Who Will Be The Next Great Blogger?

Who will be the next great blogger?

I have no idea, and I ain’t running a competition. I think I just watch too many cooking competition shows.

What I would like is some link love.

But not YOUR link, or mine.

Lemme’ splain.

Do you know a really good writer, someone who is blogging but hasn’t had much exposure yet? They are your little secret, and you wish more people knew about them because they’re so awesome, but it can be hard to be noticed by WoW Insider or MMO Melting Pot?

Well, I’m not big time, but I’d like to know about them too!

So, what I’m asking you to do is to please leave a comment here recommending someone else’s awesome blog for me to read.

I’ll read them all, I assure you, and I will add those with feeds to my private feedreader.

Those that I really, personally like and are WoW related may even make the move from my private feedreader to my permanent WoW Blogroll on the site. Those that ain’t WoW related will stay hidden, while I lurk unseen, reading and enjoying. Muahahaha!

**For those who are not aware, I have a widget on my website that allows me to link a folder on my Google Reader feedlist to the blog, only showing those blogs I place in the special folder. So, the blogroll does not represent EVERY feed I follow, just the ones I think other readers may find as awesome and relevant to WoW as I do. If you do not see your blog on the blogroll, it doesn’t actually mean I don’t read your blog. 🙂

In other news, I almost won a Piggie Award! Thank you very much to Hugh and the MMO Melting Pot for the kind words, and for thinking my writing is even worth considering. It’s much appreciated, it really is. Great congratulations have to go to Melmoth of Killed in a Smiling Accident for the win. If you’re going to lose to someone, it’s nice that it be to such a wonderful writer.

45 thoughts on “Who Will Be The Next Great Blogger?

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  2. Yikes. I could recommend a lot of places to read, but I’ll start with these four. Note that these are game design-heavy, since that’s my interest. They don’t always deal directly with MMOs, but the way I approach it, understanding game design in general gives a better understanding of MMOs and their potential and pitfalls.

    The Rampant Coyote is an indie game designer with a lot of good commentary on games in general:

    Game Internals digs into game design choices and the nuts and bolts of how certain games work. Fascinating stuff, and a wake up call to anyone who thinks games are simple frippery. There’s real work in making these things function:

    Psychochild is also an indie developer who has experience in the commercial side of the industry and MMO design in particular with Meridian 59. He’s on the edge of something big with Storybricks, too, which could change MMOs in profound ways:

    What Games Are is, well… a blog that looks at what games are. Some rock solid analysis and nuggets of wisdom combined with a subtle sense of humor go a long way to making it a good read:

    …there are more, those are just the ones that come to mind at this moment. I’m afraid I’m not well equipped to offer WoW specific recommendations, though I’ll second the recommendation of Ratshag.


  3. Ooooo! i have a couple! These are mostly geek blogs, but they’re still great reads!

    Cannot Be Tamed
    3-Day Suspension
    Troll Bouquet
    Keen and Graev
    Wolf’s Gaming Blog

    Sorry for no links, my work computer is goofy that way. >.<


  4. As of now I am current, and every blog that has been recommended is in my feed. It may not be on my blogroll, see above post. I now have over 125 posts to read, so don’t expect lightspeed. And by all means, keep the (relatively) unknown blog recommendations coming in!


  5. Not technically a blog since it is on LJ. not WoW. The bride with the ghostbuster’s wedding cake that went around the web. Great EMT tales for recent content. Amusing tales concerning the lack of decent drummers for rock stars if you go back far enough. Some adult content (emt realities mostly).



  6. “Those that I really, personally like and are WoW related may even make the move from my private feedreader to my permanent WoW Blogroll on the site.”
    — Awww, /blush.

    Hmmm, blogs that I’d recommend… Pugnacious Priest http://pugnaciouspriest.com/ and Surviving Wow with Quori http://quori.wordpress.com/ spring to mind. They’re not gold-making blogs, so the posts tend to be more conversational, with some jokes thrown in to liven it up.

    And Kudos on the honorable mention, that’s frickin’ awesome. 🙂


  7. I hope you’re reading BigRedKitty’s current blog at http://www.dphowell.com/
    His non-wow posts are pretty interesting to me!

    Both of you need to tell more armed forces stories, in my opinion! They are really enjoyable to read, even to someone who’s never served, though I have family (both parents, multiple cousins and uncles, etc) who have.

    On a completely unrelated note, I recommend Daniel Rutter’s writing and reviews, he’s an Aussie who gets to review lots of fun stuff as well as answering reader’s science questions and writing about his own adventures. Entertaining and informative IMHO. http://www.dansdata.com and the associated blog at http://www.howtospotapsychopath.com/


  8. I absolutely adore red cow rise. Akabeko writes amazing story posts and has been doing a wonderful series about the real-world origins/influences of Azeroth’s in-game holidays. She posts all kinds of other fun things, too.

    I’m also fond of Away From Reality and Beyond the Tree, two comics that do awesome things with rendering to produce visual styles that are very distinct from most WoW webcomics.


  9. I’d have to say I love the work of Sunnier from A Sunnier Bear http://sunnierbear.blogspot.com/?m=1
    She post incredibly useful guides to tanking normals and heroics in progression, theorycrafting, etc. Well, that and I love her voice that comes through. Amazingly helpful and always several (at least) bosses ahead of me, she’s taken the same place as Reesi for me as “the bear I want to be when I grow up”!


  10. Big congrats on the Honorable Mention – very well deserved! 🙂

    I highly recommend Precious and Soft which follows the exploits of fellow bear druid Magritte. Precious and Soft is often hilarious and always amazingly honest. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.


  11. BBB I wonder.. did a certain email make you write this post? 😀

    I would recommend http://bubblesofmischief.blogspot.com. Cymre has been around for a while, and writes about things outside WoW, all those fun things like novelty items, and she does have some great costumes (though I can’t imagine you would be into those).

    Hmm, how do we know what’s already in your reading list? We might recommend stuff you already have!


      • It was awesome! Cassie told me last night, “Oh by the way, you got an honorable mention on MMO Melting Pot.”

        My first reaction was, “An honorable mention? Is that like, this guy used to be a good writer, and we’re going to mention him in honorarium, before VH1 does a Behind the Blog about what he did and then what happened when the success went to his head, and his life spiraled down into darkness and snorting Red Zinger tea herbs?”

        Seriously though, you see yourself mentioned next to Rades, Cynwise, Melmoth or Anne Stickney and wonder what the bozo in the clown shoes and the big butt is doing up there next to the talented ones and the cool kids.


    • Thanks, everyone! All the MMORPG-related blog recommendations from this thread are now in the MMOPot Feed Reader, and we’ll be featuring a lot of them in a new blog roundup soon, most likely!


  12. http://effysrponwyrmrestaccord.wordpress.com/
    Effraeti’s RP is a fairly new blog (I still count myself as new, and I’m fairly sure she’s only a little older than me), and she has some very good posts up. She’s also a pretty reliable blogger; I don’t think she’s one who’s going to quit soon.

    The other one I want to reccomend is Kaat the Insane. She’s an RP blogger, and although her posts are sporadic at best, she is really good at writing.


    • Thanks you so much for the recommendation! 🙂

      I am embarrassed to admit that I have been falling behind on keeping up with the blogs that I read these past few weeks. So even thought BBB is on my Reader, I did not notice this post until I was looking at my Stat Page and saw referrals from here. ><

      ~ Effy


  13. Great idea for a post topic!

    I’ll be monitoring this post, and any blogs that people mention will be added to the MMO Melting Pot feedreader on Monday.

    Looking forward to seeing all the sites I haven’t heard of. As BBB says, it’s hard to keep up with all the great stuff out there.


  14. Not sure how much traffic he gets, the posts are more creative than comment provoking, but I really enjoy Ratshag over at

    He writes in character, and I’ve become quite fond of simple minded yet oh-so clever Ratters, even if he is an Orc.

    “He doesn’t always ride a mount, but when he does, he chooses a crocolisk.”


  15. Congratulations on your Piggie Honourable Mention! I’ve been emboldened by your visit. I’m going to actually post (rather than lurk) for the very first time. This is such a great idea, it reminds me of “show and tell” back in school. I read a bazillion blogs but the one that comes to mind for me is http://wowsugar.blogspot.com/

    The internet has caused me to have the attention span of a gnat. I check Matty every morning. She’s prolific and posts both long and little bite sized posts so I always have something to choose from. And she has Theme Songs, which I love, oh and stories too.

    All right Ancient, thanks for sharing with the class. You can sit down now.


    • I am already really impressed with the sincerity and writing style of Blood and Sugar.

      So far, this has been such a win day. So many great writers, so much fun reading.

      When I wasn’t, you know, tearing my hair out at work at 3 am. The 5 minutes I grabbed here and there to check for new great things to read were big highlights, believe me.


      • I can’t wait to tell her. Last I heard from her she was without internet for over a day. Must attempt contact through the Twitterverse. And thank you for the link in your Blog Roll. I have to call my son-in-law and make him go look!


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