WTF, Over

I like webcomics.

I like WoW.

I like webcomics about WoW. Duh.

I like The Daily Blink. Great stuff. (loved loved LOVED todays strip.)

All that aside, The Daily Blink has sidebar advertisements.

So what, so does most gaming-related sites, if only to make enough moola to cover server costs.

But The Daily Blink is special, in that they are firmly in the “webcomic + MMO + video game” demographic.

And so, as I enjoyed todays cartoon, I got to see this on the side of the screen;

I have to ask.


I mean, I had to read it a few times to get the idea that this wasn’t an ad for porn, this was an MMO teaser. For an assassin character.

The Silent Assassin? What, you “can’t hear her coming”?

Okay, that was low, even for me.

Hows about, you won’t be prepared for the ganking you’ll get when she slides down off that pole?

Sorry, I know the trend is ridiculous fantasy female portrayals to grab the eye, but does it work when the art blows past interesting and slides right into satire?

Hmm. I detect a subliminal trend here. Better stop, and go take a shower.

Seriously, though. WTF?!?

17 thoughts on “WTF, Over

  1. I run adblock on my Firefox. Look at what I’m missing! I’m not honestly sure if I wanna unblock adds now or if I’m grateful I don’t have to look at them.


  2. Gotta say – I was browsing the Daily Blink, and the ad in the sidebar was for ‘Call of Roma’. The tagline said “One click for a Roman Orgy!”. I don’t have an issue with revealing armor in WoW – I think it’s amusing, and a few of my toons are pretty scantily clad, but really….? An orgy? Seems a bit excessive to me. I have no doubt that it gets clicks, but I think it would leave me feeling a bit dirty. As if I should run a virus scan and maybe take a shot of penicillin just to be safe 🙂


  3. WoW can get a little weird some times and i have worn armor in which I would have for sure caught pneumonia if I weren’t wearing a tabard. HOWEVER – I give full marks to WoW for their child npc outfits. No flirty little skirts with ruffles under them for the little girls, etc. There is ZERO to attract a viewer looking for that sort of thing (to the best of my knowledge, at least).


    • Dear god, I never even noticed, or looked to notice. Maybe I’m sheltered, but is that really a ‘thing’ in other MMOs? Oh eww, and hell no.


  4. All I can say is – TERA. have a look at some videos sometime….they don’t stop at grown-up women.
    to be fair, this portrayal of women is rather big (:pun:) in asia especially, a lot more so than in the west.


    • Oh .. and I’m female by the way … I don’t mind my toons looking like that. No crazier than wandering around in cow form, or blue, or green or anything else.


  5. Reminds me a bit of a game called Shaiya that I played until the files got corrupted on my computer somehow. Needless to say, my character was male, and his armor covered him up nicely. For a game advertised like that, I wouldn’t make a female toon if they paid me. >.>

    It -was- a pretty good game, though. /nostalgic


    • I have to say, if my tone in this came across as offended rather than filled with glee at the completely over-the-top caricature of the Everquest mage/Warcraft nelf box babe, I didn’t do it right.


      • I was trying to reply to Osi who said that poor WoW over-sexualizes its women as much as that :O

        My nelf druidess is nicely covered up from head to toe, thank you very much!


      • Hi there! Long time reader, first time commenter.

        Your tone was just fine, and that guy is being silly. Comments like his are usually an indication that you can “see the matrix” and they can’t. I and my Nelf Druid doff our helms to you sir. ^_^


    • Too. Not too bright.

      I agree that WoW has issues with gender presentation in game, but degree does matter, and if you look at WoW advertising, it doesn’t tend towards “the game has boobs!” It tends to have groups of people of both genders doing exciting things together (or… orcs/gnomes dancing with signs in manners reminiscent of the ONE SECRET FOR AUTO INSURANCE types of ads).

      Again I totally agree that WoW has issues it needs to fix, but degree does matter, IMO.


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