Ask Mr Robot got updated!

As someone that plays multiple characters, one of my favorite websites is Ask Mr Robot.

This ain’t a paid or requested advertisement, I just genuinely use and enjoy Ask Mr Robot.

I assume everyone already knows about and uses Ask Mr Robot if they have an interest in it, but just in case, Ask Mr Robot is all about helping you find possible upgrades to your gear, and also provides guidance on optimizing your reforge, enchants and gems to get just the right level of hit, expertise, and all those other things.

My favorite part is being able to customize the weights so that  if I want to go off the reservation and try something different, it is all transparent. I can change things how I like, and then save my profile for future use. 

What I’m saying is, it’s as simple or as complicated as you would like. Plug and play actually works VERY well.

Anyway, there is cause for joy here, because Ask Mr Robot got a website overhaul. It looks VERY pretty, now. Professional presentation, great functionality, intelligent design… what more could you want?

Oh yeah… they have forums, too. That’s what more you could want.

So, go check it out if you haven’t already!

As a completely unrelated side note, there was some kind of drama going on at Ask Mr Robot about bear tank bloggers, but I have no idea what it was. On the original Ask Mr Robot website, if you checked out the page on Bear tank specs and stats, at the bottom there was a blurb that Ask Mr Robot was where you should go for intelligent information instead of relying on asshat bloggers with old, misleading or hard to find information. Something like that, thats not a direct quote.

I always wondered what that was about, I feel like I always miss out on the best drama.

Like, there are those that are in the loop, those that are out of the loop, and those that don’t know there IS a loop. In this case, I didn’t even know there was a loop. I bet with animosity like that, there just HAD to be a story behind it.

21 thoughts on “Ask Mr Robot got updated!

  1. Correction, I should state my last paragraph more clearly: we WILL NOT sell personal info. Our privacy policy stats this: We neither rent nor sell your Personal Information in personally identifiable form to anyone. We are allowed to share it with 3rd parties, like in the example above, but we have no pending plans for cross-site logins, etc.


  2. BigBearButt,
    First, thanks for the post, even if later you found the site to not work. You were very quick to write about our update, which is awesome, but at the same time, you ran into a lot of the kinks we had to work out. I wanted to follow up to see how you are enjoying it now.

    1) We added limited support for IE8. It should function, but it won’t be super pretty. Did you try Chrome yet?
    2) The site should be super fast now, let me know if it is slow.
    3) We’ve been tweaking the optimizer algorithm for bears based on a lot of feedback, so keep an eye out as this improves (we already updated a bunch of it last week)

    As for the privacy policy… that’s what happens when you deal with lawyers. You see, late last year we registered with the US government as a corporation, to handle ad revenue, app sales, etc. To make sure we did everything right we signed up with one of the largest silicon valley law firms. That’s a good thing. Good, because users know we are in full compliance with all of the laws, including email handling (there is a LOT of protection for your emails, believe it or not). But this means you end up with privacy policies to cover everything. Yes, ours says we may share some PII (personally identifiable info) with 3rd parties. But that’s more to cover things like… say in the future you can use your Mr. Robot login on another WoW site (just like Facebook logins can be used). That means we’d have to share your email with that 3rd party. We don’t have any plans for that, but you know lawyers, they want to cover the ‘what if’s.’

    I can assure you we don’t have any intentions of selling your email to 3rd parties. It’s not worth it to us, or to users. Mr. Robot also signed a petition to be a good robot, and steer clear of spam-bot activities 😉


    • First, yes, I am now using Chrome. Based 100% on E’s recommendation that I try it, I downloaded Chrome, and liked it enough that I have completely changed over to it at home.

      That being said, yes I still use Ask Mr Robot, but I am fidning it difficult to trust the core function, which is to handle mathy stuff consistently.

      I love the site, I think the graphical upgrade is very solid and presents a professional “leading designer” polish, it’s the math.

      As an example.

      Last night, I ran LFR on my Beastmaster Hunter. Both wings. Again. The first week I had won a piece of LFR Tier, and the Mail agi gloves. I banked them both, because I did not want to break my 4 piece Firelands bonus until I could equip the 2 piece Dragon Soul. Out of the blue last night, a shaman named Sokir had just the most amazing night ever, winning by my count a minimum of 5 pieces of gear, 3 of which were Tier, in the second wing alone.

      Sokir approached me out of the blue after one of his winning rolls, to trade the chest piece over to me completely unasked. Then he won two more pieces the next boss kill, so I guess Loot Karma does exist.

      Anyway, I equipped three new pieces of gear on Beartrap last night. I visited Ask Mr Robot for a baseline reforge/regem/enchant, to confirm what I intended to do before going ahead and cutting the gems.

      I followed Ask Mr Robots’ instructions exactly for the PVE weights of Hit>Crit>Haste>Mastery, since that weighting is actually how I had modified the previous Ask mr Robot site that used to favor Haste over Crit. 🙂

      The only thing I did differently from ASk Mr Robot’s recommendation was I used a +15 stat enchant on the chest instead of +20. The +5 stat difference in Agi and Stam costing me an extra 1000 gold just didn’t seem worth it last night.

      This morning, I happened to reload my character just to check out something else on the recommended gear lists, and saw that a whole NEW optimization was now recommended, needing to reforge into Hit on my rings.

      TL;DR version; last night Ask Mr Robot recommended one optimization, I did it, then this morning after having reforged per specs I am now being told to optimize differently to reforge into more Hit.

      Whatever is going on at the backend, I can live with TONS of other bugs, but I need to feel that I can trust the math algorithms to function properly, or I’ll do it myself as in the old days on my alts. These days, it’s only my Druid that I do by hand, because I have gotten so used to counting on Ask Mr Robot. I really don’t want to have to lrn2play doing the math on all the specs of all my max level alts. OMG, work, I already has it.


      • Hmmm, we didn’t do an update last night, so the optimization code did not change. We treat the saved settings a bit differently than the old site. We try to remember your settings smarter than before. Did you do both optimizations on the same computer? Can you give me the realm beartrap is on?

        We agree the math shouldn’t be changing. Now, over the past 2 weeks we’ve had updates to fix bugs, and this week we have 1 more update to make tank optimization behave with the CTC cap. But your specific instance, from the time frame you reported, nothing should have changed. I’ll look into it 🙂

        It’s possible that you are at a turning point where Mr. Robot decides between 2 different gearing strategies, and trying to be ‘smart’ by applying the right strat. If this is the case, we should put better login into it, so that people on the edge cases don’t ‘randomly’ get told to change everything.


      • Well, my character is Beartrap on Azuremyst-US. I checked again yesterday afternoon and it was still showing the new recommendation.

        What concerns me is the intermittant nature of the problem. If you’re not seeing it reproduceable, then it’s going to be a stone bitch to even verify.


      • So it looks like things should be working with your character. We also updated the site last night, so you might see 1 new set of changes, but that should be it.

        In the future when you optimize, try this: if you are going to skip 1 or 2 ‘little’ things, lock in the changes you don’t want to make. For example, if you want the +15 stats to chest instead of 20, click on the enchant. That will bring up a list; choose the +15. This will lock it in, and you’ll see a gray dotted border around it. Now, Mr. Robot knows he isn’t allowed to change that, so he will re-optimize around it. Then you can take his suggestions and know they won’t be changing.

        Did that make sense? I need to make a how-to-video for this to help users 🙂


      • That is a very smart design! Thank you very much for letting me (and those who read these comments) know that you’ve tested the problem, and that there are built in ways to work around being cheap without throwing our reforging off. 🙂


  3. Have you tried Google Chrome? I’ve got my Dad (a long time IE user) finally using that (he hated Firefox as well) and he seems pretty happy with it. And I can use the new version of Ask Mr Robot working on Chrome with no issues. I know they had beta testing for the ‘new’ version for about 2 weeks, but changes are only as good as the bugs reported – they seem very responsive, at least when I’ve contacted them, so I’d say toss them a comment/e-mail with thoughts/suggestions.


  4. You can set compatibility mode in IE8, by either clicking on the ‘piece of paper with zigzag line through it’ to the right of the address bar, or go to tools, compatibility mode. The settings will allow you to set a page to be permanently in compat mode, which essentially lies to the site and pretends to be IE8.

    One of my guildies a few months ago was talking about Mr Robot and when I looked, it recommended a weapon apparently only on the weight of its higher item level. It had two secondary druid stats and that was it. So I use Rawr. is pretty good too, their recommendations seem like they were written by someone who actually plays the class. 😛


  5. Hey BBB,

    The Ask MrRobot site sounded great…..almost just went and started to play….but, red the comments first. You might want to put your comment at the end….so….us hury hurry people don’t just go…and think your full of it when it doesn’t work!!! lol Even tho I am a hunter through and through I so enjoy your blog and read it whenever you write….all your stuff!! ….and the Ringo books are great too!


    • Hey Gekko, nice to see you!

      I’m so used to nobody visiting the site, reading by feedreader, that I’ve gone with the idea that once a post is published, it’s gone like a bullet down the barrel of a gun. No take backs.

      I’m sure that, in time, Ask Mr Robot will have the bugs ironed out and come out of beta state. It’s always been good, and damn convenient.

      For me, not having IE8 support is pretty much a deal breaker. I personally do NOT like Firefox. It’s just a thing. So it’s on me, but it’s still the case.

      It’s perfectly fine that Ask Mr Robot chooses to only code for what are the latest current versions of software. I totally get that, and I don’t object.

      But it does mean I can’t use it without either installing Firefox, or buying Win7. I don’t choose to risk breaking some of the legacy software I’ve got perfectly humming by upgrading just yet, so…. I guess I’m out.


      • well, you are forgetting me – I read you everyday BB and not as a newsfeed. 🙂

        But to Mr Robot – did you read their privacy and terms of using? They will give (i.e. sell more than likely) your name and email to businesses. Plus asking (at least to this old hunter) personal information as sex and birthday to be used in only one way – to build a database that will target specific gender and age. Though one might be able to opt out of it (I stopped reading and deleted my link), one is warned that the site may not work.
        The folks have a right to make a living, but not at the expense of me getting spammed.

        Anyway, take care and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and the family.


      • and before any one says “well, you can opt out”. Opting out is the same as closing the barn door after the horses have left – doesn’t work. 😀 . Should be more like Europe, where one has to opt in to receive unwanted email.


  6. Tangedyn and Arielle (of the Inc Bear these days) have had arguments about them on their forums – largely about trinkets and 4 piece… and asking them to back up what they recommend with maths – which they wouldn’t provide. Tangedyn has a mitigation spreadsheet, and wrote the Bear mitigation setup for Mew both of which you _can_ actually go in an see how it is being done.

    Mr Robot still suggests some very strange things for bears (like gemming all mastery etc) – and I find their defaults stat weights to be off (for bear/cats) largely. I generally go there if I want to meet hit/exp caps – otherwise I spend my time at – particularly now it has been updated to the new version – I’m loving the CTC calculation (although you need to add 2% for night elves). It doesn’t make automatic recommendation, but you can actually see the changes in stats.


    • well, I rescind my earlier happiness with the new Ask Mr Robot.

      To whit, it will not work in any way, will not load from armory, hangs in Firefox on one computer, and my other computer runs IE8 as a Win XP SP3 machine, and it doesn’t work at all on IE8. On purpose.

      I actually only have one computer in the house it will run on, and when I run it there, the default bear stats are weighted wrong, bugs are all over the place…

      And truthfully, it seems like a steaming pile of crap.

      So, moving on. I’ll figure by hand again, it’s not like I don’t know how.


  7. tried the new Mr. Robot with Firefox and can not load it. Could be my firewall.. who knows. Blah. I liked it better when it worked. Ah well hopefully they will fix it or it will work from home.


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