Exploring Enchanting Alternatives

It’s been an enchanting few weeks in the BBB household.

Cassie and I are playing a priest/paladin pair through the levels (we’re now 81!), and she decided to go Tailoring and Enchanting. I’ve also recently server transferred my old level 78 priest over, who was at the time maxed level in Jewelcrafting and Tailoring… when Wrath of the Lich King ruled the servers.

On my new server, I already have a max level Jewelcrafter, with epic recipes and stuff, and I ran out of the need for Truegold cooldowns months back.

What I don’t have here is an enchanter. Nice to finally have my tailor back to make bags, though. Spending money on bags in the AH is a crime against the gold gods.

Two enchanters to level simultaneously.

Have you seen AH prices on enchants and mats? Holy crap, right?

The low levels are fairly easy, and in Outlands it was extra nice, because with transmogging, running instances over and over to get gear meant a steady flood of greens to send off for disenchanting. No worries.

Once Cassie and I hit the Wrath of the Lich King level of enchants, it all went wahooney shaped.


Well, I wasn’t being very imaginative, for one thing. I was stuck in the traditional wisdom, running along the ‘what everyone knows’ groove.

Everyone knows that it’s best to level Tailoring and Enchanting together as you quest, because you can take the cloth you get from killing mobs, make stuff to increase Tailoring skill, then turn right around and disenchant it for the mats to increase Enchanting. Synergy, which is a fancy word for “these things complement each other well”.

Along those lines, I started farming cloth, researching who had the best drop rates for cloth, and I even took my (now level 82) priest back to Northrend to quest for rewards to disenchant. Yay.

If I ever got to higher level, I could start shattering materials that result in tons of WotLK mats. But you’ve got to level past needing the WotLK mats to get the spell to be able to shatter them, damnit! Grrr.

So be it. Cloth, cloth, cloth.

Amusingly enough, it took The Daily Blink to snap me out of being so stupid.

Right along the time I was getting fed up and dreading questing for the next month in Northrend just to get greens, along comes this pair of hilarious comics showing the pain we were feeling, and exploring alternative methods of gathering up the cloth we needed to level enchanting the traditional way.

It was the idea of exploring alternative methods of farming that got me finally thinking.

Farming cloth for tailoring for disenchanting is certainly one way…

But since when are Tailors the only crafters that make greens?

I am such a dumbass.

I have other characters. I have max level Herbalists, Miners, Jewelcrafters, Blacksmiths, Scribes… surely SOMEBODY can make SOMETHING useful, so I don’t have to farm all this damn cloth!

I looked to my Blacksmith, and asked him… what can you do for me in Northrend greens done dirt cheap?

My Blacksmith had an answer.

If I farmed Cobalt Ore, which is plentiful in Zul’Drak, then one Cobalt Ore smelts into one Cobalt Bar, NOT the normal two ore per bar BS.

There is one delightful item, the Horned Cobalt Helm, that costs only 8 Cobalt Bars to craft, and is a level 75 green. As most of you may know, the *5 point in items is where a crafted item goes from small return on D/E to a larger return. Any green from equippable level 75-79 will give you more mats per disenchant on the average than a level 71-74 item.

So, whether it’s ore or cloth, it’s still farming. The difference is, I can take my max level Blacksmith with fastest flight off on a route around Zul’Drak, and after a measly hour of farming easily be able to craft over 30 high level Northrend greens to disenchant. As opposed to grinding mobs or quest rewards? Oh, yes please!

Yeah, Cassie and I blew through Northrend in a single night of ore farming.

But then we had two enchanters looking for Cataclysm mats.

OMG, right?

Ah yes, but can my Blacksmith make anything now? I like farming the new ores.

Hmmm, before I check on that, why not see what kind of stuff my Jewelcrafter can make? I vaguely remember leveling JC by crafting rings and necklaces.


It turns out that Jewelcrafters can make rings and necklaces, all right. And the mats are a JC vendor jewelry setting costing a couple gold or so, and two green uncut gems per crafting. There are four recipes in total;

Jaspar Ring (ONLY ONE Jaspar)
Alicite Pendant (2 Alicite)
Hessonite Band (2 Hessonite)
Nightstone Choker (2 Nightstone)

Finding these four recipes in my crafting list was like being hit by lightning, but in a good way. Kinda like, hmmm. Getting a few beers in and then hitting a roller coaster. Dazed, a little woozy, but thumbs up!

The reason these didn’t really register was you needed two per point, and the resulting item’s enchantment is completely random. So, when I leveled I made them but also focused on cut gems for most points per gem.

Fast forward to now, when I prospect ore I’m looking for the blue quality gems, and these greens are either worthless, or can be used for the daily JC quest. I don’t save only the gems needed for dailies, I don’t look that closely at it. I just stuff gems in my JC bank. How many? Well, I typically keep about, oh FORTY of every kind of green gem before I start vendoring the leftovers. I figure, 40 of any given green quality gem is enough, right?

You use 3x Jasper for the Ogrezonians daily, 3x Zephyrite for the Nibbler daily, and 3x Nightstone for the Present for Lila daily.

I had mats on hand to craft 80 green items to disenchant just out of what I had lying around in my bank, and I don’t even want to think about how many greens I could have crafted from vendored gems over the last year.

I like farming ore. Did I say that already? It’s true. It’s like Hobbes saying “Smock”, I just like farming ore. Smock, smock, smock. It IS a good word when you think about it.

The way we level these days, the accelerated pace of it, it can be so damn hard to gather mats at the same pace we level. It’s good to know that if we do make new alts, the ‘traditional’ methods of feeding the fire isn’t the only way to go.

I could wish I would have checked earlier, but I’m damn glad I didn’t think of it AFTER we hit max level!

I truly hope that someone out there thinking of leveling an Enchanter will be helped by my experience in this, and I also hope that anyone wanting to make a little cash off a Blacksmith or Jewelcrafter keeps in mind some of the non-obvious ways your cast off mats can make money.

Green quality gems are far more valuable than I thought!

16 thoughts on “Exploring Enchanting Alternatives

  1. yeah I was gonna mention as people did above DO NOT FORGET THIS JUST BECAUSE YOU BECOME MAX LEVEL. It is very good profit to use these for matts then use the materials for enchants and make some money. I use it all the time.


  2. I’m at a point where I don’t ever need to worry about gold again, so I’ll just pass on a nugget of wisdom. Don’t work hard, work smart. Every profession has a few recipes that let you make (what some people would think) are crazy amounts of gold. JC/alch/inscription are the easiest ones to profit by, but all professions have something. Example: Craft the blue healing plate legs/shoulders as a BS. On my server the 8 elementium and 4 obsidium bars they take to make cost ~50-60g and the heavenly shard you can DE it into sells for 100-110. When I was still taking the time to make gold, I’d sell 2-3 stacks a day. That’s about 3000g for 10 minutes of (mostly afk) work. I won’t away every secret (partly teach a man to fish and partly server economies vary so you need to do the critical thinking yourself), but if you look really closely at your professions, there’s no reason to ever have a gold shortage.

    Oh. And as a somewhat related sidenote, if you’re the GM of a recruiting guild, offering free enchants as you level up (which wouldn’t sell for much anyway) is a great way to generate interest.

    Good luck.


  3. Green quality gems are far more valuable than I thought!

    Except these damn Zephyrites. Those things are worthless on my server.


  4. Ooooh, just thought of another thing. The addon _NPCscan and it’s companion overlay shows you on your map where Northrend Rares spawn and patrol. Northrend is so empty nowadays, you can easily knock out a lot of the rares in the Frostbitten achievement just by flying around in one afternoon, while you’re mining.

    Northrend rares are awesome. When you kill one, you get a blue item, as well as a satchel containing about 20 gold, 20 Frostweave cloth, and usually some Crystallized elementals.

    If you do decide to use the addon, you need to clear out your creature.cache file, since Wow scans an area you’re entering, and if there’s a rare in it, that’s how the addon knows to alert you.
    I’m running Vista, and for me the location to delete the creature.cache file was in the folder C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftCacheWDBenUS.

    Hope some of the info helps. 🙂


    • I would just make one small request, on behalf of my fellow hunters who may be camping for a new friend out there.

      Please, please, don’t kill the spirit beasts? Please? /sadpuppyeyes


      • I killed one by accident.. I did not realize that the black kitty on the rocks in the Firelands was a special pet.. until I looted his dead body and found the crystallized tear or whatever it is. I then felt bad.


  5. Alrighty, you’ve already got hypnotic dust covered with the rings and chokers. You might get lesser Celestial essences from that occasionally, but it’s rare.
    As Khettien pointed out, Carnelian Spikes have a 74% chance to DE into 2-5 Greater Celestials. Have your JC prospect a lot of ore, then make the Spikes out of the Carnelians.

    Moving on, hands down the best way to get Heavenly Shards is by making and DE’ing Stormforged Shoulders, since you enjoy going out and mining. At a guaranteed 1 Heavenly Shard for 8 Obsidium Ore and 16 Elementium Ore, it’s even an option to be able to buy ore and make a profit. If you have the Bountiful Bags perk, you could get between 1-4 Shards, but you always get at least one.

    For Maelstrom Crystals, any ANY epic level 350+ item DE’s into a Maelstrom. Even……Honor items. I think you’ll find that trading 700 honor for a relic is pretty inexpensive, since you can make that back with 2 wins of a BG.


  6. Yes, it is the fist weapon; they require 3 carnelians, and almost always DE into multiple Greater Celestial Essences. As you point out, it’s a hard call between the essences and the inferno ruby xmute.


  7. Grats on finding the JC shuffle, Yea jewel crafting is a better match for Enchanting from 60 on, despite the need for ore.

    Server prices differ of course, but here Carnelian to rubys and yellows and blues to pvp jewellery are good options as well.


  8. You’re 81 already? Christ, it takes me a month to get to Northrend alone.
    Still, this is an idea that I hadn’t thought about yet, but it sure is gonna be nice for the Priest (Tailoring/Enchanting) I’m leveling now.


  9. You’ve *got* to be kidding me!!!

    As most of you may know, the *5 point in items is where a crafted item goes from small return on D/E to a larger return

    asdfasdad! Egad!
    Thank you for this nugget. No, I didn’t realize that. Between all my alts, I cover all the professions. At max. Some twice. And I did. not. know. that.

    You may want to look at your carnelian stack. There’s a something you make with 3 of them, and it DEs nicely – very frequently into Greater Celestials. Unless you’d rather Xmute them into rubies.


    • Frankly, with all the upgrades cassie and I have gotten, we burn through rubies faster than we can xmute them. 🙂 And I think the item you’re thinking of are the fist wepaons, but don’t quote me on that.


  10. What Riegnman said, its how I made crazy amounts of gold.

    What you want to do is have a JC, Enchanter and Alchemist (transmute spec is best). You take the carnelians and xmute into inferno rubies. If you get lucky on a proc, you could get a few extra gems. I’ve had 5x inferno rubies from a single proc! If meta gems sell well on your server, you can xmute the green gems into metas as well – cutting metas helps you level JC as well.

    The green gem based crafts you have listed have a chance to craft a ilvl 300 blue with random stats. Some of these sell for over 300G as they’re usable at level 79 and people running BGs while leveling hunt these out as they’re a huge boost over the WotLK stuff they’re wearing. The nightstone blues are especially valuable because if you have the bountiful bags guild perk, you can get 3 – 4 greater celestial essences from DEing them.

    Once you do the ore shuffle long enough, you’ll find more dust on your hands than you can sell – my server has dust down to 75s per dust. What I do is, do TB dailies with my tailor toon, get tons of embersilk cloth and use the cloth and dust to sell embersilk bags. If I see embersilk cloth for cheap on the AH, I pick that up and make bags – those sell for a good 20% profit overall.

    For the rest of the enchanting mats, mighty stats, haste/mastery to gloves and then the more expensive enchants like lava walker, power torrent, landslide, windwalk etc sell well and offer good return. For the latter you’ll need shards and crystals, sometimes you can get them for very little on the AH.


  11. Hey BBB,
    Yeah, this is what is affectionately called “the obsidium shuffle”, or “elementium shuffle”, or whatever. It’s the reason that bulk ore is sooooo expensive. You can farm for an evening and get enough mats to make some very high level enchants that will turn around and sell on the AH for several thousand gold a piece. That is, after you prospect the ore, craft the gems into some greens (and blues occasionally, don’t forget those blues that pop up every now and then).
    There are ppl on my server that sit in SW and broadcast all day, every day, “WTB obsidium ore in bulk. 70g/stack. All that you have.”
    People that want the quick gold will then just sell their ore to those guys, but with some luck, you can buy enough ore for a thousand gold and create 2 or 3 enchants that you can then sell for 2500g each. I made 10k in one weekend doing this on a casual level.
    Terribly boring, though. So I wouldn’t recommend doing it often.
    Don’t forget that you can also sell the enchanting mats if you don’t want to create the scrolls and sell them. Greater Celestials were going for 100-150 gold each on my server the last time I logged in.


    • It started out as the “saronite shuffle”. We’re still prospecting that dang stuff now that Infinite Dust prices are back to sky-high levels.


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