Druid Rings for All Specs!

A while back I ruminated on my desire to design a Bear Tank ring and sell it on Shapeways (mostly ’cause I want one myself).

Tesh, he of Tish Tosh Tesh and Zomblobs! fame, took up the concept and plowed into Shapeways, setting up the Tish Tosh Tesh storefront there, and designed some really cool steampunk-themed dice. No, really, check out how the dice looked finished and then all painted up!

Oh yeah, and he designed some really sweet Druid Bear rings.

Well, did you saw the title of the blog post?

Yep, Tesh created more ring designs, in slimline and signet, for Cat and Resto Druids. They’re already up in his store, in a wide variety of sizes. AND, Shapeways is having a sale! You’d almost think a major gift-giving season was almost upon us.

I know that I said “All Specs” in the title, and there isn’t a Moonkin ring there yet.

What that might mean is that someone would have to show Tesh that they would be interested in buying a Moonkin ring. It does take time to complete these designs, and I have no idea how many, if any, have sold.

I know I’m hoping to see one under my tree this year, but if I was sure of it, where would be the fun in that? Where would be the surprise?

Is there interest in Laser Chicken rings? Do you love his work as much as I do? Let Tesh know!

7 thoughts on “Druid Rings for All Specs!

  1. Awesome job on the rings, Tesh…I’ve been boomie since birth, and I await your Boomkin design! I will definitely get one!

    (I may get the resto one, as well, though when anyone asks me “Can you heal x?”, I tend to try to forget I have a second spec…*shudder*)



  2. My beloved wife, Boomkin since before it was cool, Laserchicken since lvl 40 some time in early BC, healer for a total of about 10 hours has quit wow, but I would probably still get her a Fluffy Feathery Fatalit-owl ring, if it were available 😉

    Short: Yes! Want!


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