearing a big reflective disc on a band around their head, or have a strange machine that focuses on an eye and magnifies it for display.

“Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention. You are reading comments for a contest and the writer did not mention Druids. Describe in simple words how you feel about… the writer?”

“The writer? You want to know how I feel about the writer??”

*bang!* *bang-bang!*

But seriously folks, all of your comments were fun and enjoyable, including the ones that weren’t suggestions but were made for fun in the conversation, like wanting Druids to be able to fish in forms. It’s going to be hard to pick just two to offer stuff from the store, and when I do announce the names, please don’t take it as my not liking your idea, it’ll just be that I have to make a choice, and the comments that will be at the top are those that in all ways follow as closely as possible what I asked for.

Then those names will go in a hat, and Alex will pick two. 

That’s right! Blame the boy!

Oh, and if you didn’t know there even WAS a contest… well, guess you shoulda read the whole bearwall, huh? He he he.

2 thoughts on “The contest, it is closed. Results tomorrow!

  1. I did read it, but there was another Bearwall for me to catch up on and it was all about tanking… yay! My suggestion even though out of time is Dragonform… a dragon druid! Or even a phoenix form like Ashes of Alar mount (but with laser eyes).

    Saying that I do look forward to see what the best suggestion is… to an 8 year old cause Im pretty sure if its awesome to an 8yr old its probably awesome for the rest of us as well…


    • Already have a dragon form, the Vial of the Sands. (Woo! I AM an epic mount. :D) Although everybody else can have that too, so not so cool. I like the fire raven / phoenix tho.


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