Ah HAH! Found the site!

While commenting about the Paul Cristoforo customer service guy from hell story, my buddy Mannyac reminded me that I had once linked to him a website detailing stories of a real customer service legend in the video game industry.

To tell you the truth, it had been so many years I’d completely forgotten about him, but oh shit, the internet really IS eternal!

I therefore have the incredible pleasure to introduce you to Gord.

Love the Gord, but above all, FEAR the Gord.

If you have already met and enjoyed the Words of Gord, then this will be the stuff of pleasant memories. If you haven’t… seriously, buckle up and get ready for an afternoon of reading and evil laughing.

For all the reasons we hate Paul Cristoforo, we still have to enjoy the stories of Gord.


Because Gord directs his ire on the screwers of the customer world, not the screwed. AND, he does it with snarky brilliance, not frat boy drunken anger issue ignorance.

As soon as I’m done working today, I’m reading all of Gords stories again.

7 thoughts on “Ah HAH! Found the site!

  1. I loved acts of gord. I used to work in a comic book shop and we would often feel a sense of brotherhood with the gord as we dealt with the douchiest customers.


    • Isn’t it just great?

      My all time favorite is “The Sign” in Acts of Wrath;

      Quoting the Gord;

      New project. I’m hanging up a sign similiar to “Now serving #” or “# of accident free days”, and it will have a spot where I hang numbers.

      Only, it will say “# of days where management hasn’t had to deal with an idiot.”

      And when I have to deal with an idiot, I’ll sigh, reach over, and take down all the numbers leaving a “0”.

      If I’m lucky, the person who is the idiot will be so offended they will never return…


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