By Way of Apology

Talking in Guild Chat last night with Ursiheil and Blackbear and Cross, and I made a few Dwarf jokes.

You know, nothing too outrageous.

“You know why Dwarves wear kilts?”
“Because sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.”

“Dun Morogh – where Dwarves are dwarves and sheep are nervous.”

Nothing too serious.

Bu I felt like maybe Cross was a bit uncomfortable. Like perhaps he felt that his dwarven masculinity was being challenged.

I want to make it up to him.

So here is a video JUST for the kilt-wearing Dwarves who feel tired of having to defend their sartorial habits.

It’s not a skirt, damnit!

10 thoughts on “By Way of Apology

  1. Great video

    You wear two things under your kilt…socks and boots.
    At the Highland Games here in Richmond, we have a group called the Blue Ribbon Society (we march with the proper clans and everything)
    …In addition to hanging a blue ribbon from beneath their kilts, the males wear a button proclaiming them “a long standing member”, and the ladies, a button saying “membership committee.”

    And yeah, I got me button.


  2. lol….funny video/song/jokes

    I’m gonna have to show that to one of my guildmates to show him that he’s not the only mage riddiculed for wearing “dresses” and having too much “fun” with his sheep. He might feel a little better afterwards. Now I just gotta figure out how to get another guildmate to stop making his sheep keychain make “baaa” noises over vent while we raid….lol. (yes, he bought the keychain just to tease our mage guildmate over vent with)


  3. In my leveling of both level and tailoring, I actually made myself a kilt last night… as well as a barbaric vest (both of which have nice mage stats)… can’t wait for transmogrification, cause I have my new outfit…

    Blackmageweave may make mages look like sluts, but my combo lets me show off the 20 inch dwarven biceps that dwarven mages are required to have… for some reason…

    Also I prefer my response to your question, and it should help Cross and myself in our dwarven masculinity…
    Why do dwarves wear kilts? Because they don’t make three legged pants… 🙂


    • What’s funny is i have that song on mp3 and went looking for any youtube video to play it, and just happened to find the perfect wow video right there waiting.


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